BEWARE THE IDES OF MARCH! – March 15, 2020

Right on Cue –  COVID 19 may overwhelm US  Hospitals  by Sunday, March 15.  If you have been watching and listening you are not surprised to hear this news.  They have been predicting this would be the case.  I hope that you are beginning to see that the elite who run the world do everything … Click Here to Read More

Only the Beginning – Interfaithism – Coming Out

The World is preparing for the End.  There is horror coming.  Evil is about to be unleashed such as has never been seen before and God promises it will NEVER BE SEEN AGAIN!  Praise God.  Man cannot imagine the horror that is about to befall the earth.  The masses are crying out for it.  They … Click Here to Read More

Take the LOG from Your Eye – PART 1 – The Synod

Why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ while there is still a beam in your own eye? You hypocrite(s)! First take the beam out of your own … Click Here to Read More

Will No One Stand to Save the Children? – Part 5 – The LIE that is Child “Protective” Services

The reason that GOD set up the family as the first established government was to protect us from tyranny.  GOD set up the household based on his design which is perfect.  The Father as the head, fully submitted to GOD who is the covering.  Man was designed to be the provider and protector.  Everything about … Click Here to Read More

2028 – Part 1 – Their Projected Image – What is on your Horizon?

Wow, another adventure with the Lord today.  I never know where these rabbit holes are going to lead me.  When He begins to show me something, I just follow. I am not even sure what started me off on this adventure. I began to look up 2028 because I was reminded of a friend of … Click Here to Read More

Satan’s Latest Weapon in the Battle for Your Mind – Part 4 – ElectroMagnetic Manipulation

THIS IS AN APPEAL to those out there who get a kick out of mocking “Conspiracy Theorists” and harassing people who are doing their best to save your lives.  This is not a joke.  THIS STUFF IS EVER SO REAL and BECOMING A VERY CRUCIAL MATTER in relation to YOUR SURVIVAL.   I AM BEGGING YOU … Click Here to Read More

God? Bible? Religion? Faith? – Will there be a BAN on the Bible? Who Cares? Do YOU?

As we come closer to the end, darkness is becoming darker.  The devil and his minions are working overtime.  THEY HATE GOD, and so THEY HATE HIS CHILDREN.  ALL who follow Christ will suffer persecution on some level.  Some more than others.  But, if you are not feeling it…you should check yourself to see if … Click Here to Read More

Update 7/31/19 – USA Events Happening NOW – July

It cannot be disputed.  At ONE TIME this Nation was the GREATEST NATION in the WORLD.   The American public has in the past been the most honorable, hard-working, GOD-FEARING, generous, inspiring people in the WORLD!  I am not talking about our Government.  I am talking about the AMERICAN PEOPLE.  Individuals who are the backbone of … Click Here to Read More


I have to say that I am dumbfounded by the seeming stupidity of the American public.  They just don’t seem to be able to use the mind that GOD gave them.  They are totally manipulated by the media, and totally clueless.  I know that is why the government wants to see the death of all … Click Here to Read More


Earthquakes are not really weather so I felt that they needed their own Article.  I am not really into earthquakes and tracking them.  I will not post here often.  Earthquakes kind of happen suddenly and they are gone. But, if I see a pattern or some convincing evidence of a timely warning… I will let … Click Here to Read More

THE UN IS NOT YOUR FRIEND – Part 8 – ReWILDING Project – Part 2

UN AGENDA TO DEPOPULATE THE WORLD USING WILD BEASTS Revelation 6:7-8  The Fourth Seal of Judgment “When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, “Come!”  I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind … Click Here to Read More


THE MAJORITY OF THIS DOCUMENT WAS WRITTEN/COMPILED BY A MINISTRY CALLED “THE CUTTING EDGE”  Kudos to them and many thanks.  Please visit their website by clicking.  HERE   I wish I had an update to this article because there has been an enormous increase in disasters since this article was written.  I am sure you can … Click Here to Read More

PANDEMIC – OUTBREAK – Diseases, Epidemics, Pandemics and Plagues

This subject will be a HUGE issue as we come closer to the end.  There will be many outbreaks.  There are several factors here: (1)  the JUDGMENT of GOD on a Godless society, (2) the Scientific community and their experiments with germs, (3)  CRISPR being made so easily available and amateurs playing with genetics, (4)  … Click Here to Read More

Temple of BAAL – BAAL ARCH Rises again! – Part 1

OK, well, we caught it too late to warn you to pray.  However, we knew we had not seen the last of this Pagan Arch.  They have big plans to bring BAAL Worship back full force.  They are using UNESCO- World Heritage to promote Paganism in all of its forms around the world.   These Pagan … Click Here to Read More

Restored 3/18/20 Notre Dame – Part 3 – World Heritage

Beside the fact that the fires at Notre Dame Cathedral, St John the Divine Cathedral and the Al Aqsa Mosque all occurred in close relation to Beltaine, and many of the huge catastrophic events like the WACO Brand Davidian Tragedy, the Oklahoman Bombing, Columbine,  and so many others, it also happens to coincide with the … Click Here to Read More