Volcano Update and More – March 11, 2021

Though the Bible does not use the word Volcano, there are passages that refer to volcanic activity.  I am certain that the fact that there are increasing numbers of Volcanic Eruptions at increasing levels of intensity and magnitude, is more evidence of the times we are living.    Most people are probably not aware of … Click Here to Read More

Quake UPDATE – March 11, 2021

People, it pains me to see so many people still asleep, still under the influence of the evil one and his minions.  Shake it off, wake-up, tell the demons of Hell they have no place with you.  Turn to the Heavenly Father and get ready for what is coming, because it is coming QUICKLY!  I … Click Here to Read More


Well, the transition into the New Year has been a rather tumultuous one.  That does not bode well for the coming days. VOLCANOESANDEARTHQUAKES.com Interactive Map of Active Volcanoes and recent Earthquakes world-wide (volcanoesandearthquakes.com) Quake Watchers, The past three days the world has witnessed the highest number of DEEP quakes (42) that I can recall in over … Click Here to Read More

Volcano Updates

With the rapid increase in volcanic activity across the Earth, I felt it was time to give volcanoes their own article.  I am not going to be your best source for current volcanic activity of safety warnings.  I will post when I come across items that seem important from my point of view. Not only … Click Here to Read More


Earthquakes are not really weather so I felt that they needed their own Article.  I am not really into earthquakes and tracking them.  I will not post here often.  Earthquakes kind of happen suddenly and they are gone. But, if I see a pattern or some convincing evidence of a timely warning… I will let … Click Here to Read More