Golden Gate in the Golden State Part 3 – Water Control and the Occult

Updates added at the End. 

So far, we have learned that GOLD has played a very large part in the development of this area from the beginning.   We have also seen that using dams to aid in the mining process is something that has been historically practiced here.  

This first article relates to the Oroville spillway failure of 2017, and the resulting rebirth of the GOLD RUSH spirit.  

News Punch

Billions Of Dollars Of Gold To Be Unearthed Under Oroville Dam

Billions of dollars worth of gold about to be unearthed under Oroville dam
Billions of dollars worth of gold is being unearthed below the displaced Oroville dam spill, which authorities fear will spark a ‘gold rush’. 
Millions of cubic yards of “virgin soil” and bedrock are being displaced below the Oroville dam. The impressive amounts of earth being moved exceeds the amounts seen during the gold rush era of the 1800s in the same era. reports:

The area is heavily guarded, patrolled by several agencies, some have little to do with earth moving.

Several workers were fired for posting pictures of the spillway online.

The spillway is designed exactly like a giant sluice box.

Water will continue to destroy the mountainside and expose new earth well into summer 2017.

Gold will accumulate just downstream of the spillway in cracks and veins.

If the entire dam goes, billions of dollars of gold will be unearthed.

Oroville Lake is the site of the submerged gold mine of Bidwell Bar, one of the first to begin the California Gold Rush. The native Maidu Indians were tricked into trading gold rocks for items of very little value. The MAURU-tanian King Juba of North Africa ruled over the port of OPHIR, where Solomon received his gold once every 3 years.

Oroville was originally named Ophir City, after the gold port of Solomon in North Africa. Yuba is the Berber pronunciation of King Juba, a North African Roman ruler, who was married to the daughter of Cleopatra.

Mount Ophir, further south, was the location of the very first Gold Coin Mint in California run by the Assayer, Humbert.

The 1851 Humbert $50 gold ingot was an ingot produced by Moffat and Company, under the direction of Augustus Humbert (U.S. Assayer of the treasury) [1] This “coin” while technically an ingot, was still used and unofficially considered currency. It was also the largest ingot produced during the California Gold Rush, weighing almost 2.5 oz. During the gold rush of 1849, the US Treasury department hired private companies to mint coins before they could properly set up a mint. The U.S. Treasury was much more practical and would often mint coins near the location of the precious metals used in the coins, however, this did not always happen overnight. Augustus Humbert, who was originally a watchmaker from NY, took a lifestyle change and moved out to California during the gold rush in 1850.[2] The U.S. Treasury had commissioned him to be an assayer. One of the first necessities was a mint to produce the octagonal ingots. The original mint, to be built, was for Moffat and Company was called the Mount Ophir Mint.[3] This was only a temporary mint before a real branch mint of the treasury could be built and commissioned into service. The ironic part is that despite Moffat and Company producing the $50 Dollar Ingots, they never had their mint mark, or name stamped on the gold. (Until the $10 gold coin produced in 1852)  Wikipedia

Is state-sponsored Freemason gold mining at the expense of taxpayer dollars and public safety now underway? The heavily guarded, media censored spillway, and stretches of river beneath it, may yield billions of dollars in GOLD as tons of rock and sediment have been dislodged from the mountainside. As soon as water levels subside this summer, let the new California gold rush begin!!! The state will most certainly pick clean the off-limits areas. But, you can bet that further downstream there will be gold to be had.

The videos below delve deeper into all the proof surrounding this very peculiar dam and its history!  VERY IMPORTANT, it is in 2 very short parts.  Listen to both of them.

Streamed live on Feb 25, 2017

Streamed live on Feb 25, 2017

Streamed live on Feb 21, 2017

Original name of Oroville is Orphir and the Oroville Spillway actually points back to the exact region in Africa to the Tomb of King Juba/Yuba and Cleopater Selene at Ophir.  Ophir means GOLD. First Authorized mint in California is in Mariposa County, at MT. OPHIR!  Incredible video,  I suggest you watch the entire thing!

LIVE | State Sponsored Pedophilia | History of Big Brother | Oroville Occult Dam Update  (Oroville update starts at minute 52:24)

Streamed live on Feb 23, 2017

The symbolic meaning of octagon deals with:

  • Regeneration
  • Totality
  • Infinity
  • Rebirth
  • Transition

The octagon is found in baptisteries (a Flood would be a symbolic Baptism)as a symbol representing eternal life as – likely because the number eight is symbolic of renewal.

We see further religious architectural connections when we recognize many sacred buildings (churches, temples, etc) were designed with octagonal structures supporting a dome on top.

This interplay between circle (dome) and square (found in the angular octagon) speaks of the transitional dance between earth and heaven.  The circle is symbolic of the heavens (also eternity/infinity) and the angularity of the square is symbolic of earthly presence.

This is an amazingly profound concept – one that many ancient orders were aware of (including the ever-symbolic Masons), and so took the time to design their places of worship with no symbolic detail unmissed.

An interesting side-note: The eighth step upon the sacred stairwayascending to the first heavens climbed by Muhammed lead to a sea of illumined angels in deep and focused meditation upon the highest of holies.  There’s a nice post about this topic on this blog here. 

I like looking at the symbolism of the octagon from a navigational standpoint.  Specifically, I like to imagine each point of the octagon as one among the four cardinal directions and the four intermediate points.




Streamed live on Feb 22, 2017


James Munder
Published on Jul 22, 2017
SOURCE: SFGATE ✔When asking seasoned miners about this year’s so-called gold rush in Northern California, it can be a challenge to obtain trustworthy information. ✔“People who are smart don’t advertise what they’ve found,” said Bob Van Camp, better known as “Digger Bob.” “If you’re finding nuggets in an area, you don’t tell anyone about it; I’ve made that mistake before.” ✔After all, if you’re a professional miner looking to make your fortune, it’s the nuggets you’re after. Flakes and dust are milquetoast – and altogether worthless – compared to heavy chunks of the shiny yellow stuff. ✔Northern California was pelted with record rainfall this winter, and miners predicted that once all the water washed away, gold would be left in its wake. It appears that their predictions are panning out.“Folks are finding more gold — ‘flood gold’ — than usual this year,” said Diana Clayton, president of the Shasta Miners & Prospectors Association, which owns seven claims throughout Northern California and boasts about 350 members. ✔“Many of our members have been mining for decades,” Clayton said. “They really know the area. And they know there’s been changes.”Bryant Shock, co-owner of Gold Prospecting Adventures in Jamestown, Calif., estimates that there’s been a quarter increase in professional miners heading up north – a sure sign of a legitimate gold rush, he says. ✔So too, Shock has seen bigger chunks of the mineral unearthed this season than in recent years, and not just near streams and rivers. Heavy rainfall triggers slides, he explained, which create cutouts in the hills and deposit small bits of gold in gulches and ravines. ✔“I’ve heard of people walking along, kicking the dirt and finding a piece of gold,” Clayton added. She said a Shasta Miner recently uncovered a nugget half the size of her pinkie finger – that’s a biggie. ✔Clayton wasn’t about to let SFGATE in on the location of the prized chunk – “That’s like asking fishermen where they found their best catch!” – but she did mention the prospects surrounding the Oroville Dam, where miners believe gold is buried in the bedrock and dirt washed away when the spillway flooded. ✔“There’s good gold in that gravel,” said professional miner Mike Abernathy definitively. ✔ Aspiring miners should take pause before heading to Oroville with a pan in their hand and visions of riches on their minds. The region surrounding the spillway is completely inaccessible to the public, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) vehemently refutes the treasure hunters’ chatter. The river channels affected by the flooding were extensively mined during the late 19th and 20th centuries, and having high flood waters would not expose additional gold,” a BLM spokesperson told SFGATE over email. ✔Nonetheless, a miner can dream — that’s what this gold hunting business is all about anyway. Odds of making a fortune in the goldfields of California are slim-to-none, but that’s not really the point. ✔Said Clayton, “It’s about having fun and maybe getting lucky.”


 Reservoirs Above Oroville Dam ~ Overview by Millie Kay 5/14/19 (See below video for corrections)

NOTES/CORRECTIONS/ADDITIONAL INFO FOR THE ABOVE VIDEO *** When I mentioned the inflows for the flood events of 1997 and 2017, I estimated that inflows to the Oroville Reservoir had been over 250,000 CFS. Actual data is: 1/1/97 ~ Inflows 274,267 CFS 2/9/17 ~ Inflows 190,435 CFS The CDEC pages for the info are at:… AND…* * * * * * * * MORE * * * * * * * * In this video I said that to my knowledge there were no hydropower plants up on the West Branch. One of my viewers (thanks Gary!) stopped by with the following comment: “The West Branch of the Feather does have diversion dams for the many flumes in the area. The West Branch starts at Coon Hollow and below that is the first seasonal reservoir called Snag Lake. It is always a good laugh when you see people fishing there. There is a powerhouse at Nelson Bar that is getting its water from Kunkle Reservoir which is flume fed from West Branch. So actually there is a powerhouse for the West Branch.”

SO, if all that water comes pouring down, it is likely headed right for Sacramento and the Golden Gate Bridge.  Sacramento, an interesting name for a town.  IF they are preparing to sacrifice all those thousands of people in a MAJOR FLOOD, that would truly be a Sacrament unto their god(s).  Very apropos.

Sacramento California
NOTE THE “TWIN” GOLDEN TOWERS One passes through to enter Sacramento


California city, settled 1839, named for its river (1808), from Spanish sacramento, in honor of the Holy Sacrament (see sacrament).
Like many cities in California, Sacramento’s name is Spanish. Sacramento translates to Sacrament in English. A sacrament is a religious ceremony or ritual, such as a baptism, held to be a means of divine grace or to be a sign or symbol of a spiritual reality, according to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary.Sep 24, 2022


sacrament (n.)

“outward and visible sign of inward and spiritual grace,” also “the eucharist,” c. 1200, from Old French sacrament “consecration; mystery” (12c., Modern French sacrement) and directly from Latin sacramentum “a consecrating” (also source of Spanish sacramento, German Sakrament, etc.), from sacrare “to consecrate” (see sacred); a Church Latin loan-translation of Greek mysterion (see mystery).Meaning “a holy mystery” in English is from late 14c. The seven sacraments are baptism, penance, confirmation, holy orders, the Eucharist, matrimony, and anointing of the sick (extreme unction).
Note the Pyramid or Ziggurat structure at the intersection of the American River and the Sacramento River

Sacramento, California

Sacramento is the capital city of the U.S. state of California and the seat of Sacramento County. Located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River in Northern California‘s Sacramento Valley, Sacramento’s estimated 2018 population of 501,334 makes it the sixth-largest city in California and the ninth largest capital in the United States.[11][12] Sacramento is the seat of the California Legislature and the Governor of California, making it the state’s political center and a hub for lobbying and think tanks. Sacramento is also the cultural and economic core of the Sacramento metropolitan area, which had 2010 population of 2,414,783,[10] making it the fifth largest in California.[13]

Helvetia  –
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  (New Helvetia was the original name of what is now known as Sacramento)
Helvetia (/hɛlˈvʃə/)[1] is the female national personification of Switzerland, officially Confœderatio Helvetica, the Swiss Confederation.

The allegory is typically pictured in a flowing gown, with a spear and a shield emblazoned with the Swiss flag, and commonly with braided hair, commonly with a wreath as a symbol of confederation. The name is a derivation of the ethnonym Helvetii, the name of the Gaulish tribe inhabiting the Swiss Plateau prior to the Roman conquest.
The fashion of depicting the Swiss Confederacy in terms of female allegories arises in the 17th century. This replaces an earlier convention, popular in the 1580s, of representing Switzerland as a bull (Schweizer Stier).

In Swiss history, the Helvetic Republic (1798–1803) represented an early attempt to impose a central authority over Switzerland, which until then had consisted of self-governing cantons united by a loose military alliance (and ruling over subject territories such as Vaud).

The French invaded Switzerland and turned it into an ally known as the “Helvetic Republic”. The interference with localism and traditional liberties was deeply resented, although some modernizing reforms took place.[1][2] Resistance was strongest in the more traditional Catholic bastions, with armed uprisings breaking out in spring 1798 in the central part of Switzerland. The French Army suppressed the uprisings, but support for revolutionary ideals steadily declined, as the Swiss resented their loss of local democracy, the new taxes, the centralization, and the hostility to religion. Nonetheless, there were long-term impacts.[3]

The Republic being named Helvetic after the Helvetii, the Gaulish inhabitants of the Swiss Plateau in antiquity, was not an innovation; rather, the Swiss Confederacy had occasionally been dubbed Republica Helvetiorum in humanist Latin since the 17th century, and Helvetia, the Swiss national personification, made her first appearance in 1672.

The Helvetic republic is part of the elite ruling class and related to the Knights Templars, the Swiss control of Banking.  Watch the following video for more details.

The Knights Templars Are Alive And Well!

Sacramento: History

Gold Rush Begins in Sacramento

The Sacramento area was originally inhabited by the Nisenan, a branch of the Maidu, who lived in the valley for 10,000 years before white settlers arrived. Spanish soldiers from Mission San Jose, under the command of Lieutenant Gabriel Morago, discovered the Sacramento and American rivers in 1808. The area was not settled until 1839. That year, with the permission of Mexico, Captain John Sutter, a Swiss immigrant who had fled his homeland to escape debtor’s prison, built a settlement on 76 acres and called it New Helvetia, after his homeland. He built a fort called Sutter’s Fort (which has been restored and can still be seen today). Sutter also constructed a landing on the Sacramento River that he called the Embarcadero and contacted a millwright, James Marshall, to help build the settlement. It was Marshall who in 1848 discovered a gold nugget, thus precipitating the great California Gold Rush of 1849. Sutter’s Embarcadero became the gateway to the mines, but Sutter was financially ruined by the influx of newcomers from all over the world who trampled his settlement; even his employees left him to make their fortune. Sacramento, Spanish for “Holy Sacrament,” was originally the name of a nearby river that is now called the Feather River; in 1849 the name was taken for the town, which was incorporated in 1850. Sacramento was a rowdy place, full of successful miners who spent their money on gambling and dance halls. In its early days, the town encountered difficulties, with floods in 1849 and 1853 and a fire in 1852. But Sacramento survived to become the capital of California in 1854, paying the state $1 million for the honor.

Railroad Arrives; Agriculture Surpasses Gold Mining

In 1855 construction began on the Sacramento Valley Railroad, with the financial backing of shopkeepers known as the Big Four: Collis P. Huntington, Mark Hopkins, Charles Crocker, and Leland Stanford (after whom Stanford University is named). In 1856 Sacramento became the terminus of California’s first railroad. Then came the Pony Express and, in 1861, the transcontinental telegraph. The Central Pacific Railroad joined the east and west coasts in 1869, permitting Sacramento farmers to ship their produce to the east. The railroad also transformed what had been a six-month trip between the coasts to six days; in time it also superseded the river as a means of transportation. In another important change, agriculture eventually replaced the gold mines as the primary industry. Mather Field was established to prepare planes to fly to Europe during World War I; McClellan Air Force Base was established in 1937 and was an important base of operations during World War II. These military installations drew a large influx of people into the area, many of whom stayed after World War II and spurred the development of the private sector. The first suburban shopping mall in the United States was established in North Sacramento in 1945. Like many cities in the United States, downtown Sacramento had fallen into decay by the 1950s, since most of the moneyed population had moved to the suburbs. The city eventually experienced a resurgence, marked by the redevelopment of the downtown area, with the city’s historical sections being preserved and restored. Sutter’s Embarcadero, for instance, now houses shops and restaurants. Sacramento’s redevelopment has been acclaimed as one of the most successful in the United States. Today’s Sacramento is experiencing further growth; population within the six-county Sacramento Region increased by 20 percent between 1990 and 2000. The city’s economic growth, livability, and comparatively low cost of living has made it one of California’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas. Historical Information: Sacramento Room, Sacramento Public Library, 828 I Street, Sacramento, CA 95814-3576; telephone (916)264-2700
Read more:

The Mother Orange Tree.jpg
The Mother Orange Tree

Mother Orange Tree

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 

The Mother Orange Tree is the oldest living orange tree in Northern California. The California Historical Landmark is currently located at 400 Glen Drive in Oroville, California.[1]


Originally planted in Bidwell’s Bar near the Bidwell Bar Bridge, the tree is Mediterranean sweet orange Citrus × sinensis cultivar. The citrus rootstock was brought from MazatlánMexico on a shipping vessel. The two-year-old orange tree, which was a novelty in Northern California at the time, was purchased in 1856 by Judge Joseph Lewis in the city of Sacramento and planted at the western approach to the bridge.

As the years passed and the tree flourished, growing to a height of over 60 feet (18 m), it was a favorite attraction of miners. They would sample its fruit and save seeds to plant in the dooryards of their cabins. On average, it yielded about 600 pounds (273 kg) of oranges that ripened between February and May each year.


The tree has been transplanted twice: once in 1862 to avoid flooding of the Feather River; and a second time in 1964 during the construction of Oroville Dam when it was moved to the California State Park Headquarters in Oroville. James Edward Huse, a crane operator with Bigge construction was chosen to move the Mother Orange in 1964 due to his ancestors involvement in transporting the tree originally. The tree’s survival proved that the citrus industry could thrive in the colder climate of Northern California, encouraging many people to grow oranges in the area around Oroville, although the vast majority produced in the region are of the navel orange variety instead.

Recent events

In 1998, a severe frost struck and the tree stopped bearing fruit for a number of years. As a result of the frost, decay fungus entered the trunk and hollowed it out. To ensure preservation of the tree, propagation experts at the University of California, Riverside successfully cloned the tree in 2003 and three clones were brought to Oroville for planting. The tree has since resumed fruit production.

The California Historical Landmark commemorative plaque for the bridge may be found near the tree.

Whatever they are up to, it is certainly not good.  Whether they are creating the flood to access the GOLD or to depopulate the area for Agenda 20 30, or to offer a huge sacrifice to the gods in return for Greater Power… or for any combination of those things, it doesn’t matter.  Those thousands of people will die and it will be no accident, no act of GOD.  Listen closely to this last video, before you decide what you think of all this.  IF you have not already concluded that there is something spiritually evil going on here, this video ought to help you get to that point.


  • Beyoncé Grammy 2017 Ritual: Beyonce Channels Goddess of Water

    THE PHASER | February 14, 2017

    Beyoncé Grammy 2017 Ritual: Beyonce Channels Goddess of Water

    from FaceLikeTheSun: Beyoncé Grammy 2017 Ritual: Beyonce Channels Goddess of Water while #OrovilleDam Floods VIDEO: Beyoncé performs what entertainment…

    Appropriately clad in GOLD as she symbolically moves through the water.


    10:41 AM · Feb 3, 2017·TweetDeck

The Coming Water Ritual Sacrifice at Oroville DAM, Butt County

Published on May 22, 2019

Symbolic Factors found to be related to this:
Regional Area/Current Issue/ Possible Disastrous Event

Mengele Angel of Death
Angel Island –  Fallen Angel(s)
International Orange –  CERN the ORANGE House of Death – Mother Orange Tree first Orange tree in California – 3 clones made from it and one is at Oroville.
SeleneGreek Goddess Personification of the Moon
Cleopatra Selene II  –  Daughter of Mark Anthony and Cleopatra – One of two twins born on CHRISTMAS DAY!  Married to King Juba II
Juba II of Mauretania – (Juba = Yuba) Africa – Husband of Cleopatra Selene daughter of Cleopatra
FOGthat most often covers the Golden Gate Strait hiding the bay.  – FOG symbolic of the OCCULT, Mystery, Hidden Secrets, and DEATH)
OPHIR –  on the same parrallel as the GOLDEN GATE area and Oroville Dam – Ophir known for its GOLD and other riches.  Connected to Solomon and Hiram Abiff of Freemasonry.
Ayalawe don’t yet know the full truth about this name – but at least in connection with the Oroville Dam story it is connected with a famous city of GOLD.
Pedophiliain symbolism and Project Paper Clip – Cloning
Octagon – symbol of baptism, renewal, rebirth, transition, infinity, Totality or Singularity!
SACRAMENTO TWIN GOLDEN TOWERS –  Ties to “Twinning/Cloning and GOLD as well as the Sacrament or Holy Mystery 
ANCIENT EGYPT – ties to Ancient Egypt through symbology, names and through geographical locations.

Horus of Gold – G8  – Also known as the Golden Horus Name, this form of the pharaoh’s name typically featured the image of a Horus falcon perched above or beside the hieroglyph for gold.

The meaning of this particular title has been disputed. One belief is that it represents the triumph of Horus over his uncle Seth, as the symbol for gold can be taken to mean that Horus was “superior to his foes”. Gold also was strongly associated in the ancient Egyptian mind with eternity, so this may have been intended to convey the pharaoh’s eternal Horus name.

Helvetica – the first name of Sacramento – is related to the Swiss Freemason/Templar/Elite banking families.  Also related to blood sacrifice and pedophilia.  

Oranges –  Cloning

Freemasonry –  Ties to the freemason through historical figure, symbology, structures and numerology

Update 7/27/19

PREMIERE: The Golden Gate Bridge to the 5th Age

Premiered 93 minutes ago    (Click the link to watch the video) 
If you are currently feeling overwhelmed by all this information and what it means… I am with you.  The more we dig into the truth the more we realize we don’t know anything.  It becomes very evident that there is indeed an underlying conspiracy so vast it is beyond comprehension.  It spreads across the entire history of the Earth and touches every aspect of life.  That is why it is so hard for people to wrap their heads around and why it is so overpowering that it frightens people.  Most folks just don’t have the fortitude to forge ahead and battle through the lies and coverups.  But, be of good courage, this is the time that TRUTH is being revealed.  When you get weary, take a break, but do not give up the search.  Your efforts will be well rewarded.