FRANCIS creating 7,000 Greta Thunbergs!

I have to say that when I heard this story, I WAS APPALLED!  Indignation would not allow me to rest until I got this post up. If you are familiar with Great Thunberg, you understand that she is tool in the hands of the globalist and their Climate Change Agenda to take control of the … Click Here to Read More

Farmers Protest WORLDWIDE

The Globalists are closing in on ALL FARMS and RANCHES!  They are forcing them off of their land and out of business.  Shutting down ALL NATURAL FOOD SOURCES.  They want everyone eating their artificial food.  Whether that be modified vegetables and fruits, or artificial meet, or alternative “foods” like bugs, man made “plastic” food, or … Click Here to Read More

Here it is – Clearly Laid Out for YOU

When God first inaugurated my mission and plunged me into this crazy endeavor of uncovering and sharing TRUTH with a lost world, there was not much available information and not many people sharing the truth.  It was difficult to find evidence of all the things that God was revealing to me.  Without evidence to present, … Click Here to Read More

WHAT?? WEF to Fact Check the BIBLE?

That is right folks!  According to the WEF the bible is loaded with misinformation and untruths which need to be corrected.  The bible is out of date and out of step with modern society and needs to be UDATED.  Who better to FACT CHECK they Bible than AI?? “We are almost like gods.” Israeli author … Click Here to Read More

WEF 2023 – GO SNOW

Scientists are They are heating up our atmosphere deliberately using lasers, microwaves, radio waves, fusion, fission, electromagnetic waves and mirrors in space.  They already have been telling us for years that they can control the weather.  Many countries have been doing it for years and there are companies/corporations that sell the service and/or the supplies … Click Here to Read More


PHOTO CREDIT:BILL GATES & MICROSOFT OWN PATENT #060606 MARK OF THE BEAST BILL GATES is always crying about those who are critical of him.  He actually wanted criticism of him to be declared illegal.  There are a lot of very powerful forces behind him and everything that he is doing.  They are doing a great … Click Here to Read More