HE TRIED TO ABOLISH THE TERM LIMITS While he was still sitting in the seat of President.  He was shut down.  BUT THAT DID NOT STOP HIM.  Why would we think it would.  A person who has no respect for our country and it’s laws and statues.  A person who was not even eligible to be President.  He just found a way to make his own RULES.  He is deadset on completing his mission to destroy the USA, disarm  Americans,  EXTINGUISH the LIGHT OF TRUTH, and OVERTHROW our Laws and THE LAWS OF GOD!

How LONG LORD will the USA continue to be scammed by the Obama’s??  OBUMMERS!!  Michael and Barack are the WORST thing that has EVER happened to our Nation.  Why are so many people too BLIND to see what they are doing to us, to our children to the future of our Nation if there is anything left of it when they are finally booted out.  You know they will not ever be leaving voluntarily.  They got it too good a thing going here.

I warned about BIDEN and the puppet master.  Anyone who thinks that a MRS Obama Presidency would be anything more than a continuation of the REIGN or TERROR we have suffered at the hands of the MR. is just totally bamboozled.  Hypnotized.  Mind Controlled.

I have no problem with a WOMAN president, regardless whether she was black or white.  Anymore that I was against Barack because he was black… I don’t even consider him BLACK, he looks and behaves far more like a white money grubber. His race has nothing to do with why people hate him.  He is destroying out nation.  Change is what he promised, coming from a man who along with his wife admittedly have no respect for America nor any love for it either.   Oh, he followed through on his promise (threat), I don’t even recognize the USA anymore.

If you don’t think that is what they have in store for the USA…take a look.