What is happening at our BORDERS will be the end of life as you know it!

With all the Foreign Nationals coming in… YOU’RE GONNA NEED A GUN!!!

FOR over 40 years now, probably much longer.  40 years, that is just how long I have been involved in warning the people.   But, for 40 years at least, TRUTHERS have been posting photos, videos, testimonies and news items about the foreign Countries building up military bases just outside our borders,  about foreign terrorists running trainging camps in many states, about the illegal aliens bursting through our borders who were primarily men of fighting age from countries that are our enemies.

They have been pouring in for years and years, but now they are FLOODING IN… a literal tsunami or foreign agents.  America has been impenetrable for centuries.  We have been isolated and protected.  NO ONE could take us by land or sea.  BUT, TODAY, we are not only allowing foreign troops to infiltrate our border, we are inviting them in and paying their way.  WHAT???!! ??  What a slap in the face of all the young men and women who bravely fought, suffered injury and maiming, or died, believing they were protecting the nation they loved from the evil that lay outside our borders.

Texas has been feeling the brunt of this invasion for many years.  If any state knows the truth about what is happening it is Texas,  of course California, New Mexico, Arizona and Nevada know, too.

Texas is a state full of good hearted, hard working, God-fearing people.  We care just as much as the people of any other state.  We care about people, families, the poor, the sick and the elderly.  Texans are very giving people.  But, what is coming through our borders is cause for alarm.  This is a serious threat to our families, our communities, our states and our nation.  If it is not already too late,  WE NEED TO PUT A STOP TO IT!

Understand, that there are cells of terrorists in every state.  They are ready a any given time to wreak havoc.  They are just waiting for the signal or the most opportune moment.  Many states have already been affected by attacks on their grid and/or their infrastructure, as well as Digital Attacks on their operations.

I thank God for Governor Abbott!  He at least is making a stand for what he believes!!  Every American who loves the USA ought to get behind Governor Abbott and the State of Texas.  Stand UP!!

If you don’t stand up now… you will be fighting for your lives when the enemy is at your door.  I hope to God you are READY!