Dear guests, readers, friends and family in Christ,  I just wanted to give you a heads up on what is happening with my son and I right now.  Moving cross country is a major undertaking for anyone and colossal for an elderly woman and a handicapped son.  Thank GOD for a very kind friend who has done amazingly above and beyond to assist us.

Still there is so much to be done.  My body is not happy.  The physical labor involved has taken a toll on me.  My arms and legs are rebelling.  My knees and ankles have had it.

Please pray for me.  We have so much left to do.  The apartment we are in is only a small one bedroom and we have to cram my things and my son’s things into it, until a handicapped apartment comes open for him.  I am overwhelmed with the task.  Pray for my strength, for wisdom and organizational skills to make this work.  It has to be done and look acceptable for inspection on April 4.    PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!  Please!

Meanwhile we have to find insurance and a doctor for my son so he can get his supplies and medications.

I know God has everything under control… but though my spirit and heart are willing… my flesh is really giving me a hard time.

We finally got internet. I promise to get back to regular posting once the dust settles.  I love you all.  You are in my daily prayers.

Be well, be safe and BE BLESSED!