Warming up the planet to melt the glaciers and flood the earth.  Satan playing God as usual.  Are they removing the CO2 to prepare us to live in the ocean? Satan created Dagon and worship of Marine entities.  He wants to convince humanity that they were created from the Ocean gods and NOT our Heavenly … Click Here to Read More

What’s in the ALPS?

In this post, we are taking a closer, deeper look at the ALPS.  I believe you will be surprised by some of the things revealed here.  I know that I was really amazed. Now, you know the subject of the Ruling Elite and their meetings wherein the decide the fate of all of us is … Click Here to Read More


FULLY RESTORED 5/8/23 (Half of my post was missing) If I were not researching for my post, I would not have watched the Coronation.  Though it is a very significant event in our time.  If one were to take it all at just the face value, it could be seen as lovely, entertaining and heartwarming.  … Click Here to Read More


If you think that Entertainment is ever just about your fun, you are deadly mistaken.There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that DAYS OF NOAH: STUNNING NEW 112FT VISITOR ATTRACTION CALLED ‘THE GIANT’ USING ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY TO MAKE A 20-NATION TOUR IN 2021 June 9, 2021 Randolph Jason DAYS OF NOAH: … Click Here to Read More


The Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham is probably the most important ritual so far  I was not able to view a full version of the event myself, but I posted what I was able to glean from the parts of it I could view.  There is so much that has been revealed … Click Here to Read More

Scientists have Redefined Planets and Asteroids

Meteor Shower Captured While Asleep  – Jul 15, 2019 –   Caters Clips There has been quite an uptick lately, in sightings of falling stars, shooting stars, comets, asteroids, and various other lights in the sky.  We see almost regularly now, orbs in the skies, day or night. spacer Here is a cool video of meteors/falling … Click Here to Read More

Magic Sword of the Elite

More and more information, more and more revelation, more and more understanding is being poured out on God’s people everyday.  Things are happening very fast and we need this information.  We are walking in the GREAT DECEPTION.  Only those who harken to the voice of God will avoid falling under the spell of the Fallen.   … Click Here to Read More

You Won’t Believe This

Dear Friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It is a moment of rejoicing for the people of La Palma, who have been suffering so greatly over the past few months.  The Volcanos reign of terror seems to have come to a halt.  The can rest a little easier.  But, PLEASE, continue to PRAY for … Click Here to Read More

What you need to KNOW about Alien Bases

TAGS: DULCE BASE, ALIEN ENTITIES, ALIEN – US CONTRACTS, HYBRIDS, FOOD VATS, COVER UP, MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS,  SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS, LAB RATS, TORTURE, SOUL STEALING, CRYOGENICS, WALKINS, POSSESSION, Soul, Spirit, Hybrid Beings, Fallen Angels, Demonic Spirits, Genetic Engineering, Genetic Manipulation, Pope, Satan in the Vatican, Alien Agenda, When I first read about these things 35 to 40 … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED 3/4/22; 4/18/22 TAGS:  Giants, Hybrids, SEED, Endtimes, Bloodlines, Nephilim, Fallen Angels Thanks to all the fools and idiots around the world, especially those who call themselves “Scientists”, all who are CALLING IN/INVOKING the entities and inviting them into our realm, we are now seeing the manifestation of the same FALLEN ANGELS and their offspring … Click Here to Read More

Genetic Engineering – We WILL NO LONGER BE HUMAN

Photo Credit: QANON/ How much do you know about Genetic Engineering?  This is a topic that is affecting every area of your life everyday.  It is something you might want to look into, if you haven’t already.  Once you know what is happening in the areas of technology, you will begin to question everything. DISCLAIMER: … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED AND UPDATED: 08/30/2021 TAGS: LASER BEAMS, Infrared, DEW, Directed Energy Weapons, Wildfires, Fire Captains, Marjorie Taylor Green, Dutchsinse, FlameThrower Drones, Land Grab, Particle Beams, Wildlife Refuge, Engineered Weather This news article arrived in my inbox this morning.  My heart goes out to all those on the West Coast who are suffering under the burden … Click Here to Read More

Must be Something in the Water – Part 2 – Water REMEMBERS – Water and Spirituality – Restored

RESTORED: 3/25/22/ RESTORED: 4/30/23 Mayim Chayim  – Feb 11, 2014 – VavJMusic   – Adonai is the Living Water. HE is the Fountain of Life. Water, a great necessity and source of life.  Jesus is our source of :Living Water”.  He is the Mayim Hayim.  He promises that if we come to him we will thrist … Click Here to Read More

Do You Believe in Magic? Part 3 – What About Magicians?

  What about  Magicians? Originally posted by Cynthia Pawl, January 30, 2016; updated 8/2018/Updated 8/14/2019; Restored 4/5/22​ **ABRACADABRA** HOCUS POCUS ALLAKAZAM All About the word: Abracadabra find more here Magic Words Hocus-pocus   Short Documentary on: The Magic Land of   Allakazam Magic in entertainment is not really considered magic by the world. It is considered to … Click Here to Read More