House of David

TAGS:  House of David, David’s Palace, Bethsaida, Fisherman, Cultic Shrine, BA’AL, God’s Promises, Savior, Jesus Christ, Seed, Covenant, Archeology, City Streets, Street Called Straight, Sign of Mammon, Holy Ghost, Crossroads, Marketplace, Commerce, Word of God, Truth, Jerusalem, City of David, rituals, Excavation, Return of Our Lord, Redemption, High Places, River Euphrates I came across a … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED 3/4/22; 4/18/22 TAGS:  Giants, Hybrids, SEED, Endtimes, Bloodlines, Nephilim, Fallen Angels Thanks to all the fools and idiots around the world, especially those who call themselves “Scientists”, all who are CALLING IN/INVOKING the entities and inviting them into our realm, we are now seeing the manifestation of the same FALLEN ANGELS and their offspring … Click Here to Read More