Concordia – BIZARRE Any way you look at it.

UPDATE ADDED 12/29/23 This post is an indepth look at the baffling tale of the Costa Concordia collision with THE ROCK on FRIDAY 13th of January, 2012  at 9.44 pm near the Isle of Giglio. Yes, this is an old story, and you may think you know all that you care to know about it.  … Click Here to Read More


SO many people have been displaced through not fault of their own over the past 10 years!  The fires, the flooding, the Tornados and the Hurricanes.  That does not even take into consideration all the other causes or people losing their livelihood and their homes. Outsourced, Downsized, Laid Off, Quarantined, Replaced by Automation/Robotics, undercut by … Click Here to Read More