FRANCIS creating 7,000 Greta Thunbergs!

I have to say that when I heard this story, I WAS APPALLED!  Indignation would not allow me to rest until I got this post up.

If you are familiar with Great Thunberg, you understand that she is tool in the hands of the globalist and their Climate Change Agenda to take control of the World.  Bless her heart she has been terrorized by the fear mongering of the Globalists.  She has been used as a spokesperson for Climate Change and been traveling the Earth spreading her fears and anxieties, stirring up other young people and building an army of Climate Change youths.

Apparently, her efforts have not been successful enough for the Globalists.  Now, the UN puppet Pope is stepping in and adding his influence to the effort.  He has planted the globalist ideologies and convictions into the minds of 7,000 children from multiple countries.  Certainly in the hopes that they will spread what they received with their family and friends.

I am livid!!  FEAR is their game.  It is bad enough that adults have to deal with their constant bombardment of fear mongering.  Adults are hopefully mature enough and experienced enough to filter their propaganda and formulate their own opinions, beliefs and responses.   CHILDREN SHOULD BE PROTECTED from those who would fill their hearts and minds with fears, doubts, and anxieties they are unable to handle.

It is so unfair to cause the children to feel that the future of their world rests in their own hands.  It is a lie, straight from HELL.

I beg you please to PRAY FOR THE CHILDREN!!  EVERYDAY!!  Pray that GOD will protect them and provide for them.  Pray that He will rip them out of the hands of ANYONE who would do them harm.  Pray that GOD himself will TEACH the children.  His Word says that our children will be taught of the LORD.  That is my prayer.  Because truly there is NO ONE on EARTH qualified to teach them about HIM.  This world is so lost and deceived.


Gigantic flare-up of the ‘Climate Change’ hoax.

Propagandists are warning that Earth has already passed the line of ‘No Return’ in creating a dead planet.

NEWS BRIEF: “Oops, Scientists May Have Miscalculated Our Global Warming Timeline:
Earth is running out of time’, MSN News, Feb 18, 2024

“Whatever your stance is on climate change (it’s real, let’s move on), it’s impossible to have missed the near-ubiquitous call to action to ‘keep temperatures from exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels’.”

In a discussion like this one, we should not be surprised to learn that lies are being told in the very first paragraph. For example:

1) Climate Change is not real –– Dr. Faulkner, “Climate Change or Mind Control? – Manipulating the Data”)

2) The temperatures to set as a guideline by which scientists can determine what the danger level was set at ‘1.5 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels’ is bogus because equipment did not exist at that time to make an accurate estimate,

But, to say that Earth has already passed “the level of existence” is to raise an alarm both unwise and unnecessary.

Mankind then abruptly panics, allowing governments to strip away rights, safeties, and a sense of dependability.

NEWS BRIEF: ” Climate Anxiety’ Can Feel Like ‘There’s No Safe Harbor’ ,” Climate Depot, Feb 18, 2024

“Tears, sobbing, & ‘climate grief’ is an actual thing for activists.”

This type of reaction to a false report is exactly what government authorities are hoping to achieve. ‘It’s this feeling where it suddenly clicks. I completely understand the scale of this issue. God, we’ve wasted a lot of time’, he says.”

“In 2013, she found herself crying in the office and at the dinner table after reading an article about coral bleaching.”

Today first and second graders are now suffering deep depression because they are being burdened by useless worries. Protect your children from unbiblical concerns like Global Climate Change



This first video is where I discovered what the Francis did to the children.  


Featured ImagePope Francis surrounded by children at the Paul VI Audience Hall. November 6, 2023YouTube screenshot

VATICAN CITY (LifeSiteNews) –– Welcoming thousands of children to the Vatican on Monday, Pope Francis fielded selected questions and heavily focused on imparting his support for “climate change” talking points to them. 

In a meeting organized by the Vatican’s Dicastery for Culture and Education, Pope Francis hosted around 7,000 children in the Paul VI Audience Hall for an encounter on the theme “Let’s Learn from Boys and Girls.”

So, he brought all these children to his HALL of Horror, to instill the fear of the forces of EVIL.  HIS territory, where SATAN reigns Supreme and the powers of Darkness are fed on a regular basis.  Below you will find the visuals that surrounded these children during their visit with arguably the most powerful man on earth today, and thus a very intimidating authority figure. For those who believe he is the VICAR of Christ and speaks for GOD, this holds great weight.  Most of these children have not lived long enough to know better.  

The pinnacle of the event was Francis’ presence in the Audience Hall with the children, where he fielded a series of pre-approved questions, and read back his answers. Yet while the event was themed “Let’s Learn from Boys and Girls,” the prominent theme was Pope Francis’ devotion to promoting the “climate change” agenda. 

Of the 14 questions posed to the Pope by children from around the world, four were specifically devoted to discussing the environment. Other questions focused on the continuing conflicts in various countries across the globe.   

Right, so if Climate Change isn’t scarey enough, let’s be sure to remind them how dangerous the world is due to wars and rumors of wars. Just for good measure.  After all, fear is fear.  BUT GOD, says “FEAR YE NOT!”

The questions ranged from how can children “save the Earth” to why the weather is hot, along with what appeared to be essentially a springboard question for the Pope to expand on his theme – “Are you concerned about the environment?”

Questioned about if he believed “children can save the earth,” Pope Francis replied: 

Yes, because you are simple and you understand that to destroy the Earth is to destroy us. We must guard the Earth: Do you understand this? If you destroy the Earth, you destroy yourself.

Are you kidding me??? Nothing like laying the weight of the World on their little shoulders.  It is a lie that adults can save the Earth.  Children are powerless to do anything about it.  To fill their hearts and minds with the belief that they are responsible for such a monumental task is heartless, cruel and sadistic.  Yes, of course we as parents need to instill in our children love and respect for the beautiful world God created.   THIS GOES WAY BEYOND THAT!

Francis punctuated the meeting, and his answers, with repeatable slogans for the children to chant along with him. “Let’s say it all together, slowly, without shouting, ‘to destroy the Earth is to destroy us.’”

He expanded on this slogan, stating that “because the Earth gives us everything to live: It gives you oxygen, it gives you water, it gives you herbs, it helps you so much to live.” 

If we destroy the Earth, we destroy us. All together: he who destroys the Earth, destroys us. All together: to destroy the Earth is to destroy us. Thank you!

WOW… if this man were a representative of the CREATOR on this Earth, He should be teaching the children that GOD supplies all that we need.  He gives us oxygen, water, herbs, and EVERYTHING that we need to live.  He provides for us and protects us and WE CAN TRUST IN HIM.   He is teaching them to worship the creation instead of the CREATOR!!  And, at the same time making THEM RESPONSIBLE for the creation.  SO TWISTED!!

Stating that “we have to learn to guard creation, to guard nature and not to soil nature,” Francis instigated another repeated climate slogan chant in the Audience Hall: “Together: ‘guarding nature.’”

When the time came for what was likely one of the Pope’s favorite questions, Francis did not fail to deliver – yet again – with the environmental talking points. “Are you concerned about the environment,” the organizers arranged for a young girl from Samoa Tonga to ask.

“I am very concerned, because nature is being ruined,” the Pope replied before presenting anecdotes regarding the polar ice caps and sea levels. 

Think that at the North Pole now the ice has melted and you can sail. Think that at the South Pole a mass of 200 km squared of ice has fallen because the Earth is getting warmer. Think that the seas are rising and coming into the Earth; think that the fish in the sea are ruined because we throw so many things into the sea. That’s why I am concerned about nature. All of us have to be concerned about nature, and we have to help.“I am concerned about nature, and you must also be concerned about nature,” he added.

With children gathered from 84 countries, the questions approved by the Papal household for the Pope to answer also included aspects related to ongoing wars, efforts to effect peace, Pope Francis’ friends and personal life. 

But notably absent from the selected questions were any pertaining to the Catholic faith or efforts intended to catechize the assembled children. A short mention was made of prayer at the start of the Pope’s meeting, when to close his remarks about the importance of young witness on matters such as “climate change, hunger, war, poverty, he stated: 

Our Lady will help you. I recommend: always pray to Our Lady! Do you pray to Our Lady? Do you pray to Our Lady? That’s it, always, don’t stop. And pray for me, too. Thank you.

Not pray to Father God or Jesus Christ/Yahushua Ha Mashiach who is the only intercessor between us and Father GOD.  But, to Mary, who is dead, and was only a mere human being.  She is not the MOTHER of GOD, she is only the vessel that God chose to incarnate his son.  She had no power when she was living, and she has NO POWER now.

As part of the occasion, San Paolo publishers – whose store is based on the road leading up to the Vatican – published a book entitled “The Children’s Encyclical. Re-educating the world of adults. Penning the preface for the work, Pope Francis again focused on ecological issues.

A book for children titled RE-EDUCATING THE WORLD OF ADULTS ??  Boy if that doesn’t set the children up for a life of REBELLION.   Totally against the WILL of GOD!!  

Ephesians 6:1-3
Children, obey your parents in the Lord: for this is right. Honour thy father and mother; which is the first commandment with promise; that it may be well with thee, and thou mayest live long on the earth.

Dear children, I embrace you, and know that your Pope and ‘grandfather’ will do everything so that you may live in a more beautiful and good world,” Francis wrote. 

First of all the Word of God says call ye no man “FATHER”.  Here he is taking on the role not only of Father but of Grandfather as well, and the ROLE OF GOD, as he claims that HE WILL DO EVERYTHING SO THAT THEY MAY LIVE IN A MORE BEAUTIFUL AND GOOD WORLD.”  GODs role. 

Moments before Pope Francis took center stage, the thousands of children gathered in the Audience Hall heard a live performance from the Italian rapper known as Mr. Rain. The singer had performed at the Vatican’s human fraternity day in June. 

READ: Pope Francis calls for obligatory global ‘climate change’ policies in new document ‘Laudate Deum’

The Pope’s focus on climate change issues is a consistent and recurring theme of the current pontificate. With the publication of his second environmentally themed document in early October, Laudate deum, that focus has become every more clear as the Pontiff called for international governments to ensure compliance with pro-abortion “climate change” agendas.  

Since then, Francis made the unprecedented step of announcing his participation at the COP28 United Nations climate change conference in early December, which is taking place in Dubai. 

He has been publicly critical of the fact that the temperature reduction goals of the pro-abortion Paris Agreement had not yet been met, and in light of this has described the upcoming COP28 event as a key event in human history.




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