NO ‘Reasonable Expectation of Privacy’

I grew up in the 60s and 70s and often heard the phrase “the walls have ears”.  It was used to alert people that they might want to be careful what they are saying, in case someone might be listening.  It seemed a strange phrase to me and a bizarre image.  I am not sure … Click Here to Read More


Tower of Babel | Story, Themes & Significance The Tower of Babel is a mythical tower described in the book of Genesis in the Christian Old Testament. According to Genesis 11:1-9, all people used to speak the same language. Their unity of language allowed them to collaborate efficiently. They decided to build a grand tower, so tall … Click Here to Read More

Farmers Protest WORLDWIDE

The Globalists are closing in on ALL FARMS and RANCHES!  They are forcing them off of their land and out of business.  Shutting down ALL NATURAL FOOD SOURCES.  They want everyone eating their artificial food.  Whether that be modified vegetables and fruits, or artificial meet, or alternative “foods” like bugs, man made “plastic” food, or … Click Here to Read More


We serve an AWESOME and MARVELOUS CREATOR.  His mercy and grace toward us is unfathomable.  I know that whenever someone comes to see with spiritual eyes, the TRUTH of God’s Word and HIS great love for us, they can’t help but fall in love with HIM.  It is my hearts desire to serve to help … Click Here to Read More

What is happening at our BORDERS will be the end of life as you know it!

UPDATE ADDED 2/21/24; UPDATE ADDED 2/25/24 With all the Foreign Nationals coming in… YOU’RE GONNA NEED A GUN!!! FOR over 40 years now, probably much longer.  40 years, that is just how long I have been involved in warning the people.   But, for 40 years at least, TRUTHERS have been posting photos, videos, testimonies and … Click Here to Read More


WOW, what time it is!!  On the one hand, so much evil, so many dangers, so much violence and destruction.  At the same time, so much TRUTH being revealed on a daily basis!!  Deception being exposed.  People waking up and standing up!! If you are paying attention at all, you have to recognize that all … Click Here to Read More


I received an email from one of my friends.  It came with a blessing and a prayer for my recovery.  It was full of important information that is vital to your ability to stand through what is coming. I believe it is an urgent warning straight from the Throne of God.  I know they have … Click Here to Read More

DAVOS 2024

This year’s DAVOS Summit was full of surprises, for the invitee, for the leaders, for us poor folk who get the info second hand. I am not really sure what the Elite fear most right now.  AI or rebellious masses who refuse to trust the science. You pesky humans!!  Why don’t you behave?  Every time … Click Here to Read More


NGOs, 501C3, Large Corporations, Special Interest Groups, Environmentalists, Animal Rights Organizations, Children’s Research Hospitals, Cancer Centers, Heart Association, Emergency Aid Services,  Universities etc.. and all PHILANTHROPIC Organizations; AKA Non-Government Entities should currently be under a very high degree of suspicion and scrutiny.  CHARITY has been HIGHJACKED and given a bad reputation.  The truly altruistic giving … Click Here to Read More

Did Bayside Mall, Miami become a PORTAL?

UPDATE: 1/10/24 Here is a very interesting story.  You may have heard about it, but I just learned of it this morning.  It seemed that God wanted me to share it so I began my spirit lead research.  Apparently, there has been a grand effort to suppress all the testimony and evidence of this incident.  … Click Here to Read More

WHAT?? WEF to Fact Check the BIBLE?

That is right folks!  According to the WEF the bible is loaded with misinformation and untruths which need to be corrected.  The bible is out of date and out of step with modern society and needs to be UDATED.  Who better to FACT CHECK they Bible than AI?? “We are almost like gods.” Israeli author … Click Here to Read More


Warming up the planet to melt the glaciers and flood the earth.  Satan playing God as usual.  Are they removing the CO2 to prepare us to live in the ocean? Satan created Dagon and worship of Marine entities.  He wants to convince humanity that they were created from the Ocean gods and NOT our Heavenly … Click Here to Read More

Concordia – BIZARRE Any way you look at it.

UPDATE ADDED 12/29/23 This post is an indepth look at the baffling tale of the Costa Concordia collision with THE ROCK on FRIDAY 13th of January, 2012  at 9.44 pm near the Isle of Giglio. Yes, this is an old story, and you may think you know all that you care to know about it.  … Click Here to Read More

COP 28 – Charles – 7 years to 2030

KING CHARLES (of the line of CHARLAMAGNE/in the New Caroleon after King Charles the 1st) warns us that we are now only SEVEN YEARS away from 2030. In his speech for the opening of COP28, Charles said some very interesting and disturbing things. Here are a few that I found ringing alarm bells in my … Click Here to Read More

People have uncovered the TRUTH and the Elite are Scared!

They thought they had everything under control.  They owned everything, they made the rules, they decided what we could see and hear, they controlled the money, they controlled the jobs, they even controlled the weather.  They were well on their way to gaining full control of our bodies, minds and even our spirits.  BUT, somehow, … Click Here to Read More