Continuing in our series on THE HUNT, in this post we will take a deep look at NIMROD, THE KING OF BABYLON and Builder of the TOWER. When God first got a hold of me and began to teach me HIS WORD, he showed me that everything goes back to NIMROD.  At that time, I … Click Here to Read More


This series will address some very critical topics related to your very near future.  In order to find our way through the future, we will be taking a trip all the way back to the beginning – GENESIS to discover the source, the origin of the Spiritual Battle/Warfare that has been raging throughout the millennia, … Click Here to Read More

Update 2/17/20 – Do You Believe In Magick? Part 25 – ALIEN AGENDA



Originally Posted 1/30/16; Updated 8/31/2018     

Certainly, we are all aware that there are plenty of things flying around up there that we cannot identify. The only thing we don’t know is what is real and what could be a hoax? Are they fallen angels manifested as space ships? Are they objects being projected onto the atmosphere full of chemtrails? Are they man-made ships from technology that has been developed, behind our backs, by brilliant scientists? or Are they man-made ships built with the assistance of unknown alien entities either ethereal or from some distant galaxy? Where is the truth? And who could we ever believe?

Click Here to Read MoreUpdate 2/17/20 – Do You Believe In Magick? Part 25 – ALIEN AGENDA