In today’s economy so many people are feeling the pinch at the grocery store.  Many of those who are fortunate to have a little piece of land have taken to backyard gardening to help stretch their grocery budget.  Many people are sharing with their neighbors, some are even selling some of their harvest to bolster … Click Here to Read More

Farmers Protest WORLDWIDE

The Globalists are closing in on ALL FARMS and RANCHES!  They are forcing them off of their land and out of business.  Shutting down ALL NATURAL FOOD SOURCES.  They want everyone eating their artificial food.  Whether that be modified vegetables and fruits, or artificial meet, or alternative “foods” like bugs, man made “plastic” food, or … Click Here to Read More


I have been telling people for years that the USA is the ROMAN EMPIRE.  Most people think we are Babylon…but there is a real Babylon that will fall as foretold in the Bible. Everything about the USA is ROMAN, our language, our laws, our government, our political structure, our holidays, our calendar, our numbering system.  … Click Here to Read More

Great Reset – Can You Feel It Yet?

You may have missed the announcement that the GREAT RESET has already begun.  There was no call for a vote, there was no opportunity for a vote.  IT JUST WAS CALLED!  By the World Economic Forum, a group of wealthy, disassociated, narcissist’s who have appointed themselves the only ones worthy to make decisions regarding how … Click Here to Read More

DAVOS – World Economic Forum – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Photo Credit: The Economist We have put our faith and trust in leadership.  Leadership of our nations and the world.  We thought that the people we elected were actually making the decisions and taking action.  We were so wrong.  The people who make the decisions regarding our lives, our resources, our future, are not elected.  … Click Here to Read More