“What if they gave a war and nobody came?”  That is a phrase that has been batted around off and on since the war protests of the 1970’s.  You know the hippie era, peace, free love, rock ‘n roll and prolific drug days.

At the time it was kind of used tongue in cheek, but still meant from the heart because people just did not believe that war was the answer to any question. But, war was all around us and constantly on the news.

War has changed a lot since then, and  seems to NEVER go away these days.  Everyone is tired of Wars, rumors of Wars and the threat of WAR.

Sadly, we are coming into the time of the biggest, most destructive wars of all time, WWIII and the Battle of Armageddon aka the Apocalypse.  There is a coming massacre that is beyond belief bringing heartbreak and suffering, violence and death to the whole world.

For the first time, the USA will see WAR on our turf.  Something Americans have never known.  They don’t have a clue what that is like or how to prepare for it, if that were even possible.

Our military is in the worst shape it has ever been and most of our fighting men are on distant shores, spread out across the Earth.  At the same time, nations have developed the technical ability to reach our cities with weapons of mass destruction.  At the same time, we now have millions of foreign fighting aged men from the countries that call us their enemies right here inside our borders, being supported by taxpayer money.

There will be no escaping what is coming and we are not able to face the battle.  It will be a rude awakening.

We are closer to WWIII than anyone realizes and our government is looking to raise up a military to fill the need.

But, no one wants to go…

I don’t know why they are surprised that there is a different attitude toward serving our country.  They have stripped us of our rights, gave away our Social Security and all our tax money to foreigners.  They took away our history and all the things that we cherished.  They filled our land with foreigners and took away our Christian heritage.  They told us we had to think globally and not nationally and demanded we stop honoring the flag and thinking of our nations first.  They call the patriots in our country terrorists… and yet they want us to give our life’s blood cheerfully and willingly.

Not a chance.  But at the same time… we love our families, and our homes.  We love the GOD who has blessed us all these years.   When it comes down to it…  I know that there are many Americans who will give their last breath for our NATION!!  FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  FOR FREEDOM!!!



Gen Z Refuses The Military Draft