Aliens? Disclosure? Monoliths?

Back in the 50’s and 60’s, we did not have access to information on the “Alien Agenda”.   There really were no whistle blowers revealing any truth about what our government was up to.  In the late 70’s early 80’s  we started to hear about Aliens, government experimentation on the public, and underground bases.  There were a couple of EXTREMELY BRAVE and DEDICATED whistleblowers who came forward.  Phil Schneider and William Cooper.  Those brave men revealed so much truth and woke up a pretty decent portion of the populace.  Most people though, continued to buy the lies of the mainstream.  Even I found it difficult to accept a lot of what was coming to light.  It just sounded to bizarre to be true.  HOWEVER, after 40 years of research, I have found that TRUTH is MUCH STRANGER than fiction.

The ALIEN AGENDA is a very real plot by the world government.  There are no Aliens from outer space.  There are however demonic entities that are masquerading as space aliens.  Our government has been working with these entities since at least 1933.  If you are not aware of any of this, where have you been all these years?

As we are coming to the end, you can bet they are going to bring this “threat” to life again.  You already see evidence of that in the media.  As this is a WORLD AGENDA every President since Eisenhower has been fully briefed on this issue.

There have been millions of videos, articles and photos of alien vehicles, encounters, underground bases, and even confrontations in the air with our military.  There have been thousands of books on the subject.  There are hundreds of religions that sprung out of the phenomenon.

At the end of this post, you will find links to my articles related to it.  They are chuck full of documentation, articles, photos, and videos related to the issue from different angles.  PLEASE inform yourself.  For warned is fore armed.


UPDATE: 7/2321

VERY INTERESTING Audio Recording.   LISTEN.  I know it is long, and the speaker is agitated, but he shares a lot of great information.  He shares a lot of BILL COOPER from his Live shows.

Streamed live on May 24, 2021

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*Rare* In 1997 William Cooper Exposed The Alien Agenda (FULLY REMASTERED AUDIO)

Remastered Audio From August 22, 1997, Hour Of The Time broadcast The Alien Agenda.

Milton William “Bill” Cooper

May 6, 1943 – November 5, 2001

He served in the United States Navy, the United States Air Force, and Naval Intelligence until his discharge in 1975.He was an American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and theauthor is best known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse, in which he warned of multiple global conspiracies, some involving extraterrestrial aliens.Cooper also described HIV/AIDS as a man-made disease that a cure was made before it was implemented.

3 years, 9 months ago
Dec 9, 2020
Day 36 of #Squattergate is upon us, Israel’s former Head of Space Security claims in a new book that aliens have been in contact with the government and that Donald Trump knows about it, Mike Pence announces a new name for Cape Canaveral, we present a loving tribute to his commitment to space, Rudy Giuliani is reportedly recovering from COVID-19, Melania just wants to go home, Joe Exotic turns to Kim Kardashian for help with his pardon, and Jimmy and Guillermo throw on their elf costumes to find out who has been naughty or nice.


Mankind has made contact with an alien ‘Galactic Federation’ but it has been kept secret because ‘humanity isn’t ready’, former head of Israel’s space security program claims

  • Haim Eshed said aliens are real and secretly in contact with America and Israel
  • He claimed the ‘Galactic Federation’ runs an underground Mars base with the US
  • The 87-year-old said aliens will not come into the open until humanity ‘evolves’ 
Israeli space official Haim Eshed, pictured on the cover of a new book called The Universe Beyond the Horizon, claims that the US and Israel have had contact with aliens

An Israeli space official has claimed that aliens are real and secretly in contact with America and Israelbut are keeping their existence quiet because humanity ‘isn’t ready’. 

Haim Eshed – who was head of Israel’s space security programme for nearly 30 years and is a retired general – described a so-called ‘Galactic Federation’ which supposedly runs an underground Mars base in a secret pact with Washington.

But the aliens had to intervene to stop Donald Trumpwhen he appeared ‘on the verge’ of blurting out their secrets, he told Israeli paper Yediot Aharonot. 

And the 87-year-old Eshed says the aliens will not come into the openuntil humanity can ‘evolve and reach a stage where we will… understand what space and spaceships are’

Eshed did not say how long the aliens have been hiding in the shadows, but said some of the supposed contact had taken place during Trump’s presidency. 

Speaking of an ‘agreement’ between the US government and the alien visitors, Eshed said the extraterrestrials wanted to work with American agents to study ‘the fabric of the universe’

The aliens have asked not to announce that they are here [because] humanity is not ready yet,’ Eshed told the Hebrew-language newspaper Yedioth Aharonoth, according to Jewish Press.

Trump was on the verge of revealing [alien existence], but the aliens in the Galactic Federation are saying, ‘Wait, let people calm down first’. 

‘They don’t want to start mass hysteria. They want to first make us sane and understanding.’

Until that point, he said, aliens have secured an agreement to keep their movements secret.

‘They have been waiting for humanity to evolve and reach a stage where we will generally understand what space and spaceships are,’ said Eshed.

There’s an agreement between the US government and the aliens. They signed a contract with us to do experiments here. They, too, are researching and trying to understand the whole fabric of the universe, and they want us as helpers.’

‘There’s an underground base in the depths of Mars, where their representatives are, and also our American astronauts,’ Eshed is reported to have said.

The former space official claimed he had come forward now in the unlikely hope that his revelations would be accepted as true.

If I had come up with what I’m saying today five years ago, I would have been hospitalised,’ he told the Israeli paper. ‘Every place that I went to in academia with this, they said: The guy has lost his mind.  

‘I have nothing to lose. I’ve received my degrees and awards; I am respected in universities abroad, where the trend is also changing.’ 

UFO: Pentagon releases three leaked videos – is the truth finally out there?

Apr 28, 2020
The Pentagon has declassified three videos which appear to show unidentified objects flying through the night sky.

In April 2020 the Pentagon released footage from three sightings of unidentified objects. One of the videos was captured off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, in 2015 (pictured)

Navy radar captures unidentified flying object in the sky

The book is called The Universe Beyond the Horizon: Conversations with Professor Haim Eshed.   

As head of the Israeli defence ministry’s space directorate, Eshed helped launch spy satellites which he said would help provide high-quality surveillance of Iran.

When he retired in 2011, he was even described in Israeli media as ‘the father of Israel’s satellite programme’.  

But after leaving his role at the defence ministry, he is said to have ‘turned to what really interested him – aliens’. 

In the new book he discusses UFOs and ‘various theories about their nature, purpose and origin, which in his opinion is probably not from Earth,’ according to a blurb. 

Eshed is described a researcher who ‘believes that the human race is not alone in the universe, and that it must fit into the harmony of the great plan‘.  

Israel’s space agency hinted at a future moon mission on Monday by publishing a short clip entitled ‘Back to the Moon’ with the caption ‘Ready to get excited again?’. 

The country’s first attempt at a lunar landing ended in failure when a privately-funded robotic craft crashed on its final descent last April. 

Only the US, China and the former Soviet Union have succeeded in carrying out a controlled landing on the moon. 

NASA has an official target of returning humans to the moon by 2024, but the development of a next-generation rocket has been held up by the pandemic. 

The US and China also have Mars in their sights, but the dream of landing humans on the red planet is still some way off – despite Eshed’s claims of an underground base. 

Beijing’s unmanned Tianwen-1 rover is due to arrive in the red planet’s orbit in February 2021 after taking off in July. 

NASA has its own Mars rover on the way, Perseverance, and is working on systems that could support human life on the 34million-mile trip to Mars.  

MARS MISSION 2020(check it out)

Trump, whether secretly in league with aliens or not, unveiled America’s new Space Force last year, the first new military service in the US for more than 70 years.  

The Pentagon said in August this year that it was setting up a new task force under the US Navy to investigate UFO sightings.  (How strange, knowing that they have been investigating them all this time.  Why would they need to start a new task force, they have all the evidence ever found/collected from every sighting.)

In April, US defense chiefs released three videos taken by Navy pilots showing mid-air encounters with unexplained objects.

The grainy black and white footage had previously been leaked and the Navy had acknowledged they were genuine videos. 

One of the videos was shot in November 2004 and the other two in January 2015

Mystery of the mirrored monoliths: They’ve sprung up in remote beauty spots across the world, from the Utah desert to the Isle of Wight. But are they bizarre works of art… or something out of this world?

By Mark Palmer for the Daily Mail

Soaring over the barren, featureless desert of Utah‘s aptly named Red Rock Country, the helicopter crew could not believe its eyes.

A tedious routine flight counting bighorn sheep in one of America’s emptiest regions had suddenly taken a dramatic turn, one that would immediately capture the world’s imagination — and fuel wild conspiracy theories.

In this rugged, canyon-carved, sun-baked corner, an otherworldly, 10ft ‘monolith’ was glinting in the harsh desert light. Three-sided, metallic and as immovable as the menhirs of Stonehenge, it seemed somehow both to have been there for ever and to be a kind of message or sign — but it gave no clue as to its origins.

Feeling reflective: This 10ft metal monolith appeared in a red-rock desert in the U.S. state of Utah last month

Helicopter pilot Bret Hutchings described how a biologist on the flight with him spotted the object. ‘He was like, ‘Whoa, whoa, turn around, turn around!’ said Hutchings. ”There’s this thing back there — we’ve got to go look at it!’ I have to admit, that’s been about the strangest thing I’ve come across out there in all the years of flying.’

A bewildered spokesman for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources euphemistically said the monolith — which are usually a single stone or rock — was an ‘anomaly’ after it appeared on November 18, adding: ‘It’s a tough place to get to by vehicle and on foot.’

So who — or what — could possibly have planted it? The internet was instantly aflame with theories. It was a prop left over from films including Indiana Jones, Star Trek and Mission: Impossible, all of which were made in the area. (SO, Hellywood they “MAGIC”  makers are very familiar with this area.)It was, others insisted, a satellite beacon, a ‘resonance deflector’ — or maybe just ‘an eyesore’.

But perhaps the most common suggestion was that the monolith was placed there by an alien species of vastly superior intelligence.

After all, it resembled nothing so much as the huge black object that mysteriously appears in the desert in the epic opening scene ofStanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001: A Space Odyssey.  (Stanley tried to warn you of their shenanigans before he died. God bless him.) 

Within days, similar objects began popping up all over the world and a near identical monolith appeared on a hillside in Romania (pictured)

Within days, similar objects began popping up all over the world and a near identical monolith appeared on a hillside in Romania (pictured)

Gold in them thar hills: Another strange object appeared in Chia municipality, Colombia, as the metal structures started popping up all around the world

Goldin them thar hills: Another strange object appeared in Chia municipality, Colombia, as the metal structures started popping up all around the world

Fixed into the dusty ground by a higher intelligence, the object appears to teach the ‘apes’ in that film how to use tools — in turn sparking the arrival of humans.

Then, just as strangely as it arrived, the Utah monolith vanished, (Imagine that?!)nine days after it had first baffled the globe. And from there, the mystery only deepened further.

Within days, similar objects began popping up all over the world. A near identical monolith appeared on a hillside in Romania. Internet users were quick to point out that the metallic, triangular object had appeared close to an ancient archaeological landmark, the Petrodava Fortress, built by the ancient Dacian people about 2,000 years ago.

Etymology  The name Daci, or “Dacians” is a collective ethnonym.[34] Dio Cassius reported that the Dacians themselves used that name, and the Romans so called them, while the Greeks called them Getae.[35][36][37] Opinions on the origins of the name Daci are divided. Some scholars consider it to originate in the Indo-European *dha-k-, with the stem *dhe– “to put, to place”, while others think that the name Daci originates in *daca – “knife, dagger” or in a word similar to dáos, meaning “wolf” in the related language of the Phrygians.[38][39]

One hypothesis is that the name Getae originates in the Indo-European *guet- ‘to utter, to talk’.[40][38] Another hypothesis is that “Getae” and “Daci” are Iranian names of two Iranian-speaking Scythian groups that had been assimilated into the larger Thracian-speaking population of the later “Dacia”.[41][42] They might be related to Masagetae and Dahae people who used to live in central Asia in 6th century BC

Could this be significant, many wondered. Were aliens trying to send a message? (Of course, that is the first thing any intelligent person would think… NOT!)Or were pranksters merely copying the Utah phenomenon that fascinated the planet? Then the monoliths began proliferating with extraordinary profusion. One ‘landed’ at the top of a mountain trail in California. It too vanished.  (Well, you surely have figured out by now that this is a propaganda article, aimed at causing a stir because the appearance of the monoliths did not get the response they wanted.)

Another turned up in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania, outside a sweet shop. Perhaps the extra-terrestrials were fond of Hershey’s chocolate, some quipped.

At the end of last week, an especially beautiful monolith appeared in the Joshua Tree National Park of southern California. Others appeared in Colombia and the Netherlands.

At the end of last week, an especially beautiful monolith appeared in the Joshua Tree National Park of southern California

At the end of last week, an especially beautiful monolith appeared in the Joshua Tree National Park of southern California

New on the block: Another monolith appeared on a hilltop near the city of Atascadero in California last week, days after others had mysteriously appeared then vanished

New on the block: Another monolith appeared on a hilltop near the city of Atascadero in California last week, days after others had mysteriously appeared then vanished

Finally — closest to home — in the early hours of Sunday morning, a gleaming, three-sided monolith ‘landed’ out of nowhere at genteel Compton Bay, on the south-west coast of the Isle of Wight.

Dog walkers were awed by the sight of the 8 ft object standing rigidly straight, reflecting the winter light that sparkled on the sea. Resident Alexia Fishwick said she was ‘dumbstruck’ when she spotted it during a beach walk, saying the monolith was ‘really quite magical’.  (Boy, that is for certain.  IT is holographic magick conjured up by the DRUID/CELTS/MAGICIANS/WIZARDS of our day.  I am warning you people, you cannot believe ANYTHING anymore.  They have so many tricks up their sleeves.  You better be securely grounded in GOD.)

Once again, it was in a hard-to-reach place, fixed into the sand below a sheer cliff, accessible only by a narrow footpath. Former Radio 1 DJ Rob da Bank, who lives on the island, says: ‘I’m not sure if it’s aliens, a Coldplay PR stunt or a local mirror dealerdrumming up trade, but it got us all down the beach anyway.’

Tory MP Bob Seely was more measured, saying: ‘It’s fascinating that this sculpture has popped up.’

Sculpture? Surely not, many insist. It must be far, far more than that.

A spokesman for Isle of Wight Council claimed the beach at Compton Bay is owned and managed by the Crown (as in CORONA) Estate — although the National Trust disputes this, insisting it owns the site.

The Trust says the monolith had appeared without permission — how infuriating that the aliens failed to follow proper planning rules — and insists: ‘We need to monitor over the next few days to ensure the beach remains safe and does not become overcrowded.’ The organisation also conducted a full study of the object, concluding that it ‘seems secure on a wooden plinth and is made from mirrored sections of plastic or Perspex material‘.

The monoliths began proliferating with extraordinary profusion, with one appearing in a nature reserve near Oudehorne in the Netherlands

The monoliths began proliferating with extraordinary profusion, with one appearing in a nature reserve near Oudehorne in the Netherlands

Stunned: Local Peter James was mystified when a monolith appeared out of nowhere at genteel Compton Bay, on the south-west coast of the Isle of Wight

Stunned: Local Peter James was mystified when a monolith appeared out of nowhere at genteel Compton Bay, on the south-west coast of the Isle of Wight

Over in America, suspicion has fallen upon an anonymous collective called The Most Famous Artist, based in Sante Fe, New Mexico. They quickly took credit for the monoliths in Utah and California and, while they were about it, showed some entrepreneurial flair by posting an image of the Utah creation — with a £34,000 price tag attached.

Whatever the truth of the monoliths’ origins, it’s clear there hasn’t been anything like them since crop circles began appearing in 1976. Over the next two decades these phenomena were all the rage. Or, as the Smithsonian Institution said, they were a ‘lens through which the initiated could witness the activity of Earth energies and ancient spirits, the anguish of Mother Earth in the face of impending ecological doom and evidence of secret weapons’.

The mystique of crop circles was finally shattered when two Brits — Doug Bower and his co-conspirator Dave Chorley — were outed as the creators of the first ‘flying saucer nest’ in a Wiltshire wheat field using ropes and boards. There are signs, that the current monolith mania will be more short-lived.

Another turned up in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania, outside a sweet shop. Perhaps the extra-terrestrials were fond of Hershey's chocolate, some quipped

Another turned up in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennyslvania, outside a sweet shop. Perhaps the extra-terrestrials were fond of Hershey’s chocolate, some quipped

An anonymous collective called The Most Famous Artist took credit for the monoliths in Utah and California, but founder Matty Mo (pictured) said the craze is now out of control

An anonymous collective called The Most Famous Artist took credit for the monoliths in Utah and California, but founder Matty Mo (pictured) said the craze is now out of control

Many seem to disappear almost as fast as they arrive. One at the top of the Californian hiking trail came a cropper when a group of Trump supporters chanting ‘Christ is King’ and ‘America First’ came across it on a hike, took a dim view and demolished it, though it soon reappeared.  (There ya go, let’s throw in some TRUMP/TRUMP SUPPORTER hatred, just for good measure.  Don’t waste an opportunity to drain every possible dividend from the stunt.)

But as with those perplexing circles, the beauty of the monoliths seems to be that you can believe whatever you want about their origins. Go all galactic, if you wish, and convince yourself that they have appeared as an urgent — if rather opaque — message from aliens. Or take the view that people with too much time on their hands are planting a few bits of shiny metal and revelling in the subsequent speculation.

As Matty Mo, founder of The Most Famous Artist collective, said when he heard about the Isle of Wight’s version: ‘The monolith is out of my control at this point. Godspeed to all the aliens working hard around the globe to propagate the myth.’


Retired Israeli general alleges hidden aliens among us

Dec 9, 2020
“We’re not ready” Retired Israeli general alleges hidden aliens among us

The following section is comprised of documents and articles related to William Cooper and Phil Schneider, two of the bravest HEROS our nation will ever know.  They stood alone, mocked, scorned, shunned, besmirched, discredited, impoverished, tortured, and finally sacrificed for the nation that they loved and for you and me. Whether you believe them or not, most everything they revealed to us has proven to be true.   We owe them a debt of gratitude.  I am forever grateful.  If you are wise, you will seek out there material and spend the time it takes to review it.  They poured out their lives for us.  They were learning as they went along.  Not afraid to dig deep and not afraid to make mistakes.  They lived out the life.  They were subject to propaganda, manipulation and mind control games just as we were.  They had to dig through the mess and determine truth from fiction.  I am so glad they shared their experiences with us.  

video image 

Broadcast #673

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Part 2:

James Gordon “Bo” Gritz – according to Wiki (born January 18, 1939) is a former United States Army Special Forces officer who served for 22 years, including in the Vietnam War. His activities in retirement, notably attempted POW rescues in conjunction with the Vietnam War POW/MIA issue, have been controversial:

The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry – according to Wiki (the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction in the United States often omits the and, while the English Constitution in the United Kingdom omits the Scottish), commonly known as simply the Scottish Rite (or, in England and Australia, as the Rose Croix although this is only one of its degrees), is one of several Rites of Freemasonry. A Rite is a progressive series of degrees conferred by various Masonic organizations or bodies, each of which operates under the control of its own central authority. In the Scottish Rite the cent UKral authority is called a Supreme Council:

Rosicrucianism (according to Wiki) is a spiritual and cultural movement which arose in Europe in the early 17th century after the publication of several texts which purported to announce the existence of a hitherto unknown esoteric order to the world and made seeking its knowledge attractive to many. The mysterious doctrine of the order is “built on esoteric truths of the ancient past”, which “concealed from the average man, provide insight into nature, the physical universe, and the spiritual realm.” The manifestos do not elaborate extensively on the matter, but clearly combine references to Kabbalah, Hermeticism, alchemy, and mystical Christianity:


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20190410 #BillCooper: AlienAgenda #FalseFlag WATER-AS-FUEL? 13.56MHz #KanziusEffect? pt2
20190410 #BillCooper: AlienAgenda #FalseFlag WATER-AS-FUEL? 13.56MHz #KanziusEffect? pt1
Anyone intere…

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Bill Cooper’s final thoughts on Aliens and UFO’s

William Bill Cooper was a Former Naval Intelligence officer, American conspiracy theorist, radio broadcaster, and author best known for his 1991 book Behold a Pale Horse, in which he warned of multiple global conspiracies, some involving extraterrestrial aliens and Ufo’s! In this video you will hear his final thoughts on Aliens and Ufo’s.


Bill Cooper explains the real nature of aliens and ufos…basically that its all a gigantic psyop being used to condition us to embrace world government as something absolutely necessary for human survival. Learn the the truth of the disinformation deception currently being peddled by Greer, DeLonge and others.
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May 9, 2019

LISTEN TO THESE LIARS: This Harvard Scientist Believes Alien Life May Be Nearby (CTV News):… Oxford Professor Claims Aliens Are Already Breeding With Humans On Earth:… Harvard Scientists Say Oumuamua May Be Probe Sent By “Alien Civilization” (CBS This Morning):… Expert: UFOs Frequently Come Close To Hitting Airliners:…

First published at 22:14 UTC on August 26th, 2019.


Read MAJESTYTWELVE By Bill Cooper (Veritas News Service, 1997):

Full Broadcast (Sick Slideshow Version):

War Of The Worlds (Orson Welles) Deception Broadcast – Bill Cooper:

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The Serpent Kings :

“The great dragon was hurled down–that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.” ◄ Revelation 12:9 ►

Mazzaroth (according to Wiki) is a Biblical Hebrew word found in the Book of Job and literally meaning ‘a garland of crowns’. but its context is that of astronomical constellations, and it is often interpreted as a term for the zodiac or the constellations thereof. (Job 38:31-32). The similar word mazalot (מַּזָּלוֹת) in 2 Kings 23:3-5 may be related.

The word itself is a hapax legomenon (i.e., a word appearing only once in a text) of the Hebrew Bible. In Yiddish, the term mazalot came to be used in the sense of “astrology” in general, surviving in the expression “mazel tov,” meaning “good luck.”:

Sun sign astrology is the form of astrology most commonly found in many newspaper and magazine columns. It is a simplified system of astrology which considers only the position of the Sun at birth, which is said to be placed within one of the twelve zodiac signs. This sign is then called the sun sign or star sign of the person born in that twelfth-part of the year:

#火 ~ #Fire ~ #Aries #Leo #Sagittarius
#土 ~ #Earth ~ #Taurus #Virgo #Capricorn
#空 ~ #Air ~ #Gemini #Libra #Aquarius
#水 ~ #Water ~ #Cancer #Scorpio #Pisces

“And the great dragon was thrown down, the serpent of old who is called the devil and Satan, who deceives the whole world; he was thrown down to the earth, and his angels were thrown down with him.” – New American Standard Bible.

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Norm Smith Medallist
 Apr 9, 2011  /   

Phil Schneider was a purported ex-government geologist and structural engineer with aerospace applications involved in building top-secret, deep underground military bases with 17 years of experience working on government black projects and carrying a level 3 security clearance (Rhyolite 38 Clearance). He was also a self taught metallurgist and co-invented methods used in shape charge explosive research to facilitate the construction of such deep underground bases.

Stating that the military became aware of extraterrestrials in the early 1900’s when US Army Cavalry stumbled upon a cave near the truth and consequences area of New Mexico housing flying saucers, and occupied by grey’s; and also from the Roswell incident. Allegedly the US government had ties with 11 different species of ET’s, and has reverse engineered ET tech for military purposes; with technology over 1000 years ahead of the public sector. He went on the further state that black budget projects consisted of 1.03 trillion US dollars every 2 years, and that the public had been lied too and was considered either too stupid or moronic to handle the truth.

He also claimed to have had several artifacts in his possession such as special titanium alloys recovered from the Roswell crash that were later used by the government in the construction of the SR-71, Blackbird, F117A Nighthawk and Phoenix Nuclear Submarines. Essentially, indestructible alloys capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 7500 degrees Fahrenheit composed of elements such as niobium and marimite.

His personal statements and claims report that he was responsible for assisting in the construction of a network of 131 active deep underground military bases in the United States; essentially small underground cities in volume of 4.25 cubic miles. More specifically he helped with the construction of these bases at Area 51, S-4, and Los Alamos. The bases were supposedly inter-connected by ultra-high speed magneto leviton trains capable of speeds in excess of mach 2.


Controversy arises from Schneider’s claims when he was involved in late August 1979 in a “firefight” deep underground during the construction of an addition to the Dulce Military Compound at Los Alamos; stating that they used very high tech drilling machines that could bore up to 7 miles a day, by essentially melting the rock around them. However, he was sent down to investigate problems with continual failures of the drilling machines. In his own words, there was an unknown (to him) grey alien base that their boring machine had drilled into. Upon reaching the tunnel, some 2.5 miles down, he came in contact with a group of large 7 foot grey aliens. He managed to shoot and kill 2 of the aliens, before being struck by a radioactive blue-beam from one of the other aliens; “opening up his chest like a fish,” and burning the fingers off of his left hand. A green beret that was with him at the time threw him on a surface elevator quickly sending him to the surface and saving his life. Later it was reported that 66 secret service agents, green and black berets (including the one that saved him), and other construction engineers were killed in the firefight.

During the last two years in his life, he was responsible for over 30 lectures to a variety of audiences around the globe concerning conspiracy theories in which he claimed to be leaking information exposing them. Some validity was made to his stories, when he claimed to have avoided 13 murder attempts made on his life after going public. He was also scared for his life enough that he always carried a 9mm pistol around for protection.

Schneider was found dead in his apartment in Oregon on January 17, 1996. Reports leaked out that he was found with a rubber hose wrapped around his neck. Later his death would official be stated as a suicide. However, at the time the Clackamas county coroner’s office attributed Phillip’s death to a stroke. It was also reported that all of the artifacts supporting his claims had mysteriously disappeared at the time of his death. Because of the questionable cause and events related to his death, his family and friends firmly believe that Schneider was murdered by the government for leaking information.

This is the incredible, yet controversial story of Phillip Schneider.

Schneider was found dead in his apartment in Oregon on January 17, 1996. Reports leaked out that he was found with a rubber hose wrapped around his neck. Later his death would official be stated as a suicide. However, at the time the Clackamas county coroner’s office attributed Phillip’s death to a stroke. It was also reported that all of the artifacts supporting his claims had mysteriously disappeared at the time of his death. Because of the questionable cause and events related to his death, his family and friends firmly believe that Schneider was murdered by the government for leaking information.

This is the incredible, yet controversial story of Phillip Schneider.



Phil’s Dad worked on the Philadelphia Experiment as the chief medical officer.  They can’t deny this bizarre experiment was real.  There is too much evidence now.  They have even admitted the technology was being tested and actually worked to some degree.  They were hoping to cloak the ship, (something that is done now quite regularly) and it went much farther than they expected.
These boring machines are old hat today.  They have been using them for decades.  But, when Phil revealed them to us, it was outlandish and hard to believe.  Of course the government denied it and called him a crazy “conspiracy theorist”. 


Make of it as you wish.


by Alex Hollings
Sep 6, 2019

(Department of Defense photo)

(Department of Defense photo)

All of America’s elite special operations units are accustomed to operating under a veil of secrecy, but few units are more adept at secret keeping that the U.S. Army’s 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, or Delta Force, as they’re often called. Since its very inception, Delta was intended to be a force like no other — utilizing a large officer corps and extensive and highly specialized training to produce an elite unit of war fighters that can operate at the very forefront of America’s defense apparatus. The men (and likely women) assigned to Delta are often called upon to serve as the literal instruments of America’s foreign policy, often in secret and without any form of direct support.

Perhaps it’s because of the high degree of secrecy employed by special operations units like Delta that they often come up in discussions about secret government projects, cover ups, and conspiracies. To be fair, sometimes there’s truth to be found in rumors about secret military operations on U.S. soil and beyond. The American government has a long and storied history of developing black projects that go on to serve as the backbone of its defense apparatus — from stealth aircraft to nuclear weapons — and it stands to reason that some programs are developed in cooperation with or supported by special operations troops.

Despite the long list of legends that either are true or are probably true, there are also other stories that find their way into the cultural lexicon, hanging on over the years despite their silly seeming premise. These stories often involve darker elements than scientific research or classified regime changes. Such is the case with reports of a secret base deep beneath the small town of Dulce, New Mexico — where, according to a passionate contingent of internet sleuths and UFO researchers, special operators found themselves in a firefight with aliens from another world.

Tale of the “D.U.M.B.” (Deep Underground Military Base) beneath Dulce, New Mexico may have started with a man named Philip Schneider. Schneider allegedly worked for the U.S. military in the 1970s as an engineer, helping to construct a massive network of underground installations connected by subterranean tunnels. According to the stories Schneider has told, he first became suspicious about the new tunnels they were building when he noted the presence of American special operations troops in the vicinity. Depending on the recording and source, those troops hailed from either specifically Delta Force or Army Special Forces (Schneider seems to go back and forth on this point).

It wasn’t long, according to his story, before his suspicions were confirmed — and he soon found himself standing face to face with a smelly, 7-foot tall, gray alien. He claimed that he immediately reached for his sidearm (which begs the question… why was an engineer carrying a sidearm?) and opened fire, killing the first alien and a second that appeared during the fray. A battle ensued that, per his recounting, claimed the lives of at least 60 humans and an unknown number of aliens. One special operator died loading Schneider onto an elevator and getting him to safety, but not before the engineer-turned-storyteller was hit by an alien energy weapon. As unbelievable as Schneider’s story may be, some find his evidence of this interaction rather believable — because he’s missing the fingers he claims were burned off.

Schneider told his story at UFO conventions and in print, all the while claiming that the U.S. government was trying to silence him. As a result, his small contingent of fervent believers felt Schneider’s claims had been confirmed when he was found dead of an apparent suicide in January of 1996. Where some saw a tragic end to a troubled life, others saw clear signs of the very cover up Schneider had warned them about.

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The story of Dulce Base extends far beyond that of Phil Schneider and a firefight between America’s best and a subterranean alien colony today. Stories about Dulce only get wilder from there, in fact, with many stories now based on the idea of a 7-layer structure housing not only human workers, but aliens of multiple races. Others have come forward claiming to have worked in the facility, offering up tales of horrible experiments being conducted on human abductees.

The truth is, the U.S. government did build a number of large underground or otherwise secret facilities during the Cold War, prompted primarily by concerns about nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Rumors about very real secret bunkers like the one built beneath The Greenbrier Resort for members of Congress swirled throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

These rumors along with an influx of movies and books about the secretive missions of Delta Force and other special operations units released during that era, created a perfect melting pot for tales about underground bases and secret alien firefights.

Of course, that’s assuming Phil Schneider was making it all up — and not everyone is convinced that he was.

May 21, 2017
Underground Bases, UFO’s and Aliens: The Late Phil Schneider, a retired US government geologist, talks about his days building deep underground bases for the government – over 131 in the USA, one mile or more down, the involvement with alien technology, samples of elements up to atomic #140 are shown. The advanced stealth technology involves the use of alien metals. This is the last known video made of Phil Schneider while he was still alive. It was made in November 1995. He was found dead less than two months later. He talks about his days building underground bases for the US government and grey aliens. Phil Schneider is one of the many UFO researchers that have died over the last few years under mysterious circumstances. Phil died on January 17, 1996, reportedly strangled by a catheter found wrapped around his neck, his death being dismissed by the authorities as suicide. Schneider maintained that numerous previous attempts had been made on his life. He had stated publicly he was a marked man and did not expect to live long. “If I ever ‘commit suicide’,” Schneider told a close friend, “I’ll have been murdered.”


Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With Extraterrestrials:

The Fiftieth Anniversary of First Contact?Research Study #8, Revised Febuary 12, 2004;
first published January 28, 2004, (c) Michael E. Salla, PhD


On the night and early hours of February 20-21, 1954, while on a ‘vacation’ to Palm Springs, California, President Dwight Eisenhower went missing and allegedly was taken to Edwards Air force base for a secret meeting. When he showed up the next morning at a church service in Los Angeles, reporters were told that he had to have emergency dental treatment the previous evening and had visited a local dentist. The dentist later appeared at a function that evening and presented as the ‘dentist’ who had treated Eisenhower.

The missing night and morning has subsequently fueled rumors that Eisenhower was using the alleged dentist visit as a cover story for an extraordinary event. The event is possibly the most significant that any American President could have conducted: an alleged ‘First Contact’ meeting with extraterrestrials at Edwards Air Force base (previously Muroc Airfield), and the beginning of a series of meetings with different extraterrestrial races that led to a ‘Greada Treaty’ that was eventually signed. This astonishing First Contact event, if it occurred, will experience its 50th anniversary on February 20-21, 2004.

—–About the Author—–

Dr. Michael E. Salla has held academic appointments in the School of International Service, American University, Washington DC (1996-2001), and the Department of Political Science, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia (1994-96). He taught as an adjunct faculty member at George Washington University, Washington DC., in 2002. He is currently researching methods of Transformational Peace as a Researcher in Residence in the Center for Global Peace (2001-2004) and directing the Center’s Peace Ambassador Program which uses transformational peace techniques for individual self-empowerment. He has a PhD in Government from the University of Queensland, Australia, and an MA in Philosophy from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

He is the author of Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence (Dandelion Books, 2004); and The Hero’s Journey Toward a Second American Century (Greenwood Press, 2002) and co-editor/author of three other books, and authored more than seventy articles, chapters, and book reviews on peace, ethnic conflict and conflict resolution. He has conducted research and fieldwork in the ethnic conflicts in East Timor, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Sri Lanka. He has organized a number of international workshops involving mid to high level participants from these conflicts. He has an academic website at and is the founder of the website:

—–Eisenhower’s 1954 Meeting With ETs: NOW the 50th Anniversary—–

This paper explores the evidence that the First Contact meeting had occurred with extraterrestrials with a distinctive ‘Nordic’ appearance. The likelihood of an agreement having been spurned with this ‘Nordic race’, then started a series of meetings that led to a Greada Treaty eventually being signed with a different extraterrestrial race dubbed the ‘Greys’, and the motivations of the different extraterrestrial races involved in these Greada Treaty discussions.

The paper will further examine why these events were kept secret for so long, the significance of the 50th anniversary of Eisenhower’s meeting with extraterrestrials, and whether an official disclosure announcement is likely in the near future.

—–Circumstantial Evidence Supporting ‘First Contact’ Meeting with Ets—–

There is circumstantial and testimonial evidence supporting “Ike’s” meeting with ETs and the start of a series of meetings that culminated in the signing of a Greada Treaty with a different group of ETs. The most intriguing are circumstances surrounding Ike’s alleged winter vacation to Palm Springs, California from February 17-24, 1954.

First, the “vacation for the President” was announced rather suddenly and came less than a week after his ‘quail shooting’ vacation in Georgia. According to UFO researcher, William Moore, all this was quite unusual and suggested that there was more to the one week visit to Palm Springs than a simple holiday. [2]

Secondly, on Saturday night of February 20, 1954, President Eisenhower did “go missing”–fueling press speculation that he had taken ill or even died. In a hastily convened press conference, Eisenhower’s Press Secretary announced that Eisenhower had lost a tooth cap while eating fried chicken and had to be rushed to a local dentist. A local dentist was introduced at an official function on Sunday February 21, as “the dentist who had treated the president”. [3] Moore’s investigation of the incident concluded that the dentist’s visit was being used as a cover story for Eisenhower’s true whereabouts.

Consequently, Eisenhower was missing for an entire evening and could easily have been taken from Palm Springs to the nearby Muroc Airfield [later renamed Edwards Air Force Base]. The unscheduled nature of the President’s vacation, the missing President and the dentist cover story provide circumstantial evidence that the true purpose of his Palm Springs vacation was for him to attend an event whose importance was such that [–NSA felt–ed} it could not be disclosed to the general public. A meeting with ETs may well have been the true purpose of his visit.

—–Gerald Light’s Letter—–

that Eisenhower Met With Ets.–The first public source alleging a meeting with ETs was Gerald Light who in a letter dated April 16, 1954, to Meade Layne, then Director of Borderland Sciences Research Associates (now Foundation), claimed he was part of a delegation of community leaders to an alleged meeting with ETs at Edwards Air Force Base.


In a subsequent article, Meade Layne described Light as a “gifted and highly educated writer and lecturer”, who was skilled both in clairvoyance and the occult. [4] Light was a well-known metaphysical community leader in the Southern California area. The alleged purpose of him and others on the delegation was to test public reaction to the presence of ETs. Light described the circumstances of the meeting as follows:

“My dear friends: I have just returned from Muroc [Edwards Air Force Base]. The report is true — devastatingly true!“I made the journey in company with Franklin Allen of the Hearst papers and Edwin Nourse of Brookings Institute (Truman’s erstwhile financial advisor) and Bishop MacIntyre of L.A. (confidential names for the present, please). When we were allowed to enter the restricted section (after about six hours in which we were checked on every possible item, event, incident and aspect of our personal and public lives).

I had the distinct feeling that the world had come to an end with fantastic realism. For I have never seen so many human beings in a state of complete collapse and confusion, as they realized that their own world had indeed ended with such finality as to beggar description. The reality of the ‘other plane’ aeroforms is now and forever removed from the realms of speculation and made a rather painful part of the consciousness of every responsible scientific and political group.

During my two days’ visit I saw five separate and distinct types of aircraft being studied and handled by our Air Force officials — with the assistance and permission of the Etherians! I have no words to express my reactions. It has finally happened. It is now a matter of history. President Eisenhower–as you may already know–was spirited over to Muroc one night during his visit to Palm Springs recently. And it is my conviction that he will ignore the terrific conflict between the various ‘authorities’ and go directly to the people via radio and television — if the impasse continues much longer. From what I could gather, an official statement to the country is being prepared for delivery about the middle of May. “[5]


Of course no such formal announcement was made, and Light’s supposed meeting has either been the best-kept secret of the twentieth century or the fabrication of an elderly mystic known for out of body experiences. The events Light describes in his meeting in terms of the panic and confusion of many of those present, the emotional impact of the alleged landing, and the tremendous difference of opinion on what to do in terms of telling the public and responding to the extraterrestrial visitors, are plausible descriptions of what may have occurred. Indeed, the psychological and emotional impact Light describes for senior national security leaders at the meeting is consistent with what could be expected for such a ‘life changing event’. A further way of determining Light’s claim is to investigate the figures he named along with himself as part of the community delegation, and whether they could have been plausible candidates for such a meeting.

Dr Edwin Nourse (1883-1974) was the first chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors to the President (1944-1953) and was President Truman’s chief economic advisor. [6] Nourse officially retired to private life in 1953 and would certainly have been a good choice of someone who could give confidential economic advise to the Eisenhower administration. If Dr Nourse was present at such a meeting, he did so in order to provide his expertise on the possible economic impact of First Contact with extraterrestrials.

Another of the individuals mentioned by Light was Bishop MacIntyre. Cardinal James Francis MacIntyre was the bishop and head of the Catholic Church in Los Angeles (1948-1970) and would have been an important gauge for the possible reaction from religious leaders generally, and in particular from the most influential and powerful religious institution on the planet – the Roman Catholic Church. In particular, Cardinal MacIntyre would have been a good choice as a representative for the Vatican since he was appointed the first Cardinal of the Western United States by Pope Pius XII in 1952. All Cardinal MacIntyre’s correspondence is closed to researchers thus making it impossible to confirm what impact the visit to Muroc had on him and what he communicated to other church leaders and the Vatican. [7] Cardinal MacIntyre had sufficient rank and authority to represent the Catholic Church and the religious community in a delegation of community leaders.

[The fact that the Vatican subsequently established its own astronomical observatory in the American southwest attests to the urgency with which Bishop MacIntyre’s messages were met by the Vatican.–ed.]

The fourth member of the delegation of community leaders was Franklin Winthrop Allen, a former reporter with the Hearst Newspapers Group. [8] Allen was 80 years old at the time, author of a book instructing reporters on how to deal with Congressional Committee Hearings, and would have been a good choice for a member of the press who could maintain confidentiality.

The four represented senior leaders of the religious, spiritual, economic and newspaper communities and were well advanced in age and status. They would certainly have been plausible choices for a community delegation that could provide confidential advice on a possible public response to a First Contact event involving extraterrestrial races. Such a selection would have constituted a ‘wise men’ group that would have been entirely in character for the conservative nature of American society in 1954.


While Light may well contrived such a list in a fabricated account or ‘out of body’ experience as Moore implies in his analysis, there is nothing in Light’s selection that eliminates the possibility that they were plausible members of such a delegation. [9] At face value then, the selection of such a ‘wise men’ group gives some credence to Light’s claim.

It may be concluded then that following items all make up circumstantial evidence that a meeting with ETs occurred. The first is Eisenhower’s missing night. The second is the weak ‘cover story’ used for his absence. The third is Light’s description of actual events at the meeting in terms of the psychological and emotional impact of the described meeting which is consistent with what could be anticipated. The final is Light’s description of the composition of community leaders or ‘wise men’ at the meeting. These four items collectively provide circumstantial evidence that a meeting with Ets is likely to have occurred and that Eisenhower was present.

—–Testimonies Supporting Ike’s Meeting With Ets—–

There are a number of other sources alleging an ET meeting at Edwards Air Force Base that corresponded to a formal First Contact event. These sources are based on testimonies of ‘whistleblowers’ who witnessed documents or learned from their ‘insider contacts’ of such a meeting. These testimonies describe what appears to be two separate sets of meetings involving different ET groups who met either with President Eisenhower and/or with Eisenhower administration officials over a short period of time.

The first of these meetings–the actual ‘First Contact’ event–did not lead to an agreement and the ETs were effectively spurned. The second of these meetings did lead to an agreement, and this has been apparently become the basis of subsequent secret interactions with extraterrestrial races involved in the ‘Greada Treaty’ that was signed. There is some discrepancy in the sequence of meetings and where they were held, but all agree that a ‘First Contact’ meeting involving President Eisenhower did occur, and that one of these meetings occurred with his February 1954 visit to Edwards Air force base.

The first version of Eisenhower’s meeting is described by one of the most ‘controversial’ whistleblowers to ever have come forward into the public arena to describe an ET presence. William Cooper served on the Naval Intelligence briefing team for the Commander of the Pacific Fleet between 1970-73, and had access to classified documents that he had to review in order to fulfill his briefing duties. He describes the background and nature of the ‘First contact’ with ETs as follows:

“In 1953 Astronomers discovered large objects in space which were moving toward the Earth. It was first believed that they were asteroids. Later evidence proved that the objects could only be Spaceships.“Project Sigma intercepted alien radio communications. When the objects reached the Earth they took up a very high orbit around the Equator. There were several huge ships, and their actual intent was unknown. Project Sigma, and a new project, Plato, through radio communications using the computer binary language, was able to arrange a landing that resulted in face to face contact with alien beings from another planet. Project Plato was tasked with establishing diplomatic relations with this race of space aliens.

“In the meantime a race of human looking aliens contacted the U.S. Government. This alien group warned us against the aliens that were orbiting the Equator and offered to help us with our spiritual development. They demanded that we dismantle and destroy our nuclear weapons as the major condition. They refused to exchange technology citing that we were spiritually unable to handle the technology which we then possessed. They believed that we would use any new technology to destroy each other. This race stated that we were on a path of self destruction and we must stop killing each other, stop polluting the Earth, stop raping the Earth’s natural resources, and learn to live in harmony.

“These terms were met with extreme suspicion, especially the major condition of nuclear disarmament. It was believed that meeting that condition would leave us helpless in the face of an obvious alien threat. We also had nothing in history to help with the decision. Nuclear disarmament was not considered to be within the best interest of the United States. The overtures were rejected.” [10]

The significant point about Cooper’s version is that the humanoid extraterrestrial race was not willing to enter into technology exchanges that might help weapons development, and instead was focused on spiritual development. Significantly, the overtures of these ETs were turned down.

—–Secondary Confirmation—–

That the First Contact meeting involving ETs effectively spurned them for taking what might be called “a principled stand on technology” assistance and nuclear weapons comes from the son of a former Navy Commander who claimed his father had been present at the First Contact event on February 20-21, 1954.

According to Charles L. Suggs, a retired Sergeant from the US Marine Corps, his father Charles L. Suggs, (1909-1987) was a former Commander with the US Navy who attended the meeting at Edwards Air force base with Eisenhower. [11] Sgt Suggs recounted his father’s experiences from the meeting in a 1991 interview with a prominent UFO researcher:

“Charlie’s father, Navy Commander Charles Suggs accompanied Pres. Ike along with others on Feb. 20th. They met and spoke with two white-haired Nordics that had pale blue eyes and colorless lips. The spokesman stood a number of feet away from Ike and would not let him approach any closer. A second Nordic stood on the extended ramp of a bi-convex saucer that stood on tripod landing gear on the landing strip. According to Charlie, there were B-58 Hustlers on the field even though the first one did not fly officially till 1956. These visitors said they came from another solar system. They posed detailed questions about our nuclear testing.” [12]Another ‘whistleblower’ who confirms that First Contact involved an extraterrestrial race being spurned for their principled stand on technology transfer is the son of the famous creator of the Lear Jet, William Lear. John Lear is a former Lockheed L-1011 Captain who flew over 150 test aircraft and held 18 world speed records, and during the late 1960’s, 1970’s and early 1980’s was a contract pilot for the CIA. Lear developed a close relationship with CIA Director (DCI) William Colby who was in charge of covert operations in Vietnam before becoming DCI. According to Lear there had indeed been a warning from another race prior to an agreement being eventually signed, and he claimed they visited Muroc/Edward and the following occurred:

“In 1954, President Eisenhower met with a representative of another alien species at Muroc Test Center, which is now called Edwards Airforce Base. This alien suggested that they could help us get rid of the Greys but Eisenhower turned down their offer because they offered no technology. “[13]Cooper’s and Lear’s idea of more than one ET race interacting with the Eisenhower administration is supported by other whistleblowers such as former Master Sergeant Robert Dean who like Cooper, had access to top secret documents while working in the intelligence division for the Supreme Commander of a major US military command. In Dean’s 27 year distinguished military career, he served at the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe where he witnessed these documents while serving under the Supreme Allied Commander of Europe. Dean claimed:

“The group at the time–there were just four that they knew of for certain–and the Greys were one of those groups. There was a group that looked exactly like we do. There was a human group that looked so much like us that that really drove the admirals and the generals crazy because they determined that these people, and they had seen them repeatedly, they had had contact with them, there had been abductions, there had been contacts… Two other groups, there was a very large group, I say large, they were 6-8 maybe sometimes 9 feet tall and they were humanoid, but they were very pale, very white, didn’t have any hair on their bodies at all. And then there was another group that had sort of a reptilian quality to them. We had encountered them, military people and police officers all over the world have run into these guys. They had vertical pupils in their eyes and their skin seemed to have a quality very much like what you find on the stomach of a lizard. So those were the four they knew of in 1964.” [14]There is some discrepancy in the testimonials as to which Air force base the spurned ETs met with President Eisenhower and/or Eisenhower administration officials. Cooper claims this occurred at Homestead Air force base in Florida, and not Edwards. [15] On the other hand Lear and Suggs suggest it occurred at Edwards. In his letter, Gerald Light pointed to intense disagreement amongst Eisenhower officials in responding to the ETs at the Edwards AFB meeting. Such intense disagreement may predictably have occurred if national security officials were responding to an ET request to abandon the pursuit of weapons technologies. Given the intensity of the Cold War, the national security officials present may well have decided it was more prudent to seek better terms before agreeing to the ETs request. Light’s testimony implies that the meeting at Edwards did not result in an agreement, but instead resulted in intense disagreement between Eishenhower officials. Consequently, I will conclude that the Lear and Suggs version is more accurate, and that the ‘First Contact’ meeting occurred at Edwards Air force base in February 20-21, 1954.

—–The Subsequent 1954 Agreement with Ets—–

According to the testimonies examined so far, the February 20-21, 1954 meeting was not successful, and the ETs were spurned due to their refusal to enter into technology exchanges and insistence on [OUR–ed] nuclear disarmament by the US and presumably other major world powers. Cooper describes the circumstances of a subsequent agreement that was reached after the failure of the first meeting. While Cooper has a different version of dates and times for the 1954 meetings, he agrees that there were two sets of meetings involving different ETs meeting with President Eisenhower and/or Eisenhower administration officials. [16]

Later in 1954 the race of large nosed Gray Aliens which had been orbiting the Earth landed at Holloman Air Force Base. A basic agreement was reached. This race identified themselves as originating from a Planet around a red star in the Constellation of Orion which we called Betelgeuse. They stated that their planet was dying and that at some unknown future time they would no longer be able to survive there. [17]

The meeting at Holloman Air force base in New Mexico has reportedly been the site of subsequent ET meetings with the same ETs who it will be shown signed the 1954 Greada Treaty. In 1972-73, for example, the producers Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler, had allegedly been offered and witnessed actual Air force film footage of a meeting involving Grey ETs that occurred at Holloman Air force base in 1971. [18] Cooper explained the terms of the 1954 Greada Treaty reached with the Grey ETs as follows:

“The Greada Treaty stated that the aliens would not interfere in our affairs and we would not interfere in theirs. We would keep their presence on earth a secret. They would furnish us with advanced technology and would help us in our technological development. They would not make any Greada Treaty with any other Earth nation.“They could abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of our development; with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed, would be returned to their point of abduction, would have no memory of the event, and that the alien nation would furnish Majesty Twelve with a list of all human contacts and abductees on a regularly scheduled basis. “[19]

Another whistleblower source for a Greada Treaty having been signed is Phil Schneider, a former geological engineer that was employed by corporations contracted to build underground bases. Schneider worked extensively on black projects involving ETs. He revealed his own knowledge of the Greada Treaty in the following:

“Back in 1954, under the Eisenhower administration, the federal government decided to circumvent the Constitution of the United States and form a Treaty with alien entities. It was called the 1954 Greada Treaty, which basically made the agreement that the aliens involved could take a few cows and test their implanting techniques on a few human beings, but that they had to give details about the people involved.” [20]Schneider’s knowledge of the Greada Treaty would have come from his familiarity with a range of compartmentalized black projects and interaction with other personnel working with ETs. Yet another whistleblower source for an agreement being signed is Dr Michael Wolf, who claims to have served on various policy-making committees responsible for extraterrestrial affairs for twenty-five years. [21] He claims that the Eisenhower administration entered into the Treaty with an ET race and that this Greada Treaty was never ratified as Constitutionally required. [22]

Significantly, a number of whistleblowers argue that the Greada Treaty that was signed involved some compulsion on the part of the ETs. Don Phillips is a former Air force serviceman and employee on clandestine aviation projects testified having seen documents describing the meeting between President Eisenhower and ETs, and the background to a subsequent agreement:

We have records from 1954 that were meetings between our own leaders of this country and ET’s here in California. And, as I understand it from the written documentation, we were asked if we would allow them to be here and do research. I have read that our reply was well, how can we stop you? You are so advanced. And I will say by this camera and this sound, that it was President Eisenhower that had this meeting.” [23]Col Phillip Corso, a highly decorated officer that served in Eisenhower’s National Security Council alluded to the Greada Treaty signed by the Eisenhower administration with ETs in his memoirs. He wrote:

“We had negotiated a kind of surrender with them [ETs] as long as we couldn’t fight them. They dictated the terms because they knew what we most feared was disclosure.” [24]Corso’s claim of a ‘negotiated surrender’ suggests that some sort of agreement or ‘Treaty’ was reached which he was not happy with.

—–What Do We Know of the Grey ETs that signed the Greada Treaty?—–

According to Cooper, the Grey ETs signing the Greada Treaty were not trustworthy:

“By 1955 it became obvious that the aliens had deceived Eisenhower and had broken the Greada Treaty…. It was suspected that the aliens were not submitting a complete list of human contacts and abductees to the Majesty Twelve and it was suspected that not all abductees had been returned. “[25]Similarly, Lear argued that the Grey ETs quickly broke the Greada Treaty and could not be trusted:

“… a deal was struck that in exchange for advanced technology from the aliens we would allow them to abduct a very small number of persons and we would periodically be given a list of those persons abducted. We got something less than the technology we bargained for and found the abductions exceeded by a millionfold than what we had naively agreed to.” [26]Other whistleblowers also suggested that the ETs who signed the Treaty with Eisenhower couldn’t be trusted. Schneider claimed that despite the Greada Treaty’s provisions on the number of humans who would be ‘abducted’ for experiments, “the aliens altered the bargain until they decided they wouldn’t abide by it at all.” [27]

As mentioned earlier, Col Phillip Corso similarly believed that ETs [with whom] Eisenhower’s administration entered into agreements couldn’t be trusted. Corso believed these forced a ‘negotiated surrender’ suggesting an ET agenda that was suspect. While General Douglas MacArthur didn’t directly mention any government Treaty with ETs, he gave a famous warning in October 1955 suggesting that some ET presence existed that threatened human sovereignty:

“You now face a new world, a world of change. We speak in strange terms, of harnessing the cosmic energy, of ultimate conflict between a united human race and the sinister forces of some other planetary galaxy. . . . The nations of the world will have to unite, for the next war will be an interplanetary war. The nations of the earth must someday make a common front against attack by people from other planets.” [28]MacArthur may well have been alluding to the same ETs that Corso, Cooper and Lear believed had entered into an agreement with the Eisenhower administration. Significantly, reports of contacts with ETs began to change once the alleged Greada Treaty began to be implemented. The friendly ‘space brothers’ reports involving contactees of the 1950s changed as reports of abductions began to emerge after the first recorded case in 1961 involving Barney and Betty Hill:

Another apparent pattern that has occurred in Ufology is the dominance of the space brothers in the 1950’s who were kind, interacted with people who became known as contactees, and took people for rides in their space crafts. This pattern changed dramatically with the abduction of Betty and Barney Hill in the early 1960’s. The space brother human types of the 1950’s seemed to fade away, and they were replaced in the UFO literature with another type of alien. In the early sixties the first abduction of the Hills began a new pattern where the aliens were grey “evil” aliens who would abduct people against their will and perform medical procedures on them. There were, as far as this author is aware no confirmed cases of “classic” abductions in the 1950’s. Unlike the “good” space brothers of the 1950’s these Grey aliens were described by all, who were unfortunate enough to have met with them, as being distant and without emotions.” [29]According to Wolf, the ETs were Greys from the fourth planet of the star system Zeta Reticulum, while Cooper claims they were tall Greys from Betelgeuse, Orion. Wolf’s and Cooper’s differing versions likely reflect a close relationship between Greys from Rigel and Betelguese, and that more than one species of ETs may have been covered in the Greada Treaty. Wolf has described the Greys as having positive motivations in regard to their presence on Earth, but have been inhibited and targeted by rogue elements in the US military. [30] Similarly, Robert Dean believes that ETs visiting Earth are friendly. [31] This contrasts with the testimonies of Cooper, Lear, Schneider, Corso and arguably even MacArthur over the true motivations of Greys. It is worth repeating Gerald Light’s claim of a “terrific conflict between the various ‘authorities'” on whether to inform the general public or not. It is likely that these differing perspectives on the motivations of the Greys reflected an uncertainty that has continued to intensely divide policy makers up to the present on how to best respond to the extraterrestrial presence and what to tell the general public. [32]

—–Maintaining Secrecy and Witness Credibility—–

The uncertainty over the motivations and behavior of the Grey ETs appears to have played a large role in the government decision not to disclose ETs’ presence and the Greada Treaty Eisenhower signed with them. The following passage from an ‘alleged official document’ leaked to UFO researchers describes the official secrecy policy adopted in April 1954, two months after Eisenhower had ‘First Contact’ with ETs who were spurned by the Eisenhower administration:

“Any encounter with entities known to be of extra-terrestrial origin is to be considered to be a matter of national security and therefore classified TOP SECRET. Under no circumstances is the general public or the public press to learn of the existence of these entities. The official government policy is that such creatures do not exist, and that no agency of the federal government is now engaged in any study of ETs or their artifacts. Any deviation from this stated policy is absolutely forbidden. “[33] [Lies, lies and more lies–ed.]Penalties for disclosing classified information concerning ETs are quite severe. In December 1953, the Joint Chiefs of Staff issued Army-Navy-Air Force publication 146 that made the unauthorized release of information concerning UFOs a crime under the Espionage Act, punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. [34] According to Robert Dean, this draconian penalty is what prevents most former military servicemen from coming forward to disclose information. [35]

The strategies for dealing with those former servicemen, corporate employees or witnesses brave or ‘foolish’ enough to come forward to reveal classified information is to intimidate, silence, eliminate or discredit these individuals. This policy involves such strategies as removing all public records of former military service men or corporate employees, forcing individuals to make retractions, deliberately distorting statements of individuals, or discrediting individuals. Bob Lazar, for example, claimed to be a former physicist employed with reverse engineering extraterrestrial craft. He described the disappearance of all his university and public records indicating how military-intelligence agencies actively discredit whistleblowers. [36]

In cases of witnesses cited so far–Cooper, Schneider, Lear, Wolf–all have been subjected to some or all of these strategies, thereby making it difficult for anyone to reach firm conclusions about their testimonies. Since the creation of controversy, uncertainty, and confusion is the modus operandi of military-intelligence agencies in maintaining secrecy of the extraterrestrial presence, then the testimonies of former officials/employees/witnesses need to be considered on their merits. While issues of credibility, credentials, dis-information are important in the study of the extraterrestrial presence, a rigorous methodology for dealing with the efforts of military-intelligence agencies to discredit, intimidate or create controversy around particular witnesses, has yet to be developed.

For example, numerous efforts to discredit Cooper in particular by referring to inconsistencies in his statements, retractions, egregious behavior and stated positions, may be due in part or in whole to the policy of military-intelligence officials to discredit and/or intimidate Cooper from leaking classified information that he may very well have witnessed in his official capacities. Since Cooper’s military record does indicate he did serve in an official capacity on the briefing team of the Commander of the Pacific Fleet, it is most likely that much of his testimony is credible. Whatever inaccuracies exist in terms of his recollections of the timing of meetings between the Eisenhower administration and ETs may either have been due to memory lapses or perhaps deliberately introduced as a self-protective mechanism.

It has been pointed out by some ‘whistleblowers’ that making retractions or sowing inaccuracies in testimonies is sometimes essential in disseminating information without being physically harmed. [37] The controversial Cooper had been subjected to undoubtedly the longest and most intense military-intelligence efforts to discredit or intimidate any whistleblower revealing classified information. [until they finally killed him in 2001].

The non-disclosure policy developed for the ET presence is most likely due to a profound policy dilemma on the part of responsible national security officials. This dilemma comes from uncertainty over what the true benefits of the purported 1954 Greada Treaty were, and what the consequences of the Treaty would be. While the signing of the Greada Treaty provided US national security agencies an opportunity to study ET technologies, and to observe the ET biological program with abducted civilians, it appeared the Treaty was not as beneficial as was first thought due to excessive abductions of US civilians.

The subsequent behavior of Greys in their interactions with US national security agencies was the most likely reason for deferring a decision to release news of the Greada Treaty and the ET presence to the global public. According to Lights’ testimony, Eisenhower had indicated to those present on February 20-21, 1954, that an announcement would be made soon after the First Contact event. Since this didn’t occur, and the Greada Treaty was eventually signed with a different group of ETs–the Greys–this suggested that the national security agencies were deeply divided over the wisdom of disclosing this information, and alarmed by the possible public reaction to the Grey activities.

At his farewell speech in 1961, President Eisenhower was possibly alluding to the growing power of national security agencies that dealt with the extraterrestrial presence and were gaining great power as a result of the dilemma over what to do with the ET presence:

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. “If the President was dissatisfied with the non-disclosure of the ET presence, then his speech was indicating that the responsible national security agencies were both dominating public policy and taking a ‘hard-line approach’ that was inconsistent with American democratic ideals.

In the subsequent decades, it appears that on a number of occasions, official disclosure was seriously contemplated. For example, Robert Emenegger and Allan Sandler claimed they were approached by the Pentagon in 1972 to produce an officially sanctioned video that would be used for official public disclosure of the ET presence. When the offer was later withdrawn, the reason given was that the time was no longer suitable due to the Watergate Scandal. While it is undoubtedly true that political factors would impact on making a formal disclosure announcement, it is more likely the case that non-disclosure was caused by lack of clarity over what the true motivations of the ETs were, and the impact an announcement would have on ET activities. Making any announcement of the ET presence would naturally have lead to questions concerning their motivations and activities. If officials couldn’t agree on appropriate answers, they most likely decided that it was better to defer disclosure rather than threaten national security by making inaccurate announcements.

The precise nature of ET abductions and medical programs implemented by Greys has been extensively researched and discussed by a number of UFO researchers. Their conclusions vary widely, suggesting that the deep disagreement among private UFO researchers over the motivations and activities of the Greys very likely mirrors of official government sources. [38] As long as such uncertainty continues, it appears that disclosure may continue to be deferred until key global events no longer makes the non-disclosure policy viable.


An examination of the evidence presented in this paper in terms of whistleblower or witness testimonies raises tremendous problems in terms of coming to a conclusive opinion over:

  • first, the truth of the alleged ‘First Contact’ meeting between Eisenhower and ETs;
  • secondly, claims of more than one set of ETss meeting with the Eisenhower administration; and
  • third, the various policy issues that arise from the meetings and subsequent Greada Treaty that was allegedly signed.–not to mention–
  • fourth, the life outcomes that have occurred for humanity in terms of perceived safety and for ETs in terms of viability on this planet and desirability of their continued presence. Are they an invading force, or are they a cooperative force? After 50 years, we ought to be able to see and judge for ourselves, what have ETs wrought, here?Most perplexing is how to view the testimonies of whistleblowers who appear sincere, positively motivated and have plausible stories, yet are plagued by controversy, allegations of fraud, inconsistency and other irregularities. Due to the official secrecy policy adopted towards the extraterrestrial presence, it may be concluded that some if not most of the controversy surrounding these individuals has been caused by military-intelligence agencies intent on discrediting whistleblower or witness testimonies. [But at this point, why is our data still limited to second-hand sources?–ed]While there continues to be uncertainty caused by the controversy surrounding whistleblower testimonies and the role of military-intelligence agencies in generating this controversy, the bulk of evidence points to a ‘First Contact’ meeting having occurred during Eisenhower’s Palm Spring vacation on February 20-21, 1954. The testimonies suggest that ETs in the First Contact event, a race of tall ‘Nordics’ were spurned due to their reluctance to provide advanced technology in an agreement. A subsequent meeting and Greada Treaty was then signed with a different group of ETs, commonly called Greys, who did not have the same reluctance in exchanging their technology as part of an agreement.Most available evidence that has found its way into the public arena suggests that the ET race with whom the Greada Treaty was signed–the Greys–are at best an enigma and at worst simply untrustworthy in their treatment of abducted civilians. The subsequent shift in witness reports from friendly ET ‘contacts’ to disturbing ‘abductions’, suggest that the Eisenhower administration had signed a Treaty with ETs whose motivations and activities are an enigma as far as the general public interest is concerned. The activities of the Grey ETs apparently continues to raise uncertainty for US national security agencies in terms of an appropriate strategic response. [39] On the contrary, the friendly Nordic ‘space brothers’ faded from the scene since the Eisenhower administration saw them as not sufficiently motivated to serve the technological and strategic goals of US national security agencies.The question of when disclosure of the Greada Treaty signed by Eisenhower and of the ET presence might occur is one that has long been anticipated. A recent economic event might be a signal that some form of disclosure is possible in the near future. According to Craig Copetas, Bloomberg News correspondent in Paris, the World Economic Forum at Davos Switzerland from January 21-25, 2004, discussed ETs at one or more closed sessions. In a story published on January 21, Copetas claimed that “forum officials maintain their five-day program on Partnering for Security and Prosperity requires an unambiguous examination of ET presence on Earth.” [40] The Davos Forum is a gauge for trends in the global economy and discusses various topics that have a long term effect on business and the business cards that travel the world.. The inclusion of conspiracy theories of an ET presence and technologies on the formal agenda has significance well beyond the hypothetical nature of the discussion. Various national governments may well be tacitly letting the word out to their ‘friends in the business community’, that they had better start exploring how a future disclosure of an ET presence and technologies will influence the business world. Given the discussion at Davos on January 21, 2004, of a possible ET, and the forthcoming 50th anniversary of Eisenhower’s Greada Treaty on February 20-21, it might be speculated that a disclosure announcement may soon be made.As we approach the 50th anniversary of a First Contact meeting between the US and an ET races, we must do so with wonder at the awesome nature of this occasion. At the same time, we must do whatever necessary to make public the full details of the meeting . The apparent spurning of what appears to be a principled ET race that rejected technology transfers while dangerous weapons programs were in place in the US and elsewhere on the planet. The subsequent signing of a Greada Treaty at a later date with an ET race willing to trade technology in exchange for ‘limited medical experiments’ with civilians will surely go down in history as a deeply significant event whose effects continues to reverberate through human society. Finally, we must be alert to the mounting evidence that while a Greada Treaty was signed after the 1954 ‘First Contact’ event, it may well have been with the ‘wrong ETs’, and that this might adversely impact on humanity if not dealt with in an open, transparent and truthful manner. We live on the verge of a bold new future with many uncertainties over the secrecy surrounding the ET presence, what best prepares us as this information enters into the public arena are our faith, democratic values, and dedication to truth.——————————————————————————–
    ENDNOTES[1] I sincerely thank H.M for his generous support of my research and providing the intellectually stimulating environment for many of the ideas in the paper to be developed. Grateful thanks also to George Arnold and two other librarians at American University’s Main Library who provided research assistance. I am also grateful to William Hamilton for permission to cite his personal notes of a 1991 interview with Sgt Charles L. Suggs. Finally thanks to Clay and Shawn Pickering for arranging interviews with individuals who had personal knowledge of meetings between the Eisenhower administration and extraterrestrials.[2] William Moore, “UFO’s: Exploring the ET Phenomenon,” Gazette (Hollywood, CA., March 29, 1989). Available online at:[3] William Moore, “UFO’s: Exploring the ET Phenomenon,”[4] John Spencer, “Light, Gerald,” The UFO Encyclopedia: Inexplicable Sightings, Alien Abductions, Close Encounters, Brilliant Hoaxes (Avon Books, 1991) 188.[5] “A Covenant With Death by Bill Cooper,” Also in William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse (Light Technology Publishing 1991), 203.[6] For biographical details on “Edwin G. Nourse, Ph.D. (1883-1974)” go to:[7] For closure of Cardinal McIntyre’s records, see regulations governing access to the Los Angeles Catholic Archives[8] Franklin Winthrop Allen was author of Instructions for Reporters for Hearings Before the Interstate Commerce Committee (Dispatch Press, 1918).[9] See William Moore, “UFO’s: Exploring the ET Phenomenon,”[10] Cooper, “Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12,”[11] Personal notes from Bill Hamilton from a 1991 interview with Sgt Suggs.[12] Personal notes from William Hamilton from a 1991 interview with Sgt Suggs. See also William Hamilton, Cosmic Top Secret (Inner Light, 1992).[13] “John Lear Disclosure Briefing,” Coast to Coast Radio (November, 2003)[14] 21st Century Radio’s Hieronimus & Co. “Transcript of Interview with Bob Dean, March 24, 1996,” . See also Larry Lowe, “Perspective on Robert O. Dean: Let’s Listen to the Man,” (CNI News, 1995)[15] Milton William Cooper, “Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12,” . See also Cooper, Behold A Pale Horse, 202.[16] Milton William Cooper, “Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12,”[17] Milton William Cooper, “Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12,”[18] “1972 Film Disclosure Offer,”[19] Milton William Cooper, “Origin, Identity, and Purpose of MJ-12,”, also in Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse, 203-04.[20] Phil Schneider, “MUFON Conference Presentation, 1995,” available online at:[21] See Chris Stoner, ‘The Revelations of Dr Michael Wolf on the UFO Cover Up and ET Reality,” (October 2000)

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