CAT’S OUT OF THE BAG… They are Tracking Everything about YOU.

It is no wonder that these elite scumbags have been hiding like cockroaches all these years.  Sneaking around and acting like they are so high and mighty.  They are arrogant, narcissists who have stomped all over our humanity while building their empire on our hard earned money. I know it is so hard to accept … Click Here to Read More


Updates added 5/21/22 Well, folks, it looks like the period of GRACE is wrapping up and THE TRIBULATION is at the door.  Everything is happening exactly as the Word of GOD foretold from the beginning. We should take great comfort in that fact. I don’t see any way to stop the HELL ON EARTH that … Click Here to Read More

WHO Pandemic Treaty – How to Stop It

This is kind of a sister post to the one I just posted.  This is pretty much just a repost of an article that tells us how to stop the WHO Pandemic Treaty.  It was so thorough, I decided to just repost it.  I am also including a video from Alex Jones.  Great job of … Click Here to Read More

WHAT’s HAPPENING?? April 2022

Folks, take a look at what is going on.  The signs of the rapture and tribulation we have already evaluated.  There is no doubt of the times that we are living. Here, in these items we see the NEW WORLD ORDER coming into place.   spacer WE SEE THE MARK OF THE BEAST ENFORCING TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT! … Click Here to Read More

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