Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

There have been some concerns about my posting on Rapture Watch Videos.   Here is my response to those who have concerns.

There are so many biblical studies, books and videos about the “Rapture”.  No one KNOWS for certain.   Since I have been born again and filled with the spirit, I have been convinced that we will see at least a part of the tribulation.   I have faith that we will be gone before the wrath of GOD is poured out on the earth.  We are not appointed unto wrath.  What will happen, exactly… I do not know.  Whatever comes, however things play out, whatever GOD has in store for us.   I AM READY!  I WILL BE THERE!
GOD does not want us to KNOW all the details.  GOD wants us to be ready and watching for HIM at all times.  He has put a sense of URGENCY in those who love HIM and those HE LOVES.  He wants us to be every day watching, waiting, praying, studying and SHARING the WORD.
Those who share the signs and warnings are sharing out of love for the lost and hope that their words will fall on open ears and hearts.  The idea being to get people focused on GOD and not the world which is daily more and more unnatural and deceitful.

I believe with all my heart that GOD will remove his people, and if he does not and we are here for the tribulation, that HE will get us through.  That I have always made very clear.  I have not changed my stand.
TRUE CHRISTIANS have ALWAYS KNOWN PERSECUTION.  There are millions of people in our current world that are being tortured and slaughtered for their faith.  Christians, TRUE CHRISTIANS are not AFRAID!!  We are not looking for the RAPTURE as an escape.  We live with CHRIST EVERYDAY.  WE KNOW HE IS IN CONTROL.  We are not motivated by fear.
We know that HE is coming for us, because HE LOVES US.  We want to be found full of FAITH when HE comes.
The videos that I post offer a wide range of views on Endtimes and the Rapture.  Most of them present very interesting events, amazing signs, serious research, graphs, art, charts,  astronomy, and lessons that can be learned.   We don’t have to agree.  Each of us should be getting our direction individually from the HOLY SPIRIT.  WE don’t depend on the teachings of man to move us, convict us or lead us.  Hopefully we are all mature enough in our faith to discern the direction the Holy Spirit is leading us. If anyone reading my posts is not mature in their faith, I know the HOLY SPIRIT is well able to bring them to maturity.  What I post and when I post it, is always in the HANDS of the HOLY SPIRIT.   All those who visit the webpage are in my prayers daily.  The entire purpose of my life is to point people to the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ/Yahushua Ha Mashiach!

Glean what you can, and let go of the rest.

We are all on this amazing journey, discovery comes in God’s timing.  NONE OF US should take our own beliefs so seriously that we are unable to consider even opposing viewpoints. AGAIN, the HOLY SPIRIT WILL LEAD US TO ALL TRUTH.  HOLD STRONG TO THE BLOOD OF JESUS/YAHUSHUA and the LOVE OF THE FATHER.  TRUST THE HOLY SPIRIT.  BE READY, THE END is NEAR!

Enjoy the Journey!  Be open to learn new truths.  GOD is giving REVELATIONS EVERYDAY!!