NO ‘Reasonable Expectation of Privacy’

I grew up in the 60s and 70s and often heard the phrase “the walls have ears”.  It was used to alert people that they might want to be careful what they are saying, in case someone might be listening.  It seemed a strange phrase to me and a bizarre image.  I am not sure … Click Here to Read More

Maui the ashes from which their 50 in 5 will RISE!

I happened to click on the first video below, it is about the Maui/Lahaina Fire.  It is an appeal for all of us to keep their plight in the spotlight and to NEVER FORGET.  This I think is very good advice, because the truth is that what happened in Maui is a serious ALARM and … Click Here to Read More

50-in-5 and C40 Cities and MORE

They are ready to implement all the projects they have been percolating behind the scenes since WWII.  I know that the majority of the people do not recognize that there is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY.  For most people, I imagine, that is a pretty scary thought to entertain.  Sadly, it is the truth. This post contains … Click Here to Read More