From the Beginning.  THE SNAKE was there in the Garden, with his own version of TRUTH.  Cast out of the Garden, humans grew more and more sinful.  In time, they forgot the Garden and GOD.  They followed their own lusts and the enemy of their soul told them lies.  The fallen Angels taught them secret … Click Here to Read More


FULLY RESTORED 5/8/23 (Half of my post was missing) If I were not researching for my post, I would not have watched the Coronation.  Though it is a very significant event in our time.  If one were to take it all at just the face value, it could be seen as lovely, entertaining and heartwarming.  … Click Here to Read More


It really blessed my heart to see and hear all those young people (generation Z) singing praises to Our Heavenly Father.  Anyone who claims to know what is in the hearts of all those in attendance needs to repent.  Naturally, there are those in the crowd who are insincere or have ulterior motives, but all … Click Here to Read More

Christmas Star

This month you can watch Jupiter and Saturn as they make they move closer and closer together in the night sky.  On December 21, they will be at their closest point.  Many are saying that this is likely what happened at the time of Jesus birth and the star was really just Jupiter and Saturn … Click Here to Read More

OCCULT DAY USA? What The Hell???

It is that awful, horrendous, sadistic and demonic time of year again.  I hate the entire month of October!  From the end of September through November all you see on TV and in public is promotion of the demonic and Satanic.  I can’t wait for it to be over. This is a time of year … Click Here to Read More