BILL GATES – Bullied and Misunderstood???

We who oppose Bill Gates are not fanatical, religious, crazy, fearful, idiots!   We are earnest truth seekers who diligently sift through the bullshit propaganda propagated on the public by the media and political forces.  When the people HEAR the real truth, they recognize it and they are outraged. Poor Bill, he is feeling persecuted because … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit  THE FACE OF EVIL? BILL GATES AND VACCINES on BITCHUTE Bill Gates has his hand in so many different aspects of the depopulation plans of the New World Order he is like an Octopus! His reach is everywhere.   The more directions you look, the more you find BILL GATES. Money is POWER and … Click Here to Read More


ARE YOU FEELING IT??  You betcha!  EVERYONE IS IN SHOCK!  How could our WORLD be turned upside down SO QUICKLY??  Almost overnight, we the world we find ourselves in is a foreign, unhappy and uncomfortable place.  We are being dehumanized, robbed of our basic rights, and treated like criminals.  Our livelihoods have been ripped from … Click Here to Read More


WOW, they are escalating things so fast everyone’s head is spinning.  This virus is the ENDGAME, I am convinced, whether this is the final “Pandemic” or not.  I have been telling people for years that HEALTHCARE is the vehicle they will use to CONTROL the Population.  When I started working in the field of Health … Click Here to Read More

update 4/17/20 – BILL GATES – COVID 19 – ID2020 – GLOBALIZATION

The mainstream media and their Elite Controllers would have you believe that BILL and MELINDA GATES are just the best thing since sliced bread.  They want you to consider the Gates to be grand philanthropists moved by the plight of poor and hungry children around the world.  Do you buy it?? I DON”T!  I have … Click Here to Read More

COVID 19 – Wuhan CoronaVirus – Biological Attack on Humanity?

**** MOST of the VIDEOS and Documents that were available when this news first hit have been CENSORED!!!  Even those who are very computer savvy and had found ways to get around the censors have been blocked, deleted and removed.  People have gone to jail, been threatened, assaulted, tortured and/or KILLED for letting the information … Click Here to Read More

Take the LOG from Your Eye – Part 5- One World Church

To my dear Catholic friends I want to say, do not feel singled out or attacked.  WE HAVE ALL BEEN DUPED.  SOLD DOWN THE RIVER by those to whom we entrusted our lives, and those to whom we have entrusted our souls.  It is very sad. As I said earlier, I am excited and encouraged … Click Here to Read More

Update 10/11/19 – OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!

We are ever so close now my friends.  The signs are everywhere for those with eyes to see.  I don’t know how anyone can miss them or even deny they are so evident.  Prophecy is being fulfilled minute by minute now.  The birth pains are rapidly increasing.  The final details are falling into place.   WE … Click Here to Read More

Will You Stand to SAVE THE CHILDREN?? – 6 yr olds taught to Masterbate, 4 yr olds asked to touch each other IN SCHOOL!

WOW!!  The escalation rate of this onslaught against our children, is mind blowing!  If anyone does not recognize that our children are under attack they are blind!  We are commanded by GOD to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.  WILL YOU STAND!   There are groups organizing to stand together.  Please find one … Click Here to Read More

Let’s Have a Serious Talk About Epidemics – Part 2 – Candida Auris

  Today we are going to talk about Candida Auris.  A fungal disease that was first identified in 2009 in Japan.  It was first discovered in the US in 2013. A retrospective review of Candida strain collections found that the earliest known strain of C. Auris dates to 1996 in South Korea. CDC considers C. Auris an emerging pathogen … Click Here to Read More

Temple of BAAL – BAAL ARCH Rises again! – Part 2

  Truly I say to you that you have been warned.  There are so many of us now, putting the word out.  Anyone who has an ear to hear will know we speak the truth.  The days are fewer and fewer every morning you wake up.  Don’t hesitate.   YOU could miss your last chance.  Please, … Click Here to Read More