Tags: Bitcoin, Blockchain, WEF, Graphene, Taxes, Totalitarian, Beast System, CRYPTOCURRENCY, Digital Currency, SYNTHS, Holograms, NFT,  Slavery, Hitler Here is another aspect of the Graphene.  Also, another aspect of TOTAL CONTROL.   Here are all the posts in this series: G.O.- GRAPENE OXIDE G.O. – GRAPHENE OXIDE Part 2 G.O. – GRAPHENE OXIDE PART 3 What you … Click Here to Read More

Satoshi? – Bitcoin

Unless you are familiar with the new form of money, you probably had no idea what this article is about.   Satoshi is connected to BITCOIN.  Now, I am not a money expert by any stretch of the imagination.  This is not a topic I would have chosen for myself.  I hate technology and what it … Click Here to Read More

DAVOS – World Economic Forum – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Photo Credit: The Economist We have put our faith and trust in leadership.  Leadership of our nations and the world.  We thought that the people we elected were actually making the decisions and taking action.  We were so wrong.  The people who make the decisions regarding our lives, our resources, our future, are not elected.  … Click Here to Read More