Tags: Debt Forgiveness, Freedom, Our Union Restored, Climate Change, Depopulation, Private Property, Gold Standard, Digital Money, Universal Law, Enlightenment, End of War,  Technology, WEF The Great Reset has been a topic burning in the background for a while.  Set on hold a few times but back in the forefront along with Nesara Gesara, a concept … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED 2/2/22 I would say that I had not even heard of this, but I can’t say that. I did hear something of the dragon families claiming to have a resolution to the world’s financial issues. That was some time back. I really did not take it seriously then. However, I had no idea that … Click Here to Read More

Chinese Police Establishing Presence in the USA? Are they hoisting the “Red” Flag?

RESTORED: 10/6/2022 I doubt that many of you have seen any of the articles about the Chinese Police showing up in US cities.  Some claim they are only impersonators…but there is evidence to the contrary.  Regardless if they are real or just representatives… the message is clear.  The Chinese and other Asian people living in … Click Here to Read More

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