Sarasota Starshine

If you are wounded, lost, lonely, sad, searching for fulfillment, looking for peace, poor, homeless, orphaned, rejected, sick in body, mind or spirit; THERE IS ONE WHO CAN PROVIDE ALL THAT YOU ARE SEEKING/NEEDING.  You will NEVER FIND lasting peace or true love in anything or anyone on this Earth or in any other dimension.  … Click Here to Read More


They have released some documents from the Epstein Files.  The following article came in my email this morning.  It includes a link to the PDF of the Full document.  You can pull it up and read through it.  Most of the testimony given is a joke and a sham.  There is no truth revealed.  The … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE ADDED 1/1/24 Of course we know that St Peter, is the Papal claim o the THRONE of Rome.  They claim to have a continued line of popes from St  Peter, whom they claim was given the Keys to the Kingdom and authority over the Church by Jesus the Christ. We all know that is … Click Here to Read More

IT’s OFFICIAL!! THE USA has turned to BAAL Child Sacrifice

Well, those of us who know GOD have known for a long time that Abortion is Child Sacrifice.  Recently, we saw Abortionists admit that they perform Satanic Rituals at Abortions, and call it a Religious Rite.  But, this my dear friends takes the cake. A leading MAINSTREAM magazine has printed an Article that lays it … Click Here to Read More