Where are we headed?

All of these topics are ones I have addressed in my posts.  Things are rapidly advancing and totally out of control.  It is important to revisit these topics and bring them to light.  To update those who are already aware and to bring awareness to those who are lagging behind. It is encouraging to see … Click Here to Read More

Magic Sword of the Elite

More and more information, more and more revelation, more and more understanding is being poured out on God’s people everyday.  Things are happening very fast and we need this information.  We are walking in the GREAT DECEPTION.  Only those who harken to the voice of God will avoid falling under the spell of the Fallen.   … Click Here to Read More

Color brings LIFE to the Old Gods

Inquiring minds, where are you?  Don’t you even wonder why it is suddenly SO IMPORTANT to retrieve all the old Temples and Mark them for Protection; meaning they are now owned  and controlled by the NWO?  Why the rebuilt/restored the Colosseum?  Why they are planning to erect the ARCHWAY/GATEWAY to the Temple of BAAL all … Click Here to Read More


UPDATE: 09/12/2021 WOW, they are escalating things so fast everyone’s head is spinning.  This virus is the ENDGAME, I am convinced, whether this is the final “Pandemic” or not.  I have been telling people for years that HEALTHCARE is the vehicle they will use to CONTROL the Population.  When I started working in the field … Click Here to Read More