You Got me Going In Circles – OHHHH Round and Round I go.

UPDATE: Added 12/13/22 Like Circle in a Spiral; Like a Wheel within a Wheel; Never Ending or Beginning on an Ever Spinning Reel. There is a phenomenon occurring across the Earth, you may have heard about it.   I nearly shrugged it off, but upon research discovered it is deserving of recognition.  I decided to post … Click Here to Read More

Ready for the 3rd TEMPLE

Let me ask you a question: If the plan of REDEMPTION was God’s plan from the beginning (and it was) and as the Bible reveals in the book of Isaiah the Redeemer was to be crucified…  then there had to be a Rome, there had to be a Sanhedrin, there had to be a Pontius … Click Here to Read More

You Won’t Believe This

Dear Friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It is a moment of rejoicing for the people of La Palma, who have been suffering so greatly over the past few months.  The Volcanos reign of terror seems to have come to a halt.  The can rest a little easier.  But, PLEASE, continue to PRAY for … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: KABUL  Taliban, Clinging to the Plane, Falling from the sky, Noah’s Ark, US Air Force 1109, Left Behind, Feast of Trumpets, Jesus, EndTime Signs You may or may not have caught this story in the news recently.  Such a tragic event.  Clearly it demonstrates the instability of our world.  There is NOTHING you can … Click Here to Read More

2021 Restrainer Removal??

HE SAID WHAT?? That is pretty incredible.  With all that is happening today that confirms the time in which we find ourselves, that is just impossible to ignore.  I firmly believe that GOD is in control of all things and He is speaking to us now in the daily events.  Giving us plenty of warning, … Click Here to Read More

Quake UPDATE – March 11, 2021

People, it pains me to see so many people still asleep, still under the influence of the evil one and his minions.  Shake it off, wake-up, tell the demons of Hell they have no place with you.  Turn to the Heavenly Father and get ready for what is coming, because it is coming QUICKLY!  I … Click Here to Read More