Gifts from the Fallen – Part 8 – BANKING SYSTEM and SO MUCH MORE

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Mystic teachings like the Cabala are not the only things the Knights Templars borrowed from Judaism. Although not sanctioned by the true faith, vices like amassing wealth and usury, practiced by some unobservant Jews have been adopted likewise by the Templars. In the Qur’an, God speaks of people who amass gold and silver: Jewish religious ornaments

“Christian Usurers”

According to Alan Butler and Stephen Dafoe,

“The Templars were expert financiers, using trading techniques quite unknown in the Europe of their day. They had clearly learned many of these skills from Jewish sources, but would have much more freedom to extend their financial empire, in a way that any Jewish financier of the period would have envied greatly.”25

Even though usury was strictly forbidden, they weren’t afraid to lend money on interest. The Templars had acquired such wealth-and the power that came with it-that nobody dared speak out against them or do anything about it.26 This so went to their heads that they went out of control. They were disobedient to kings and the Pope and in some cases, even challenged their authority. In 1303, for example, few years before their order was liquidated, they refused a request for assistance from the French King Philip IV, as well as his later request in 1306 for the Templars’ order to merge with the Hospitalers.27

Travel could be a hazardous enterprise in the 12th century. En route, wayfarers could be robbed by bandits anywhere and at anytime. Transporting money, as well as other precious commodities essential for trade, was particularly risky. Out of this situation, the Templars made a fortune by means of a fairly simple system of banking. For example, if a tradesman wanted to go from London to Paris, first he would go to the Templars’ office in London and hand over his money. In return, he was given a paper with an encoded message written on it. On his arrival in Paris, he could hand in this note in exchange for the money he’d paid in London, minus a fee and interest. Thus the transaction was completed.

Along with traders, wealthy pilgrims too made use of this system. “Checks” issued by Templars in Europe could be cashed in on arrival in Palestine, minus a hefty interest charge for this service. In The Temple and the Lodge, co-authors Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh explain the Templars’ economic dimension, recording that the beginnings of modern banking can be traced back to them, and that no other organization contributed as much as the Templars to the rise of capitalism.28

History records Florentine bankers as having invented “checking accounts,” yet the Templars were using this method of money transfer long before. It is generally accepted that capitalism first arose in the Jewish community of Amsterdam, but long before them, the Templars had established their own medieval capitalism, including banking based on interest. They lent money on interest rates of up to 60% and controlled a major proportion of capital flow and liquidity in the economy of Europe.

Using methods much like those of a modern private bank, they derived profits from both trade and banking, as well as from donations and armed conflict. They became as rich as the multinational company that, in effect, they were. At one time, the finances of the English and French monarchies were controlled and run by the Templars’ respective offices in Paris and London, and both the French and English royal families owed the Templars huge amounts of money.29 The kings of Europe were literally at their mercy, hoping to borrow money, and most royal households had come to depend on the order. This let them manipulate the kings and their national policies for their own purposes

  1. The Knights Templar were effectively dissolved in 1314 by Clement V and their wealth taken from the Order. But, their contributions to the modern system of banking is profound in spite of the fact that it is predominantly overlooked.

  2. History of Money (Part I) Knights Templar & Invention of banking system Legends of the Knights Templar: There are many legends being told about the Order of the Knights Templar and their place in history, so it would be a pity not mentioning them even if they don’t have a direct connection with money.

  3. The Banking System formed by The Knights Templar was the first of it’s kind. They collected interest, charged fees, and issued checks. Essentially, the Knights Templar Banking system was the world’s first international corporation. The Knights Templar took a vow of poverty and were founded with …

  4. TEMPLAR BANKERS: Knights Templars Created Our Modern Banking System… “Rothschilds are the guardians of the papal treasure.” – Friday the 13th is a bad day for the banksters….




The Knights Templar – Banking and Secrecy

Historical fact is indeed stranger than fiction, though. The Knights Templar were pioneers in more than just their unique role as that of warrior monks; they developed a system of banking. 

They developed a system of credit, so that a pilgrim could deposit funds at a Templar preceptory in his home country, and then draw goods and services from other Templar houses along his route. And so, in effect, the Templars invented the principles of the modern chequebook and credit card.”

The banking service was not free, but most pilgrims found this method a better alternative than traveling with one’s life savings.  But what about fraud?  Where there is innovation, thieves search for ways around the system, however, these red-crossed monks and savvy bankers knew a little about secrecy – “The other consequence of the banking operations came from a demand for secure communications. As can be seen from today’s credit card crimes, a move away from hard cash is open to fraud and forgery – how, for example, could one Templar house be sure that a document presented to them really did come from another Templar house on the other side of Europe? The knights therefore developed a system of codes, both for identification and for the safe passing of information.”2  This system of banking required deposit and withdrawal information, which was secured by coded ciphers – it’s ancillary effects led to a sophisticated network of information exchange from one preceptory to another, chiefly military intelligence.

The Knights Templar were more than just knights following a strict monastic rule.  They were also bankers who developed codes, networks, contacts, and an almost unhealthy obsession with privacy – some would call it conspiracy.

    CERN Octagon and Baphomet –  He breaks down the name Baphomet very clearly! min 17:45 It also goes into CERN and the Gothard Tunnel. Also shows the Templars symbol the V (Vector) we see on all Space programs.  It is long but full of information and visual evidence.  Watch this video

    The Knights Templars Are Alive and Well!

    by Shaking My Head Productions

    The European Organization for Nuclear Research, known as CERN, is a European research organization that operates the largest particle physics laboratory in the world. Established in 1954, the organization is based in a northwest suburb of Geneva on the Franco–Swiss border and has 22 member states. Address: Espl. des Particules 1, 1217 Meyrin, Switzerland The Gotthard Base Tunnel is a railway tunnel through the Alps in Switzerland. It opened on 1 June 2016, and full service began on 11 December 2016. With a route length of 57.09 km, it is the world’s longest railway and deepest traffic tunnel and the first flat, low-level route through the Alps. Cernunnos is the conventional name given in Celtic studies to depictions of the "horned god" of Celtic polytheism. Cernunnos was a Celtic god of fertility, life, animals, wealth, and the underworld. The Hebrew term Abaddon, and its Greek equivalent Apollyon appear in the Bible as both a place of destruction and an angel of the abyss. In the Hebrew Bible, abaddon is used with reference to a bottomless pit, often appearing alongside the place שְׁאוֹל, meaning the realm of the dead. The Order of the Solar Temple, also known as Ordre du Temple Solaire (OTS) in French and the International Chivalric Organization of the Solar Tradition, or simply as The Solar Temple, is a secret society and cult that claims to be based upon the ideals of the Knights Templar. Geneva is a city in Switzerland that lies at the southern tip of expansive Lac Léman (Lake Geneva). Surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountains, the city has views of dramatic Mont Blanc. Headquarters of Europe’s United Nations and the Red Cross, it’s a global hub for diplomacy and banking. French influence is widespread, from the language to gastronomy and bohemian districts like Carouge. The city of Zurich, a global center for banking and finance, lies at the north end of Lake Zurich in northern Switzerland. The Kehlsteinhaus (known as the Eagle’s Nest in English-speaking countries) is a Third Reich-era building erected atop the summit of the Kehlstein, a rocky outcrop that rises above the Obersalzberg near the town of Berchtesgaden. Video Credits: * SMHP may not agree with everything from the content producers we share. Apply critical thinking and use discernment to come to your own conclusions regarding the content in the videos.  NewsNotShownonTV – Dr. Sean Hross – chatzefratz – giureh – Central Intelligence Agency –


    Jun 7, 2016

    The Knights Templar NWO: The Order of the Temple of Solomon –… AKA “The Order of the Temple of Solomon”. The crusading knights of Legend are in no danger extinction, neither have they been forced underground.  At the same time master players of & enslaved to the Satanic, Masonic NWO game of “Hidden in plain sight”. Despite them being the secret highest order of Freemasonry, so secretive that 90% of Freemasons don’t even know they exist, they have done so while being in full view of the entire world and without anybody noticing. The Templar nation, yes that is actually a thing has it’s own government, laws, officials & a paid up, fully recognized member of the United Nations. The reported demise of the Order of the Temple of Solomon was somewhat premature it seems. Having never suffered any loss of or decrease the order has in fact massively increased in power. It’s central power base will come as no surprise for many it’s Westminster, the City of London. Westminster activities vary from manipulating the prices of the global metals markets to planning/performing Satanic rituals including Human sacrfice. Not last but certainly not least they are the “Death eaters” of #OpDeatEaters infamy forming the inner core of the sick Westminster “Elite” paedophile ring and responsible for the following (and still ongoing) cover up. As for weaponry they have total control over the British Intelligence & Secret services. They are Loyalties lie with Her Royal Why?ness Queen Lizardbeth number 2 not the British people or even the British government, Oh and last and once again not least they are the Jesuit Court of Record, NWO wannabees.…


    Published on Aug 11, 2012
    OCTOGON is the name of a highly secretive Nazi organisation, who by the end of the war got all their fortune of Nazi Gold and looted goods into Octogon or Switzerland, in order to use it for future wars and illegal actions in time to come as the german scandal in the 90`s of the black funds with which the political election campaign of Helmut Kohl and the CDU were financed using Nazi Gold, laundered in Switzerland and organised by the OCTOGON secret Nazi organisation named by the secret code word for Templars and Switzerland; just another Templar`s Treasure so to speak.


    Double crown.svg
    Red & White Crown of Pharoah

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Pharaoh of Egypt
    The Pschent combined the Red Crown of Lower Egypt and the White Crown of Upper Egypt.
    A typical depiction of a pharaoh. After Djoserof the Third Dynasty, pharaohs were usually depicted wearing the nemes headdress, a false beard, and an ornate kilt.

    Pharaoh (/ˈfɛər/, US also /ˈf.r/;[1] Copticⲡⲣ̅ⲣⲟ Pǝrro) is the common title of the monarchs of ancient Egypt from the First Dynasty(c. 3150 BCE) until the annexation of Egypt by the Roman Empire in 30 BCE,[2] although the actual term “Pharaoh” was not used contemporaneously for a ruler until Merneptah, c. 1200 BCE. In the early dynasty, ancient Egyptian kings used to have up to three titles, the Horus, the Sedge and Bee (nswt-bjtj) name, and the Two Ladies (nbtj) name. The Golden Horus and nomen and prenomen titles were later added.

    In Egyptian society, religion was central to everyday life. One of the roles of the pharaoh was as an intermediary between the gods and the people. The pharaoh thus deputised for the gods; his role was both as civil and religious administrator. He owned all of the land in Egypt, enacted laws, collected taxes, and defended Egypt from invaders as the commander-in-chief of the army.[3] Religiously, the pharaoh officiated over religious ceremonies and chose the sites of new temples. He was responsible for maintaining Maat (mꜣꜥt), or cosmic order, balance, and justice, and part of this included going to war when necessary to defend the country or attacking others when it was believed that this would contribute to Maat, such as to obtain resources.[4]

    During the early days prior to the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, the Deshret or the “Red Crown”, was a representation of the kingdom of Lower Egypt, while the Hedjet, the “White Crown”, was worn by the kings of the kingdom of Upper Egypt. After the unification of both kingdoms into one united Egypt, the Pschent, the combination of both the red and white crowns was the official crown of kings. With time new headdresses were introduced during different dynasties like the KhatNemesAtefHemhem crown, and Khepresh. At times, it was depicted that a combination of these headdresses or crowns would be worn together.

    The Pharaoh Show – Swiss Secret Symbols in Switzerland

    “THE PHARAOH SHOW” – a film in English about the enemy within and their secret symbols, so they can better identify themselves among each other and other codes of recognition. They rule the world; we are their slaves. Their base: Switzerland. The Crusades: the last stronghold of the Templars Accon fell on may 18th 1291, only 2 and a half months later Switzerland was founded on august 1st 1291 – the time to get back on horseback in those days. So the Templar`s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the swiss banks were founded and all wars were being financed by ever since – and out of the templars came the freemasons. The Pharaohs are still there and are ruling the world through secret societies – “and the Pharaoh and his army disappeared in the sea” . . . the sea of peoples that is, through mixing they are amongst us on all key positions, and Switzerland is their biggest base; the home of the Templars. This is why their flag shows a simplified Templar`s flag in exactly the same colours. They did it.

    Video (mirrored) published on February 19, 2012 courtesy of chatzefratz

    Published on Apr 7, 2011
    The Crusades: the last stronghold of the Templars Accon fell on may 18th 1291, only 2 and a half months later Switzerland was founded on august 1st 1291 – the time to get back on horseback in those days.So the Templar`s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the swiss banks (Banksters) were founded and all wars were being financed by ever since – and out of the Templars came the freemasons. The Pharaohs are still there and are ruling the world through secret societies – “and the Pharaoh and his army disappeared in the sea” – the sea of peoples that is, through mixing they are amongst us on all key positions, and Switzerland is their biggest base; the home of the Templars. This is why their flag shows a simplified Templar`s flag in exactly the same colours. They did it.



    Otto Lund
    Published on Apr 4, 2019
    Mirror. Source Pharistocracy Quote: “The Pharaohs became the Aristocracy, and the Aristocracy became Freemasonry, and Octogon Switzerland is their base, where the money is. User JoetryInMotion discovered “666 in the dragon’s tail at 12:24 in the video”.” – 5G, smart meter, LED, DEW, EMP, EMF military technology, UN strong city network, Mark Anthony Steele + Gangstalker wars: Security industry specialist tells all, social engineering program details exposed US Federal Law Enforcement, harassment, asset seizure, human trafficking, organ harvesting, vaccines + Fitzwilliam inbred military cult, Troy river, tent city, 18 Brickyard Troy depot, school, witch hood + Octogon, the empire of darkness + – Body Organs Of Over 18,000 Syrian Children Sold in Six Years… – Abel Danger: Website & Livestream Twitter


    2 years, 1 month ago



    UBS Logo.svg Eingang UBS Paradeplatz.JPG

    UBS Group AG[nb 1] is a Swiss multinational investment bank and financial services company founded and based in Switzerland. Co-headquartered in the cities of Zürich and Basel, it maintains a presence in all major financial centers as the largest Swiss banking institution in the world. UBS client services are known for their strict bank–client confidentiality and culture of banking secrecy.[nb 2] The bank’s large positions in the AmericasEMEA, and Asia Pacific markets make it a global systemically important financial institution.

    UBS was founded in 1862 as the Bank in Winterthur alongside the advent of the Swiss banking industry. During the 1890s, the Swiss Bank Corporation (SBC) was founded, forming a private banking syndicate that expanded aided by Switzerland’s international neutrality. The Bank of Winterthur merged with Toggenburger Bank in 1912 to form the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) and grew rapidly after the Banking Law of 1934 codified Swiss banking secrecy. Following decades of market competition between the SBC and UBS, the two merged in 1998 to create a single company known solely as “UBS”.[nb 3] During the early 2000s, the commensurate rise of UBS and Credit Suisse established a legally-sanctioned oligopoly on Swiss private market activity. After UBS managed heavy losses during the 2008 financial crisis with an asset relief recovery program, it was hit with the 2011 rogue trader scandal resulting in a US$2 billion trading loss. In 2012 the bank reoriented itself around wealth management and limited its sell side operations.

    Apart from private banking, UBS provides wealth management, asset management, and investment banking services for private, corporate, and institutional clients with international service. UBS manages the largest amount of private wealth in the world, counting approximately half of the world’s billionaires among its clients. Despite its trimming of sell side operations, UBS is among the world’s nine “Bulge Bracket” investment banks and is considered a global primary market maker. The bank also maintains numerous underground bank vaults, bunkers, and storage facilities for gold bars around the Swiss Alps and internationally. Partly due to its banking secrecy, it has been at the center of numerous tax avoidance investigations undertaken by U.S., French, German, Israeli, and Belgian authorities. UBS operations in Switzerland and the United States were ranked first and second, respectively, on the 2018 Financial Secrecy Index.    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


    A Swiss Federal Institute released a document which says 147 corporations rule the world . They form the ‘super entity’ and control 40% of the world’s wealth . They are the catalyst for the global financial collapse

    The Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich released a study entitled “The Network of Global Corporate Control” that proves a small consortiums of corporations – mainly banks – run the world

    A mere 147 corporations which form a “super entity” have control 40% of the world’s wealth; which is the real economy. These mega-corporations are at the center of the global economy. The banks found to be most influential include:

    • Barclays
    • Goldman Sachs
    • JPMorgan Chase & Co
    • Vanguard Group
    • UBS
    • Deutsche Bank
    • Bank of New York Melon Corp
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Bank of America Corp
    • Société Générale

    However as the connections to the controlling groups are networked throughout the world, they become the catalyst for global financial collapse. James Glattfelder, complex systems theorist at the SFI explains: “In effect, less than one per cent of the companies were able to control 40 per cent of the entire network.”

    Link :…

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    Well, he wasn't born in Hawaii!

    Obama Clone of an Egyptian Pharaoh

    “Dangerous, profoundly wrong and has no place in our society…” are the words President Obama used to describe human cloning. Has human cloning come far enough along to clone an Egyptian pharaoh from a mummy? Why are there 6 adult stem cells seeking longevity on the International Space Station with Robonaut 2?

    The World’s First Democrat and America’s Secret Destiny
    World democracy was the secret dream of the great clas­sical philosophers. Thousands of years before Columbus they were aware of the existence of our Western Hemisphere and selected it to be the site of the philosophic empire. The brilliant plan of the Ancients has survived to our time, and it will continue to function until the great work is accomplished. The American nation des­perately needs a vision of its own purpose.T he leader who had the first social consciousness in the administration of a nation was a Pharaoh of Egypt, Akhnaton. … Born several thousand years too soon, he was the first realist in democracy, the first humanitarian, the first internationalist. … He saw that the duty of the ruler is to protect for all the right to live well, to think, to dream, to hope, and to aspire. … For his dream of the Brotherhood of Man he cheerfully gave his life.

    Manly P. Hall ~ Secret Destiny of America

    Barackhenaten and Renaissance Tiye

    “And whence came the first audacious idea that the cells of the body had to be preserved so that the corpse, preserved in a very secure place could be awakened to new life after thousands of years. Did space travelers in prehistory already possess knowledge that we must gain anew? Did unknown intelligences already know the methods with which to treat bodies so that they could be revived in so many thousand years?”
    Chariots of the Gods–Erich Von Daniken
    Well, he wasn't born in Hawaii!Where's my cone!?April 16, 1985 [Nature Magazine]
    Human genetic material, largely undamaged after 2,400 years, has been extracted from an Egyptian mummy and has been grown in the laboratory. One 2,400-yr-old mummy of a child was found to contain DNA that could be molecularly cloned in a plasmid vector. These analyses show that substantial pieces of mummy DNA can be cloned and that the DNA fragments seem to contain little or no modifications introduced postmortem.”
    Are the First Family clones?
    President Barack Obama looks amazingly like Akhenaten the father of monotheism. Michelle Obama looks amazingly like Akhenaten’s mother, Queen Tiye. Akhenaten had two daughters by Nefertiti. They look amazingly like Malia and Sasha. The code names of Renegade, Renaissance, Radiance and Rosebud correlate well with the ancient depiction of the Royal Family. But, what happened to his conehead?

    Try it for yourself!
    Queen Tiye Michelle ObamaMichelle Obama High SchoolBeyonce-NefertitiToday in WHAT?????!!!!, a French photographer named Pascal Rostain claims that the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is embroiled in a love affair with internationally famous pop star Beyoncé.

    “You know, at this time, the United States, there is something big that is happening… Besides, it’ll go out tomorrow in the Washington Post, we can not say that it is the gutter press [reporting on an] alleged affair between President Barack Obama and Beyoncé. I can assure you that the world will talk about it.”
    Space War News

    Scientists examine the occult, do you?

    I have been showing off my art work of Barack Obama as Akhenaten to see what people think. Admittedly, most of my friends already see the world differently than your average citizen. Let’s just say they already come with a conspiracy bent. My hope is to instill wonder in our world and to say that things just might be a little stranger than you thought.
    I would show my friends this picture and say, “What do you think?” Without any other comment.
    They would say, “Well, he does look a lot like Akhenaten.”
    My jaw would dangle just a bit.
    I say, “OK, I understand that you do not know that this woman next to Barackhenaten is Akhenaten’s mother, Queen Tiye.”
    “That’s really her face?” They ask.
    I say, “I have done nothing to alter their faces. I simply found a photo that was facing the right direction and their mouth was closed. I cut the face in half and super-imposed it on the ancient busts.”
    “That is amazing!”
    “It gets even stranger.” I say, “I found that two of the six daughters of Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti became Queens themselves…
    I wait for it.
    “They do look like Akhenaten’s children!”
    “Notice in this ancient frieze of Akhenaten and Nefertiti with their two girls, what is the other most prominent features of this picture?” I ask.
    Akhenaten+Aten“Didn’t Akhenaten worship the sun god Aten?”
    “Oh, and the flowers.”
    “Exactly. Do you know the code names the secret service gave the first family?”
    “Isn’t that a secret?”
    “I guess it should be but, no, it was in the news. Their names are Renegade, Renaissance, Radiance, and Rosebud.”
    “Radiance and Rosebud?”
    “Absolutely. Here look for yourself.”

    “Well, what do you think now?” I ask.
    “Are there family connections?”
    Come on, what are the odds that a woman that looks exactly like the mother of Akhenaten would marry a man who looks exactly like Akhenaten and have two children that look exactly like the offspring of Akhenaten and Nefertiti?
    As a kid my mind was open to such possibilities. As I studied the pyramids and ancient astronauts, I knew mummification had a mysterious property that we in the, then, 20th century could not reproduce. Our new mummies decompose. The ancient Egyptian mummies did not. I knew this allowed for the retrieval of a viable cell for cloning and I pondered if there would be some day when “they” would bring back the Pharaohs. I was thinking of some Armageddon script when the dead would walk the Earth. What I never thought of was, the clones coming out as the first family of America!
    “Today is a great day to live.” They say.
    There are definitely questions of Barack’s origins.
    “Mr. Obama is not a natural born citizen.” What kind of riots or Constitutional erosion would occur if this is true? The revolution is manufactured.
    Were there other clones like Barack?

    The Cloning of Barack Obama

    Music by MP Soundcraft

    Noun: renegade “re-nu”˜geyd
    1. Someone who rebels and becomes an outlaw
    2. A disloyal person who betrays or deserts his cause or religion or
    political party or friend etc.
    Christian turned Muslim,”
    See also: disloyal
    Type of: defector, deserter, dissent, protest, turncoat, resist, apostate

    Noun: Renaissance
    2. The revival of learning and culture
    Adjective: renascent ri’na-sunt or ri’ney-sunt
    Rising again as to new life
    A second or new birth
    reincarnation, rebirth

    Obama Satanic YouthDr. Sam Vaknin is a world authority on narcissism. Vaknin says that Obama’s language, posture and demeanor, and the testimonies of his closest, dearest and nearest suggest that the Senator is either a narcissist or he may have narcissistic personality disorder.

    Pathological narcissism is a pattern of thinking and behaving in adolescence and adulthood, which involves infatuation and obsession with one’s self to the exclusion of others. It manifests in the chronic pursuit of personal gratification and attention (narcissistic supply), in social dominance and personal ambition, bragging, insensitivity to others, lack of empathy and/or excessive dependence on others to meet his/her responsibilities in daily living and thinking.

    “If I had to name my greatest strength, I guess it would be my humility.
    Greatest weakness? It’s possible that I’m a little too awesome.”
    – Barack Obama

    Serpent-ApophisEvery respectable monotheistic religion needs an adversary/satan and Akhenaten’s cult of Aten is no different. In ancient Egypt, this spirit of evil and destruction who dwelled in eternal darkness was known as, Apep. Apep commanded an army of demons that plagued mankind according to the ancient tradition.
    Apep later became known as Apophis, patron of evil and darkness; the serpent.
    Masonic Flag on the MoonMy investigation of Obama began with his coupling of NASA with the DOD. The Columbia Endeavor for the Discovery of Atlantis is coming to a close and is being replaced by the Ares Space Program, Ares being the god of war.
    China’s successful test of an anti-satellite missile in January 2007 signaled a potential new arms race in space. Barack Obama does not support the stationing of any weapons in space. He believes the international community must address the issue of space weaponization head-on and enter into a serious dialogue with Russia, China and other nations to stop this slow slide into a new battlefield.
    Freemason Flag on the MoonFew realize that we have a United States Space Force and that it is housed in Cheyenne Mountain with NORAD and the Missile Defense Shield. It was the shield that concerned me most when I made my film on HAARP. In this film, I highlighted a report of an asteroid that came over the HAARP facility as it was being tested as a meteor deflection shield. I considered, could they have the ability to hurl meteors at the planet? The perfect approach of the object over the HAARP antennae array suggested guidance. I knew this was something to document because of Wernher von Braun‘s “Enemy List” establishing asteroids as the next false-flag event.
    It was no ordinary meteor that shot over the HAARP array. It came in with a sonic boom and was followed by an earthquake in Anchorage. The event of meteors with sonic booms has been increasing and the curious note is that each time the incoming object is unknown. There is a bright flash that turns night to day and then a sonic boom followed shortly by an earthquake. This happened in Tok Alaska on December 29th. There were more than 250 tremors in Yellowstone that same day. Robert Smith, a professor of geophysics at the University of Utah said of these tremors, “They’re certainly not normal,”
    It turns out that Obama’s election was heralded by a meteor coming in over Canada on November 20th. Some suggest this is a sign of Barack being the Anti-Christ. Obama is helped by Mabus after all.

    Nostradamus gave the Third Antichrist the following code name. He’s Mabus. A number of notorious contemporary figures, still living or recently dead from the Middle East can see their names spelled in the Mabus code. But there also are other leaders from the West, deeply entangled in Middle Eastern turmoil, a current US president and a charismatic candidate who could be his successor whose names also easily decode out of Mabus, making the search for the right candidate the most provocative and topical challenge presented by Nostradamus for our present times.

    Though his true name is occulted, the Third Antichrist’s destiny is made clear. Unlike the first two, he is the first to die in a war he initiates at the sign of a comet, or a rocket falling out of the skies:

    World War III begins when Mabus dies a sudden death.” John Hogue

    Did Jesus Reveal The Name of the Anti-Christ as Baraq O Bamah?
    The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.” He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.
    Did Obama say “Thank You Satan”?
    I see things a little differently, however. Not many people noticed the asteroid that nearly hit the planet last Monday, March 2nd. It came closer to Earth than the moon’s orbit. The space ball measured between 69 feet and 154 feet in diameter. The Planetary Society said that made it the same size as an asteroid that exploded over Siberia in 1908 and leveled more than 800 square miles of forest. It was discovered three days before possible impact.
    It is now being said that this asteroid threat should be solved “through broad international cooperation” within the framework of the United Nations. The meteor that is of concern comes from a group of Near Earth Objects known as Aten and the bringer of doom in this Group of Aten, Apophis.

    ET & the Transhumanist Agenda – $19.99
    This DVD is 5 hours and covers the advance of the space war and new technologies coupled with the creation of a New World Order.

    “Dangerous, profoundly wrong and has no place in our society…” are the words President Obama used to describe human cloning. Was there a covert meaning in this message.
    CERN opens dimensions and seeks dark matter in space. A spiraling vortex of sapphire particles opens over Norway as Obama arrives to receive his Nobel Peace Prize. Mysterious missiles launch from coast to coast and the Space War ramps up with the X-37B, an automated military space shuttle and Space X launches the Dragon preparing to meet Robonaut 2 on the ISS.
    Are we witnessing the rise of the technocratic elite?
    Michael Jackson, Mind-Transfer Technology & Time Travel The Blue Brain Project has proven that CERN’s LHC Grid has the potential for transmitting one’s soul into a robot, or a clone. Couple this with ionospheric heaters that can shoot Dorito’s commercials to Ursa Major and you could travel across galaxies, possibly other dimensions.



    There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man’s fears and the summit of his knowledge. This is the dimension of imagination. It is an area which we call the twighlight zone…



    All who practice Thelema – Allister Crowley Magick, learn first to speak, think, write and walk backwards!  Satan turns everything backwards and upside down. 
    When you hear all the “Stars” on the Red Carpet thanking GOD.   They are not talking about the Creator God of the Bible.  They are thanking SATAN!  (There are very few who are able to maintain their faith in spite of the HELL that is FAME, but they are very few and the exception)

    תישארב, Liber Viæ Memoriæ – Technical Libers of Thelema …

    (“e”) Let him learnto read backwards. In this it is difficult to avoid cheating one’s self, as an expert reader sees a sentence at a glance. Let his disciple read aloud to him backwards, slowly at first, then more quickly. (“f”) Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.
    1. First Method. Let the Exempt Adept first train himself to think backwards by external means, as set forth here following.(“a”) Let him learn to write backwards, with either hand.
      (“b”) Let him learn to walk backwards.
      (“c”) Let him constantly watch, if convenient, cinematograph films, and listen to phonograph records, reversed, and let him so accustom himself to these that they appear natural, and appreciable as a whole.
      (“d”) Let him practise speaking backwards; thus for “I am He” let him say, “Eh ma I”.
      (“e”) Let him learn to read backwards. In this it is difficult to avoid cheating one’s self, as an expert reader sees a sentence at a glance. Let his disciple read aloud to him backwards, slowly at first, then more quickly.
      (“f”) Of his own ingenium, let him devise other methods.

    Thank You Satan – Obama

    Is Obama a clone?Obama Cloning and the Coming Space War $24.99

    Who is this man we call the President? Will he cause a Constitutional crisis? What’s hidden within his name and his statements? Is he the coming Anti-Christ predicted by Nostradamus? Are we witnessing the rise of the Fourth Reich? Or are things much stranger than we thought?
    This 2 disk set includes a DVD of Freeman’s presentation, Obama, Cloning and the Coming Space War and a CD with 10 hours of Freeman’s radio interviews in MP3 format.
    Explore revelations of Lucifer, occult rituals hidden as political speech, and the acceleration of the weaponization of space for a coming space war.

    July 23rd 2011

    Scientists have created more than 150 human-animal hybrid embryos in British laboratories.
    The hybrids have been produced secretively over the past three years by researchers looking into possible cures for a wide range of diseases.
    Figures seen by the Daily Mail show that 155 admixed embryos, containing both human and animal genetic material, have been created since the introduction of the 2008 Human Fertilisation Embryology Act.
    This legalized the creation of a variety of hybrids, including an animal egg fertilized by a human sperm; cybrids, in which a human nucleus is implanted into an animal cell; and chimeras, in which human cells are mixed with animal embryos.

    March 18th, 2011
    The Human Cloning Prohibition Act of 2011 is passed in Minnesota. There are two kinds of uses for SCNT, he told the committee: one is to create a living, breathing human clone, also called œreproductive cloning, and another is to use SCNT for therapeutic cloning to create stem cell treatments for treating disease. The intent off the bill is to ban human cloning, Fishbach responded. I think what the doctor was describing in very scientific terms was either you clone a human to make a baby and implant it into a women or you clone a baby to use it in experiments.
    She added, I think what we are trying to do here is to prevent a human from being created for experiments and reproduction.

    February 26th, 2010
    Leader of the Russian Liberal Democrats Vladimir Zhirinovsky said cloning should be permitted in Russia and proposed cloning himself “for the nation’s benefit.” “Scientists should work, we should not be afraid. Cloning is a remedy for humanity… Let us grow people and take their organs to replace [those damaged],”
    “We should clone clever, talented people, a list of people to be cloned should be created. We should have new Einsteins, Kurchatovs, Tsiolkovskys, Yesenins, Pushkins,” he went on.
    He said he personally would be happy to be cloned.

    January 31, 2010
    Egypt will soon reveal the results of DNA tests made on the world’s most famous ancient king, the young Pharaoh Tutankhamun, to answer lingering mysteries over his lineage, the antiquities department said Sunday.
    Speaking at a conference, archaeology chief Zahi Hawass said he would announce the results of the DNA tests and the CAT scans on Feb. 17. The results will be compared to those made of King Amenhotep III, who may have been Tutankamun’s grandfather.
    The effort is part of a wider program to check the DNA of hundreds of mummies to determine their identities and family relations. The program could help determine Tutankhamun’s family lineage, which has long been a source of mystery.
    The identity of Tut’s parents is not firmly known. Many experts believe he is the son of Akhenaten. A $5 million DNA lab was created at the Egyptian Museum, with funding from the Discovery Channel. “We have set up a DNA laboratory at the basement of the Egyptian Museum and another at Cairo University’s Faculty of Medicine where two teams of distinguished scientists worked. Each team worked separately in its own laboratory away from the other, and both were assisted by German scientists who specialize in studying DNA.”
    Previously, exclusive right to DNA sample of the pharaohs was forbidden for reasons of National Security.
    As was reported earlier, King Tut’s penis was found and was “well developed.”

    December 2nd, 2009
    National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins announced today that the first 13 human embryonic stem (ES) cell lines have been approved for funding under the expanded policy outlined by President Barack Obama in an executive order last March. He said another 20 are likely to be added to the list any day now, but the final list could top 100.

    November 24th, 2009
    President Barack Obama established a new presidential bioethics council. The Executive Order states that “at least one and not more than three of whom may be bioethicists or scientists drawn from the executive branch, as designated by the President.” This may feature advisers who could push his decision to force taxpayers to fund embryonic stem cell research even further. Executive Order 13521 was only published in the Federal Register on Monday, November 30, however.

    March 9th, 2009
    “We will develop strict guidelines (for stem cell research), which we will rigorously enforce, because we cannot ever tolerate misuse or abuse,” Mr. Obama said. “And we will ensure that our government never opens the door to the use of cloning for human reproduction. It is dangerous, profoundly wrong, and has no place in our society, or any society.”
    Full text of Obama’s speech on Stem Cell Research March 9th 2009

    November 12, 2007
    A technical breakthrough has enabled scientists to create for the first time dozens of cloned embryos from adult rhesus macaque monkeys, raising the prospect of the same procedure being used to make cloned human embryos.
    Attempts to clone human embryos for research have been dogged by technical problems and controversies over fraudulent research and questionable ethics. But the new technique promises to revolutionize the efficiency by which scientists can turn human eggs into cloned embryos.

    July 20, 2006
    President Bush issued the first veto of his five-year-old administration yesterday, rejecting Congress’s bid to lift funding restrictions on human embryonic stem cell research.
    Joined by children produced from what he called “adopted” frozen embryos, Bush said taxpayers should not support research on surplus embryos at fertility clinics, even if they offer possible medical breakthroughs and are slated for disposal.
    The vetoed bill “would support the taking of innocent human life in the hope of finding medical benefits for others,” the president said, as babies cooed and cried behind him. “It crosses a moral boundary that our decent society needs to respect.” Each child on the stage, he said, “began his or her life as a frozen embryo that was created for in vitro fertilization but remained unused after the fertility treatments were complete. . . These boys and girls are not spare parts.”

    August 25, 2005
    California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger urges the United States Senate to pass H.R. 810, the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005, which was passed by the House of Representatives earlier this year, and S. 1520, legislation sponsored by Senator Feinstein and Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) that would ban human reproductive cloning, but allow promising embryonic stem cell research to go forward.
    Have you seen “The 6th Day”?

    Predicting Apophis’ Earth Encounters in 2029 and 2036
    This animation illustrates how the unmeasured physical parameters of the asteroid Apophis bias the entire statistical uncertainty region. If Apophis is a RETROGRADE rotator on the small, less-massive end of what is possible, the measurement uncertainty region will get pushed back such that the center of the distribution encounters the Earth’s orbit. This would result in an impact probability much higher than computed with the Standard Dynamical Model. Conversely, if Apophis is a small, less-massive PROGRADE rotator, the uncertainty region is advanced along the orbit. Only the remote tails of the probability distribution could encounter the Earth, producing a negligible impact probability. Although measurements in 2010-2011 may cut the size of the measurement uncertainty region greatly and result in an “all clear” using the Standard Dynamical Model, it may not be until Arecibo radar in 2013 provides a spin direction that Earth’s passage through the probability distribution center can be ruled out.
    In other words, we will not know the true threat of Apophis until 2013

    Freeman Interview on the GoldRing Part 1 akhenaten clone sun god

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    Freeman Interview on the GoldRing Part 1 – from – The Obama Chronicles Inauguration Obama Lucifer Obama Nation Pt 1 Obama Nation Pt 2 Obama Apophis Obama Space Wars American Awakening Obama, Akhenaten & the Bible Obama Alien Invasion Are you Adaptable? Obama Cloning & the Bluebeam Project – I have been showing off my art work of Barack Obama as Akhenaten to see what people think. Admittedly, most of my friends already see the world differently than your average citizen. Lets just say they already come with a conspiracy bent. My hope is to instill wonder in our world and to say that things just might be a little stranger than you thought. I would show my friends this picture and say, What do you think? Without any other comment. They would say, Well, he does look a lot like Akhenaten. My jaw would dangle just a bit. I say, OK, I understand that you do not know that this woman next to Barackhenaten is Akhenatens mother, Queen Tiye. Thats really her face? They ask. I say, I have done nothing to alter their faces. I simply found a photo that was facing the right direction and their mouth was closed. I cut the face in half and super-imposed it on the ancient busts. That is amazing! It gets even stranger. I say, I found that two of the six daughters of Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti became Queens themselves I wait for it. They do look like Akhenatens children! Notice in this ancient frieze of Akhenaten and Nefertiti with their two girls, what is the other most 

      Freeman Interview on the GoldRing Part 2 Akhenaten clone sun god

    rysa5 — April 18, 2010 — Freeman Interview on the GoldRing Part 2 Akhenaten clone sun god – Obama Chronicles Inauguration Obama Lucifer Obama Nation Pt 1
    Obama Nation Pt 2 Obama Apophis Obama Space Wars
    American Awakening Obama, Akhenaten & the Bible
    Obama Alien Invasion Are you Adaptable? Obama Cloning & the Bluebeam Project – I have been showing off my art work of Barack Obama as Akhenaten to see what people think. Admittedly, most of my friends already see the world differently than your average citizen. Lets just say they already come with a conspiracy bent. My hope is to instill wonder in our world and to say that things just might be a little stranger than you thought. I would show my friends this picture and say, What do you think? Without any other comment. They would say, Well, he does look a lot like Akhenaten.

    The City of London runs the United Nations that operates slavery upon all of humanity.


    The Crown Temple by Rule of Mystery Babylon
    by: Michael Edward July 15, 2003
    Ecclesiastic Commonwealth Community (ECC)

    The Crown Temple

    The governmental and judicial systems within the United States of America, at both federal and local state levels, is owned by the “Crown,” which is a private foreign power. Before jumping to conclusions about the Queen of England or the Royal Families of Britain owning the U.S.A., this is a different “Crown” and is specifically referencing the established Templar Church, known for centuries by the world as the “Crown.”

    The Temple Church was built by the Knights Templar in two parts: the Round and the Chancel. The Round Church was consecrated in 1185 and modeled after the circular Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. The Chancel was built in 1240. The Temple Church serves both the Inner and Middle Temples and is located between Fleet Street and Victoria Embankment at the Thames River. Its grounds also house the Crown Offices at Crown Office Row.

    All licensed Bar Attorneys in the U.S. owe their allegiance and give their solemn oath in pledge to the Crown Temple, realizing this or not. This is simply due to the fact that all Bar Associations throughout the world are signatories and franchises to the international Bar Association located at the Inns of Court at Crown Temple, which are physically located at Chancery Lane behind Fleet Street in London.

    city of london obelisk.jpg

    The Inns of Court to the Crown Temple use the Banking and Judicial system of the City of London – a sovereign and independent territory which is not a part of Great Britain (just as Washington DC is not a part of the north American states, nor is it a state) to defraud, coerce, and manipulate the American people. These Fleet Street bankers and lawyers are committing crimes in America under the guise and color of law.

    The present Queen of England is not the “Crown,” as we have all been led to believe. Rather, it is the Bankers and Attorneys who are the actual Crown or Crown Temple. The Monarch aristocrats of England have not been ruling sovereigns since the reign of King John, circa 1215. All royal sovereignty of the old British Crown since that time has passed to the Crown Temple in Chancery.

    Since the first Chancel of the Temple Church was built by the Knights Templar, this is not a new ruling system by any means. The Chancel, or Chancery, of the Crown Inner Temple Court was where King John was, in January 1215, when the English barons demanded that he confirm the rights enshrined in the Magna Carta. This City of London Temple was the headquarters of the Templar Knights in Great Britain where Order and Rule were first made, which became known as Code.

    By what authority has the “Crown” usurped the natural sovereignty of the American people? Is it acceptable that the U.S. Supreme Court decides constitutional issues in the U.S.A? How can it be considered in any manner as being “constitutional” when this same Supreme Court is appointed by (not elected) and paid by the Federal U.S. Government?

    The legal system (judiciary) of the U.S.A. is controlled by the Crown Temple from the independent and sovereign City of London. The private Federal Reserve System, which issues fiat U.S. Federal Reserve Notes, is financially owned and controlled by the Crown from Switzerland, the home and legal origin for the charters of the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Organization, and most importantly, the Bank of International Settlements. Even Hitler respected his Crown bankers by not bombing Switzerland. The Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland controls all the central banks of the G7 nations. He who controls the gold rules the world.


    The Four Inns of Court to the unholy Temple

    Globally, all the legalistic scams promoted by the exclusive monopoly of the Temple Bar and their Bar Association franchises come from four Inns or Temples of Court: the Inner Temple, the Middle Temple, Lincoln’s Inn, and Gray’s Inn. These Inns/Temples are exclusive and private country clubs; secret societies of world power in commerce. They are well established, some having been founded in the early 1200’s. The Queen and Queen Mother of England are current members of both the Inner Temple and Middle Temple. Gray’s Inn specializes in Taxation legalities by Rule and Code for the Crown. Lincoln’s Inn received its name from the Third Earl of Lincoln (circa 1300).

    Just like all U.S. based franchise Bar Associations, none of the Four Inns of the Temple are incorporated – for a definite and purposeful reason: You can’t make claim against a non-entity and a non-being. They are private societies without charters or statutes, and their so-called constitutions are based solely on custom and self-regulation. In other words, they exist as secret societies without a public “front door” unless you’re a private member called to their Bar.

    While the Inner Temple holds the legal system franchise by license to steal from Canada and Great Britain, it is the Middle Temple that has legal license to steal from America. This comes about directly via their Bar Association franchises to the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple through the Crown Temple.

    From THE HISTORY OF THE INN, Later Centuries, [p.6], written by the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, we can see a direct tie to the Bar Association franchises and its Crown signatories in America:

    “Call to the Bar or keeping terms in one of the four Inns a pre-requisite to Call at King’s Inns until late in the 19th century. In the 17th and 18th centuries, students came from the American colonies and from many of the West Indian islands. The Inn’s records would lead one to suppose that for a time there was hardly a young gentleman in Charleston who had not studied here. Five of the signatories to the Declaration of Independence were Middle Templars, and notwithstanding it and its consequences, Americans continued to come here until the War of 1812.”

    All Bar Association licensed Attorneys must keep the terms of their oath to the Crown Temple in order to be accepted or “called to Bar” at any of the King’s Inns. Their oath, pledge, and terms of allegiance are made to the Crown Temple.

    It’s a real eye opener to know that the Middle Inn of the Crown Temple has publicly acknowledged there were at least five Templar Bar Attornies, under solemn oath only to the Crown, who signed what was alleged to be an American Declaration of Independence. This simply means that both parties to the Declaration agreement were of the same origin, the Crown Temple. In case you don’t understand the importance of this, there is no international agreement or treaty that will ever be honored, or will ever have lawful effect, when the same party signs as both the first and second parties. It’s merely a worthless piece of paper with no lawful authority when both sides to any agreement are actually the same. In reality, the American Declaration of Independence was nothing more than an internal memo of the Crown Temple made among its private members.

    By example, Alexander Hamilton was one of those numerous Crown Templars who was called to their Bar. In 1774, he entered King’s College in New York City, which was funded by members of the London King’s Inns, now named Columbia University. In 1777, he became a personal aide and private secretary to George Washington during the American Revolution.

    In May of 1782, Hamilton began studying law in Albany, New York, and within six months had completed a three year course of studies, passed his examinations, and was admitted to the New York Bar. Of course, the New York Bar Association was/is a franchise of the Crown Temple through the Middle Inn. After a year’s service in Congress during the 1782-1783 session, he settled down to legal practice in New York City as Alexander Hamilton, Esqr. In February of 1784, he wrote the charter for, and became a founding member of, the Bank of New York, the State’s first bank.

    He secured a place on the New York delegation to the Federal Convention of 1787 at Philadelphia. In a five hour speech on June 18th, he stated “an Executive for life will be an elective Monarch”. When all his anti-Federalist New York colleagues withdrew from the Convention in protest, he alone signed the Constitution for the United States of America representing New York State, one of the legal Crown States.

    Later, as President Washington’s U.S. Treasury Secretary, Hamilton alone laid the foundation of the first Federal U.S. Central Bank, secured credit loans through Crown banks in France and the Netherlands, and increased the power of the Federal Government over the hoodwinked nation-states of the Union.

    Neither the American people nor the Queen of Britain own America. The Crown Temple owns America through the deception of those who have sworn their allegiance by oath to the Middle Templar Bar. The Crown Bankers and their Middle Templar Attorneys Rule America through unlawful contracts, unlawful taxes, and contract documents of false equity through debt deceit, all strictly enforced by their completely unlawful, but “legal”, Orders, Rules and Codes of the Crown Temple Courts, our so-called “judiciary” in America. This is because the Crown Temple holds the land titles and estate deeds to all of North America.

    The biggest lie is what the Crown and its agents refer to as “the rule of law”. In reality, it is not about law at all, but solely about the Crown Rule of all nations. For example, just read what President Bush stated on November 13, 2001, regarding the “rule of law”:

    “Our countries are embarked on a new relationship for the 21st century, founded on a commitment to the values of democracy, the free market, and the rule of law.” – Joint Statement by President George W. Bush and President Vladimir V. Putin on 11/13/01, spoken from the White House, Washington D.C.


    What happened in 1776?

    1776 is the year that will truly live in infamy for all Americans. It is the year that the Crown Colonies became legal Crown States. The Declaration of Independence was a legal, not lawful, document. It was signed on both sides by representatives of the Crown Temple. Legally, it announced the status quo of the Crown Colonies to that of the new legal name called “States” as direct possessive estates of the Crown.

    All “Constitutional Rights” in America are simply those dictated by the Crown Temple and enforced by the Middle Inn Templars (Bar Attorneys) through their franchise and corporate government entity, the federal United States Government.

    The Crown Temple was granted Letters Patent and Charters for all the land of New England by the King of England, a sworn member of the Middle Temple. Since the people were giving the patent/charter corporations and Colonial Governors such a hard time, especially concerning Crown taxation, a scheme was devised to allow the Americans to believe they were being granted “independence.” Remember, the Crown Templars represented both parties to the 1776 Declaration of Independence; and, as we are about to see, the latter 1787 U.S. Constitution.

    To have this “Declaration” recognized by international treaty law, and in order to establish the new legal Crown entity of the incorporated United States, Middle Templar King George III agreed to the Treaty of Paris on September 3, 1783, “between the Crown of Great Britain and the said United States”. The Crown of Great Britain legally was, then and now, the Crown Temple. This formally gave international recognition to the corporate “United States”, the new Crown Temple States. Most important is to know who the actual signatories to the Treaty of Paris were. Take particular note to the abbreviation “Esqr.” following their names as this legally signifies “Officers of the King’s Courts”, which we now know were Templar Courts or Crown Courts. This is the same Crown Templar Title given to Alexander Hamilton.


    The Crown was represented in signature by “David Hartley, Esqr.”, a Middle Templar of the King’s Court. Representing the United States (a Crown franchise) by signature was “John Adams, Esqr”, “Benjamin Franklin, Esqr.” and “John Jay, Esqr.” The signatories for the “United States” were also Middle Templars of the King’s Court through Bar Association membership. What is plainly written in history proves, once again, that the Crown Temple was representing both parties to the agreement. What a perfect and elaborate scam the people of North America had pulled on them!

    It becomes even more obvious when you read Article 5, which states in part:

    “to provide for the Restitution of all Estates, Rights, and Properties which have been confiscated, belonging to real British Subjects.”

    Now, here’s a real catch-all in Article 4:

    “It is agreed that creditors on either side shall meet with no lawful impediment to the recovery of the full value in sterling money of all bona fide debts heretofore contracted.”

    Since the Crown and its Templars represented both the United States, as the debtors, and the Crown, as the creditors, then they became the creditor of the American people by owning all debts of the former Colonies, now called the legal Crown States. This sounds too good to be true, but these are the facts.

    So then, what debts were owed to the Crown Temple and their banks as of 1883? In the Contract Between the King and the Thirteen United States of North America, signed at Versailles July 16, 1782, Article I states:

    “It is agreed and certified that the sums advanced by His Majesty to the Congress of the United States under the title of a loan, in the years 1778, 1779, 1780, 1781, and the present 1782, amount to the sum of eighteen million of livres, money of France, according to the following twenty-one receipts of the above-mentioned underwritten Minister of Congress, given in virtue of his full powers, to wit…”

    That amount equals about $18 million dollars, plus interest, that Hamilton’s U.S. Central Bank owed the Crown through Crown Bank loans in France. This was signed, on behalf of the United States, by an already familiar Middle Templar, Benjamin Franklin, Esquire.

    An additional $6 million dollars (six million livres) was loaned to the United States at 5% interest by the same parties in a similar Contract signed on February 25, 1783. The Crown Bankers in the Netherlands and France were calling in their debts for payment by future generations of Americans.

    The City of London Crown Corporation Flag

    The Fiscal Agents of Mystery Babylon

    Since its beginnings, the Temple Church at the City of London has been a Knight Templar secret society. It was built and established by the same Temple Knights who were given their Rule and Order by the Roman Pope. It’s very important to know how the British Royal Crown was placed into the hands of the Knights Templars, and how the Crown Templars became the fiscal and military agents for the Pope of the Roman Church.

    This all becomes very clear through the Concession Of England To The Pope on May 15, 1213. Charter was sworn in fealty by England’s King John to Pope Innocent and the Roman Church. It was witnessed before the Crown Templars, as King John stated upon sealing the same:

    “I myself bearing witness in the house of the Knights Templars.”

    Pay particular attention to the words being used that we have defined below, especially charter, fealty, demur, and concession:

    “We wish it to be known to all of you, through this our charter, furnished with our seal… not induced by force or compelled by fear, but of our own good and spontaneous will and by the common counsel of our barons, do offer and freely concede to God and His holy apostles Peter and Paul and to our mother the holy Roman church, and to our lord pope Innocent and to his Catholic successors, the whole kingdom of England and the whole kingdom Ireland, with all their rights and appurtenances… we perform and swear fealty for them to him our aforesaid lord pope Innocent, and his catholic successors and the Roman church… binding our successors and our heirs by our wife forever, in similar manner to perform fealty and show homage to him who shall be chief pontiff at that time, and to the Roman church without demur. As a sign… we will and establish perpetual obligation and concession… from the proper and especial revenues of our aforesaid kingdoms… the Roman church shall receive yearly a thousand marks sterling… saving to us and to our heirs our rights, liberties and regalia; all of which things, as they have been described above, we wish to have perpetually valid and firm; and we bind ourselvesand our successors not to act counter to them. And if we or any one of our successors shall presume to attempt this, whoever he be, unless being duly warned he come to his kingdom, and this senses, be shall lose his right to the kingdom, and this charter of our obligation and concession shall always remain firm.”

    Only the Templar Jesuit Switzerland and the Vatican city have square flags

    Most who have commented on this charter only emphasize the payments due the Pope and the Roman Church. What should be emphasized is the fact that King John broke the terms of this charter by signing the Magna Carta on June 15, 1215. Remember; the penalty for breaking the 1213 agreement was the loss of the Crown (right to the kingdom) to the Pope and his Roman Church. It says so quite plainly. To formally and lawfully take the Crown from the royal monarchs of England by an act of declaration, on August 24, 1215, Pope Innocent III annulled the Magna Carta; later in the year, he placed an Interdict (prohibition) on the entire British empire. From that time until today, the English monarchy and the entire British Crown belonged to the Pope.

    By swearing to the 1213 Charter in fealty, King John declared that the British-English Crown and its possessions at that time, including all future possessions, estates, trusts, charters, letters patent, and land, were forever bound to the Pope and the Roman Church, the landlord. Some five hundred years later, the New England Colonies in America became a part of the Crown as a possession and trust named the “United States.”

    By agreeing to the Magna Carta, King John had broken the agreement terms of his fealty with Rome and the Pope.

    The Pope and his Roman Church control the Crown Temple because his Knights established it under his Orders. He who controls the gold controls the world.


    The Crown Temple Today

    The workings of the Crown Temple in this day and age is more so obvious, yet somewhat hidden. The Crown Templars have many names and many symbols to signify their private and unholy Temple. Take a close look at the one dollar $1 private Federal Reserve System (a Crown banking franchise) Debt Note.

    Notice in the base of the pyramid the Roman date MDCCLXXVI which is written in Roman numerals for the year 1776. The words ANNUIT COEPTIS NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM are Roman Latin for ANNOUNCING THE BIRTH OF THE NEW ORDER OF THE WORLD. 1776 signifies the birth of the New World Order under the Crown Temple. That’s when their American Crown Colonies became the chartered government called the United States, thanks to the Declaration of Independence. Since that date, the United Nations (another legal Crown Temple by charter) rose up and refers to every nation as a State member.

    Mystery Babylon Revealed

    There is no mystery behind the current abomination of Babylon for those who discern His Truth:

    “And on her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.” (Revelation 17:5)

    God has reserved His judgment for the great idolatress, Rome, the chief seat of all idolatry, that rules over many nations with whom the kings have committed to the worship of her idols. The Pope and His purported Church; sitting on the Temple throne at the Vatican; ruling the nations of the earth through the Crown Temple of ungodly deities are the Rule and Order of Babylon; the Crown of godlessness and the Code of commerce.

    One may call the Rule of the world today by many names: The New World Order (a Bush family favourite), the Third Way (spoken by Tony Blair and Bill Clinton), the Illuminati, Triad, Triangle, Trinity, Masonry, the United Nations, the EU, the US, or many dozens of other names. However, they all point to one origin and one beginning. We have traced this in history to the Crown Temple, the Temple Church circa 1200. Because the Pope created the Order of the Temple Knights (the Grand Wizards of deception) and established their mighty Temple Church in the sovereign City of London, it is the Pope and his Roman Capitols who control the world.

    “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet color, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication.” (Revelation 17:4)

    This verse appears to be an accurate description of the Pope and His Bishops for the past 1,700 years. The idolatries of commerce in the world: all the gold and silver; the iron and soft metals; the money and coins and riches of the world: All of these are under the control of the Crown Temple; the Roman King and his false Church; the throne of Babylon; attended to by his Templar Knights, the Wizards of abomination and idolatry.

    Where do we go from here?

    Now that their false Temple has been exposed, how does this apply to the Kingdom of Heaven? To reach the end, you must know the beginning. For everything ordained of God, there is an imitation ordained of evil that looks like the genuine thing. There is the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil.

    “The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sits.”(Revelation 17:9)

    The false Crown Temple and its Grand Wizard Knights have led the world to believe that they are of the Lord God and hold the knowledge and keys to His Kingdom. What they hold within their Temples are the opposite. They claim to be the “Holy Church,” but which holy church? The real one or the false one? Are the Pope and his Roman Church the Temple of God, or is this the unholy Temple of Babylon sitting upon the seven mountains?

    (The above text content is copied here due to its disappearance from the internet)