FRANCIS creating 7,000 Greta Thunberg’s!

I have to say that when I heard this story, I WAS APPALLED!  Indignation would not allow me to rest until I got this post up. If you are familiar with Great Thunberg, you understand that she is tool in the hands of the globalist and their Climate Change Agenda to take control of the … Click Here to Read More

DAVOS 2024

This year’s DAVOS Summit was full of surprises, for the invitee, for the leaders, for us poor folk who get the info second hand. I am not really sure what the Elite fear most right now.  AI or rebellious masses who refuse to trust the science. You pesky humans!!  Why don’t you behave?  Every time … Click Here to Read More

Here it is – Clearly Laid Out for YOU

When God first inaugurated my mission and plunged me into this crazy endeavor of uncovering and sharing TRUTH with a lost world, there was not much available information and not many people sharing the truth.  It was difficult to find evidence of all the things that God was revealing to me.  Without evidence to present, … Click Here to Read More

WHAT?? WEF to Fact Check the BIBLE?

That is right folks!  According to the WEF the bible is loaded with misinformation and untruths which need to be corrected.  The bible is out of date and out of step with modern society and needs to be UDATED.  Who better to FACT CHECK they Bible than AI?? “We are almost like gods.” Israeli author … Click Here to Read More


Warming up the planet to melt the glaciers and flood the earth.  Satan playing God as usual.  Are they removing the CO2 to prepare us to live in the ocean? Satan created Dagon and worship of Marine entities.  He wants to convince humanity that they were created from the Ocean gods and NOT our Heavenly … Click Here to Read More


Seriously folks, are you listening to what they are blatantly declaring??  Do you think they are kidding?  I cannot believe they can state their justification for what they are doing with a straight face. You better believe that these people are SERIOUS about the Objectives.  Their completion date is just around the corner.  You should … Click Here to Read More


With all the amazingly ignorant and blasphemous remarks that flow out of the mouth of the one called “Pope” Francis I am flabbergasted that anyone gives him any credibility.  In fact, I am appalled that he continues to be exalted and adored by the masses.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why … Click Here to Read More

Mother Nature Makes an Appearance – To END ALL LIFE

Completely Restored and Updated 1/9/24 If you are still in the dark about who the elite serve and where their allegiance lies, the new Apple Commercial should set you straight.  While the elite and those who serve them have been continually bombarding us with the “dangers of religion” and criticizing, condemning and demeaning anyone who … Click Here to Read More