UN Immigration Compact

Truthers, researchers and Whistleblowers all across the Earth have been warning for decades that there is a global agenda run by a small group of persons who believe themselves to be the Enlightened Wise Ones.  They have been meeting in secret for longer than anyone could conceive or believe.  They have been feverishly working behind … Click Here to Read More


The WHOLE WORLD NEEDS TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING IN THE NEXT COUPLE WEEKS!  This is no time to be asleep.  TRUST ME this event is of ASTRONOMICAL SIGNIFICANCE!  This is no small thing.  GOD WILL NOT ALLOW THIS TO OCCUR WITHOUT REPERCUSSION.  GOD IS NOT MOCKED!! These fools are planning to ascend … Click Here to Read More

No Monkeying Around – The Medical Take Over Off To A Strong Start

UPDATE: Video added 5/22/22 Brothers and Sisters, we are coming into some dangerous and scary times.  The next six months will see our world completely changed.  If you are not aware there is a World Health Assembly meeting starting tomorrow and ending on the 28th. In that meeting they plan to transfer power from the … Click Here to Read More


I am really not into sports.  At one time I did enjoy going to the track to see the horses.  Not being prone to gambling, I just like to look at them at watch them run.  But, when I saw people gambling away their rent, their groceries, their future… I stopped going. So I did … Click Here to Read More

What you don’t know… WILL KILL YOU!

IN LOVING MEMORY AND HONOR OF ALL THOSE WHO DIED IN THE FALSE FLAG THAT WAS 9/11/01 Posted: 09/11/2021 TAGS: King of Elements, Carbon, Graphene Oxide, Nanotubes, Teslaphoresis, Bio-Medical Industry, Hydrogels,  DARPA, COVID 19, Vaccines, Viruses, Military-Funded Biosensor,  blood brain barrier, LUCIFEROUS-bioluminescence, cytotoxicity, La Quinta Columna Report, TEM Microscopy, Nanodots, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson, … Click Here to Read More

70 Nations to Serve Israel

TAGS: Ashkenazi, , Babylonian Talmud, Deity of Jesus,  Guillotines,  Halacha,  Hasidic Judaism,  Jewish. Mysticism,  Kabbalah,  Noahide Movement, Oral Law, Pharisees, psak din, Rabbinical Law,  Sanhedrin,  Torah, United Nations, Universal Noahide Law , 70 Nations Organization, Jewish Supremacy, WOW… I am telling you, we are going to see the LORD in the clouds anytime!! I have to say that I am blown … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: Kabbalah, Hebrew Roots, Halacha, Jewish Mysticism, Babylonian Talmud, Rabbinical Law, Noahide Movement, Universal Noahide Law, United Nations, Oral Law, Torah, Pharisees, Baal Shem Tov,  Hasidic Judaism, Karaites, Moshiach, Deity of Jesus, Mishnah, mitzvot, Ashkenazi, Sanhedrin, psak din, decapitation, Guillotines,  I wasn’t quite sure what post to work on, as I see the time running out.  But, … Click Here to Read More


Tags: Creators, Innovators, Disruptive Technologies, World Changers, United Nations, Millenium Project, Agenda 2021, Agenda 2030, Agenda 2050, Income Inequality, Depopulation, Redistributing Wealth, Rich 1%, Poor 99%   If you are like me, you probably have NEVER HEARD of the INNOMPIC GAMES.  If you perform an online search you are not likely to turn up much … Click Here to Read More


Personally, I am encouraged.  At least a little bit.  Because the elite seem to be frustrated, even baffled to find that things are not coming together as easily as they expected.  I believe this is thanks to the Holy Spirit and the willing hearts of the TRUTHERS who are bringing truth to light.  People are … Click Here to Read More

Aliens? Disclosure? Monoliths?

Back in the 50’s and 60’s, we did not have access to information on the “Alien Agenda”.   There really were no whistle blowers revealing any truth about what our government was up to.  In the late 70’s early 80’s  we started to hear about Aliens, government experimentation on the public, and underground bases.  There were … Click Here to Read More


They are preparing the world to accept the NEW ORDER.  SERFDOM/Slavery is the fate of the masses, that is, those who survive the purge.  They know that it is much harder to control the masses by force, so they are applying a different kind of authority.  They have you convinced that they are working for … Click Here to Read More

Poser Pope still Promulgating Poop

It is unbelievable the things that come out of the mouth of the PONTIFF.  UNBELIEVABLE!  How does anyone not see that this man is not a Servant of Yah/GOD/The CREATOR.  NOT A REPRESENTATIVE OF JESUS CHRIST.  He could not be any clearer about it.  Over and Over again he declares things that clearly demonstrate that … Click Here to Read More

Is there a Pandemic? IS Mandatory Vaccines the Answer?

10/22/2020 This subject will be a HUGE issue as we come closer to the end.  There will be many outbreaks.  There are several factors here: (1)  the JUDGMENT of GOD on a Godless society, (2) the Scientific community and their experiments with germs, (3)  CRISPR being made so easily available and amateurs playing with genetics, … Click Here to Read More


 NOW IS THE TIME We are living in PERILOUS TIMES and they are getting worse by the SECOND!  If there EVER was a time when PRAYER was needed it is now.  This coming election (if we see one) will be THE MOST IMPORTANT election ever in the history of our nation.   Now, I don’t care … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 3/17/22 THOUSANDS of FRONTLINE DOCTORS. HAVE RISEN UP FOR TRUTH. WHAT WILL YOU DO NOW? WE ARE IN A BATTLE. IT IS THE TRUTH AGAINST THE LIE. This Post is LOADED.   Hard to introduce to you.  No way to put it in a category.  YET it is all related, and all vital information.   YOU … Click Here to Read More