They have released some documents from the Epstein Files.  The following article came in my email this morning.  It includes a link to the PDF of the Full document.  You can pull it up and read through it.  Most of the testimony given is a joke and a sham.  There is no truth revealed.  The … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE ADDED 12/4/23; 12/5/23 at the end of the post; COMMENTS ADDED 12/6/23 My purpose in researching this crime and creating this post is to bring the truth to light.  Whether you realize it or not, what happened in DELPHI affects YOUR LIFE.  This ; not a one person crime, not even a small group … Click Here to Read More

IT’s OFFICIAL!! THE USA has turned to BAAL Child Sacrifice

Well, those of us who know GOD have known for a long time that Abortion is Child Sacrifice.  Recently, we saw Abortionists admit that they perform Satanic Rituals at Abortions, and call it a Religious Rite.  But, this my dear friends takes the cake. A leading MAINSTREAM magazine has printed an Article that lays it … Click Here to Read More


Repaired and Restored 12/8/22; RESTORED ALL LINKS 1/8/24 I have to say that what really breaks my heart about the whole Jeffrey Epstein Case is that the worst crimes were never really addressed.  Don’t get me wrong, what was done to those young ladies who testified was horrendous and their suffering is not to be … Click Here to Read More