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Ghislaine Maxwell’s Swiss Ties Revealed

The woman accused of being a long-time accomplice to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein allegedly stowed $4 million in an offshore Swiss bank account. She is currently fighting to be released on bail.

(Right) Ghislaine Maxwell (Image: Keystone file photo, 2000) Tuesday, 14 July 2020 16:50

When we think of Epstein’s properties we normally think of his infamous private island Little Saint James or his New York mansion believed to be one of the most expensive homes in all of Manhattan, but Epstein also had a residence in Switzerland..

I got this from 4chan from a guy who said he worked for Epstein as a driver

Epstein had at least one Swiss bank account according to Forbes. He could have rented a home or stayed in a friend’s home when he was there. He was known to tell a lot of lies so it’s quite possible he told his driver he owned a place.

Jeffrey Epstein reportedly held funds in multiple offshore shell companies, a common way to hide substantial assets from the IRS and creditors. This revelation from the Miami Herald comes a day after a judge cited Epstein’s wealth in denying him bail on federal sex trafficking and sex conspiracy charges.
The documents came from unspecified Swiss banks and Appleby, a Bermuda-founded offshore mortgage and securities company. The Swiss documents show Epstein was using offshore banking as early as February 1997.
The Appleby documents are commonly referred to as the “Paradise Papers,” a 13.4-million-page trove first leaked in 2017, and 500 pages pertain to Liquid Funding Ltd., a Bermuda financial company chaired by Epstein from at least 2000 to 2007. (Appleby notes the documents were retrieved through external hacking, and not leaked by their employees.) Liquid Funding was also partially owned by Bear Stearns, which Epstein worked for starting in 1976, before departing in 1981.
According to the Herald, Epstein kept $3.4 million and $880,507 in two Bermudan accounts from 2006 to 2007. They seem to be just a small portion of Epstein’s net worth. His lawyers have estimated his net worth as $557 million in court documents.



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