No Monkeying Around – The Medical Take Over Off To A Strong Start

UPDATE: Video added 5/22/22 Brothers and Sisters, we are coming into some dangerous and scary times.  The next six months will see our world completely changed.  If you are not aware there is a World Health Assembly meeting starting tomorrow and ending on the 28th. In that meeting they plan to transfer power from the … Click Here to Read More

WHO Pandemic Treaty – How to Stop It

This is kind of a sister post to the one I just posted.  This is pretty much just a repost of an article that tells us how to stop the WHO Pandemic Treaty.  It was so thorough, I decided to just repost it.  I am also including a video from Alex Jones.  Great job of … Click Here to Read More


I am really not into sports.  At one time I did enjoy going to the track to see the horses.  Not being prone to gambling, I just like to look at them at watch them run.  But, when I saw people gambling away their rent, their groceries, their future… I stopped going. So I did … Click Here to Read More