Tags: Graphene, Triangulene, Galactic Structures, CERN,  Keys, Abyss, Gateway, Kill God, Mental Time Travel, Grid Cells, Neuroscience, Spatial cognition, Golden Age, Builders,  Carbon Temples, Brain Hacking, NOAH, Electric Fire In my research on Graphene Oxide, I came across this ladies blogs.  She has done some fantastic research and I found here posts very informative.  I … Click Here to Read More

AI GOD – Part 4 – A DEEPER Understanding

We live in perilous times.  There is so much that is working against us.  It seems at times that the enemy is winning.  But, WE KNOW that GOD is in Control.  He warned us about all that was coming.  So we can take great comfort in knowing.  I am convinced that we are not suffering … Click Here to Read More