UPDATE ADDED 3/1/2023; UPDATE ADDED 3/23/23; Update Added 3/26/23 There is a lot that we do not know about what is going on at CERN.  Sadly, what is worse, is there is a lot that those working at CERN don’t know about what is going on there.  I understand that these folks have all been … Click Here to Read More

They Swore an Oath – Octagon

If you have never heard it before, the elite themselves claim to be direct descendants of the ancient gods/goddesses who are the Fallen Angels who corrupted all flesh. The Fallen Angels were the FIRST OATH TAKERS.  They banded together and took an oath to swear that they would keep to their agreement. Then their leader … Click Here to Read More


Tags: Shiva, RAMA, Cameraman, Ritual, Missing Woman, Internal Investigation, CERN, Security, Official Statements, Unanswered Questions, Police Involvement, Harmless Fun, Terrifying Work, Particle Physics, Occult, Mystical, Director General Fabiola Gianotti,  Maja Franziska Brandli, Human Sacrifice I would like to revisit the issue of the HUMAN SACRIFICE that took place at CERN.  It seems that society has … Click Here to Read More


Tags: Graphene, Triangulene, Galactic Structures, CERN,  Keys, Abyss, Gateway, Kill God, Mental Time Travel, Grid Cells, Neuroscience, Spatial cognition, Golden Age, Builders,  Carbon Temples, Brain Hacking, NOAH, Electric Fire In my research on Graphene Oxide, I came across this ladies blogs.  She has done some fantastic research and I found here posts very informative.  I … Click Here to Read More

DAVOS – World Economic Forum – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Photo Credit: The Economist We have put our faith and trust in leadership.  Leadership of our nations and the world.  We thought that the people we elected were actually making the decisions and taking action.  We were so wrong.  The people who make the decisions regarding our lives, our resources, our future, are not elected.  … Click Here to Read More

Honey Bees – Our Canary in the Coal Mine

The Death Of Bees Explained – Parasites, Poison and Humans Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell Jul 9, 2015 In 2015 the bees are still dying in masses. Which at first seems not very important until you realize that one third of all food humans consume would disappear with them. Millions could starve. The foes bees … Click Here to Read More

Temple of Baal – Part 7 – GATEWAYS

Originally Posted 09-04-2016, 06:57 AM –  Updated 2/27/19 GATEWAYS RESTORED  2/28/22 Most people today do not have any knowledge or understanding of the realm of the spirit.  This leaves us vulnerable to the strategies and attacks of Satan and his minions.  GOD put a veil between us and the spiritual beings.  However, that veil is … Click Here to Read More


Updated and Restored: 4/8/22;  RESTORED 10/12/23 Originally Posted 1/30/16; Updated 3/25/19; 2020-05-27; 8/7/21 Tags:  CERN, ALICE, ATLAS, PORTALS, Demonic Entities, Antimatter, World Destruction, Human Sacrifice, Shiva, Kahli Strange Stuff Happens Around CERN EERIE Video Captures STRANGE Event In Skies Over Large Hadron Collider Posted on January 7, 2016 by Sean There’s been much debate over the … Click Here to Read More

Do You Believe In Magick? Part 19 – CERN EXPERIMENTS

CERN EXPERIMENTS What kind of Magick are they working in Switzerland? Originally Posted 1/30/16; Updated 12/15/18 Experiments (information taken from the CERN website; videos and photos found online) A range of experiments at CERN investigate physics from cosmic rays to supersymmetry LHC experiments Seven experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) use detectors to analyse the myriad of … Click Here to Read More

Do You Believe In Magick? Part 17 – CERN

TAGS: KILLING GOD, TOTAL DESTRUCTION,  TOTAL MASTERY, Khali, SHIVA, CERN, DEMONIC FORCES, TIME TRAVEL, LHC Location, PORTALS IMPORTANT UPDATES AND RESTORATION 8/6/21 Originally Posted 1/30/16; Updated 1/28/19; Restored 5/27/20; Restored 8/6/2021 CERN Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN – DEMONIC PORTAL, LARGE HADRON COLLIDER OR DIMENSIONAL STARGATE ?  The following article … Click Here to Read More