With all the amazingly ignorant and blasphemous remarks that flow out of the mouth of the one called “Pope” Francis I am flabbergasted that anyone gives him any credibility.  In fact, I am appalled that he continues to be exalted and adored by the masses.  I can’t for the life of me figure out why … Click Here to Read More


FULLY RESTORED 5/8/23 (Half of my post was missing) If I were not researching for my post, I would not have watched the Coronation.  Though it is a very significant event in our time.  If one were to take it all at just the face value, it could be seen as lovely, entertaining and heartwarming.  … Click Here to Read More


It really is important to view this series in order.  The information revealed builds on itself, so that you cannot fully appreciate the posts individually.  Please view the entire Series from beginning to end.  The links are listed in order at the end of each post.  Thank you and God bless you.   In this part … Click Here to Read More

What is your Source for Doctrine? – Rapture Scam

NONE OF US knows how much time is left.  All the signs point to a very near end of all things.  Knowing this, would it not be prudent to take stock of ourselves.  Time to look seriously at what we believe and why we believe it.  This is not a time to let someone else … Click Here to Read More

Why Pirates and Mermaids – Part 11 – Trending Now MERMEN – Poseidon – DAGON

WOW!   I know there is a lot here to digest.  BUT, My GOODNESS this is a very enlightening bunch of information.  THIS is what the entire thing has been leading up to, the RETURN of DAGON!   If you watch symbols like I do, than you have been seeing a lot of them, and they will … Click Here to Read More