I have to confess and apologize to GOD that I waivered in my belief about what is called the Rapture.  Long ago God opened up the Word to me and began teaching me from it.  When it came to scriptures about the Endtimes, God made it very clear to me that we are not appointed … Click Here to Read More

Where are we headed?

All of these topics are ones I have addressed in my posts.  Things are rapidly advancing and totally out of control.  It is important to revisit these topics and bring them to light.  To update those who are already aware and to bring awareness to those who are lagging behind. It is encouraging to see … Click Here to Read More


As we enter the HOLY WEEK both for Christians and for Jews, I feel an urgency in my spirit.  I pray that all will come to realize the ominous power of the time we are living.  We are so close now to HIS Return.  This is no time for games.  This is a time for … Click Here to Read More