IT’s OFFICIAL!! THE USA has turned to BAAL Child Sacrifice

Well, those of us who know GOD have known for a long time that Abortion is Child Sacrifice.  Recently, we saw Abortionists admit that they perform Satanic Rituals at Abortions, and call it a Religious Rite.  But, this my dear friends takes the cake. A leading MAINSTREAM magazine has printed an Article that lays it … Click Here to Read More


Here is all the latest and greatest information on Mosquito Born Diseases, Newest Vaccine approval,  Nanobot Technology, Micro Weapons, and so much more. Without further ado, I will let the material speak for itself. spacer Be sure and check out the following related posts, for more information on the use of insects as weapons: WORLD’S … Click Here to Read More


Bill Gates and the WHO are at it again.  Like their leader Satan/The Devil/The Adversary they don’t even change their tactics.  They know they don’t have to.  People are so gullible. This post will present to you all the information that will help you to recognize the TRUTH and see their tactics for what the … Click Here to Read More

Maui the ashes from which their 50 in 5 will RISE!

I happened to click on the first video below, it is about the Maui/Lahaina Fire.  It is an appeal for all of us to keep their plight in the spotlight and to NEVER FORGET.  This I think is very good advice, because the truth is that what happened in Maui is a serious ALARM and … Click Here to Read More

50-in-5 and C40 Cities and MORE

They are ready to implement all the projects they have been percolating behind the scenes since WWII.  I know that the majority of the people do not recognize that there is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY.  For most people, I imagine, that is a pretty scary thought to entertain.  Sadly, it is the truth. This post contains … Click Here to Read More


Humans from the beginning have been born with a selfish nature.  In our modern world self is primary.  Self fulfillment, self indulgence, self promotion anything that aligns with our self image and our selfish desires.  In fact, humans have been convinced that they are at minimum Queens and Kings and ultimately becoming GODS and GODESSES/DIVAS. … Click Here to Read More


WOW, what a great turn of events!!  GO MICHIGAN, my home state!  What a testament to what can be accomplished when the people take a stand. If you are not aware of this story, I am so glad to be the one to share it with you.  When our government, our elected officials fail to … Click Here to Read More


Folks, if you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ/Yahushua HaMaschiach I strongly suggest you get one quick!  Not just because HE is the only savior and the only door/gateway/bridge to GOD, but because you are missing all the excitement!! To those without GOD, this world is a nightmare full of chaos, fear, anxiety and … Click Here to Read More


IMPORTANT UPDATE ADDED 11/20/23 Life.  What is it?  Where does it originate?  What is it that animates living things? What causes us to breathe? In our “modern society” there is no respect for life.  Human beings are considered to be just a pile of cells, at best animals.  Just like any other creature that crawled … Click Here to Read More

On the Streets of San Francisco

The Streets of San Francisco were filled yesterday with China supporters carrying Chinese Flags and rollig out Chinese banners.  The City of San Francisco went ALL OUT to show their support for the Chinese visitor.  They even cleaned the streets of any signs of Homeless people. The APEC summit is happening this week in San … Click Here to Read More


IMPORTANT UPDATE 11/15/23 Just a  quick note here.  Want to get this out because tomorrow is almost here.  VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION, EXTREMELY RELATIVE to RIGHT NOW. Folks, you better wake up.  The Beast system is being set in place RIGHT NOW.  Right before your very eyes. Prepare yourselves.  The best way to prepare is to … Click Here to Read More


So many events of a PROPHETIC nature are happening at a rapidly increasing pace that it is hard for anyone to deny we are in the ENDTIMES.  I have already covered many of them.  My most recent post gives you a good idea of what is happening with the Third Temple.  Today we are going … Click Here to Read More

11/11/23 Could be the Beginning of A MAJOR MOVE OF GOD!

If you are like me you are finding it harder and harder to keep up with everything that is happening in our World currently.  So many different places and events to watch.  We must always bear in min though that Israel is God’s timepiece.  Today we are going to look at what is happening on … Click Here to Read More

SYNOD 2024

WHAT INSANITY!  It start out crazy and unbelievably it has gone from bad to worse to HORRENDOUS.   Who can make any sense of what has been going on between the Pope, the Vatican, the meeting of the Bishops, the lay folk and the United Nations.  Nothing they are doing or saying makes any sense. WHO … Click Here to Read More

Heathen/Pagan Beliefs, Practices, Rituals and Entities

Paganism is growing by leaps and bounds along with Witchcraft and Satanism.  There is a lot of deception regarding all of these beliefs.  Deception is the name of the game as the devil struggles to prevent the masses from discerning truth and turning back to GOD. My most recent post is related to the Delphi … Click Here to Read More