COP 28 – Charles – 7 years to 2030

KING CHARLES (of the line of CHARLAMAGNE/in the New Caroleon after King Charles the 1st) warns us that we are now only SEVEN YEARS away from 2030.

In his speech for the opening of COP28, Charles said some very interesting and disturbing things.

Here are a few that I found ringing alarm bells in my ears.

We are carrying out a vast,  frightening experiment, of changing every ecological condition  all at once. at a pace that far outstrips nature’s ability to cope.    Just what is the reference here and WHO is experimenting with EVERY ECOLOGICAL CONDITION?  

We need to remember too, that the indigenous worldview that we are all connected. Not only as human beings, but with all living things and all that  sustains life.

Though the majority of the world may be convinced that indigenous people have the answers and are closest to nature,  Bible believers and followers of Christ KNOW that all people before Christ came to redeem us were lost and slaves to sin.  The Hebrew people were given a type  and shadow of Christ’s redemption but only temporary redemption which had to be addressed on a regular basis, over and over.  Christ came and paid the price, ONCE FOR ALL.  ALL pagan beliefs are of the DEVIL and those who practice them are LOST.

The bible teaches us that we are ONE with TRUE BELIEVERS… and everyone and everything else is perishing.  We are to preach the Good News to those who are lost in an effort to save their souls.  But we are not one with them or with the earth, or plants, or with the water or anything else on the earth or in it.  We are with the Father through the blood CHRIST and with all who are in Christ.

As part of this grand and sacred system, harmony with nature must be maintained.

We are the caretakers of God’s Creation that is true.  we should live in truth, reality, and in harmony with all if possible.  If harmony with NATURE is the goal, that NO INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION is justifiable.  THE MACHINE is ANTI-GOD and ANTI-Nature.  It is UNNATURAL.   INDUSTRY and MECHANICS is what destroys nature and our relationship with it.  

The Earth Does not belong to Us.  We belong to the Earth.

That is just a lie from the pit of Hell.  We do not belong to the Earth.  We belong to GOD.  EARTH is NOT OUR HOME.  Our TRUE HOME is with GOD.  The earth is a place where we work out our salvation, where we come to know about GOD and make our CHOICE whether we will live according to God’s plan and become part of his family through the GIFT of the Sacrifice of Christ/Messiah, or we will follow our sinful hearts and live for the Devil and meet the same fate as the Fallen.  

Planet Earth facts and information

24 The earth is the Lord‘s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.

Isaiah 45:12

12 I am the one who made the earth and created people to live on it. With my hands I stretched out the heavens. All the stars are at my command. 12 I made earth, and I created man and woman to live on it.

Psalms 115:16

The heaven, even the heavens, are the LORD’s; But the earth He has given to the children of men.

What is the purpose of the earth?
Our home planet provides us with life and protects us from space. Earth, our home planet, is a world unlike any other. The third planet from the sun, Earth is the only place in the known universe confirmed to host life. Source

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Royal Family/ Instagram still/ fair use

King Charles has made an impassioned plea for countries to work together to tackle the climate issues facing the world.

His Majesty delivered a keynote speech at the opening session of COP28 in Dubai and he had a striking message for his audience, telling them ”The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth.”

The King touched on a wide range of issues in his speech which received an ovation.

King Charles urged everyone to play a part, saying ”in your hands is an unmissable opportunity to keep our common hope alive. I can only urge you to meet it with ambition, imagination, and a true sense of the emergency we face, and together with a commitment to the practical action upon which our shared future depends.”

As politicians, agencies and NGOs from around the world gathered, they heard The King prioritise five areas he felt needed urgent attention 1) strengthening multilateral organisations, ensuring 2) finance for developments needed for a sustainable future, accelerating the 3) development of clean technology and renewable energy, bringing together 4) solutions to form a long term, multi national approach and 5) creating a shared, ambitious view for the next 100 years.

King Charles has talked before about protecting the environment for future generations and he told COP28 that ”in 2050 our grandchildren won’t be asking what we said, they will be living with the consequences of what we did or didn’t do.”

The King concluded ”if we act together to safeguard our precious planet, the welfare of all our people will surely follow. We need to remember that the indigenous world view teaches us that we are all connected. Not only as human beings, but with all living things and all that sustains life.”

COP28 will continue over the coming days.

How appropriate that the NEW KING should make his request at the COP28 in DUBAI, United Arab Emirates. In case you did not know, the Royal Family has very tight ties with the Muslim/Arab nations.




Prince Charles dances Saudi-style

Images of Britain’s Prince Charles joining members of the Saudi royal family for the traditional ‘Arda’ dance, at the Janadriya culture festival in Der’iya, Riyadh. The ‘Arda’ features men and boys dancing and singing in formation with swords in hand.

charles 1
charles 1

Prince Charles can be seen in the photo wearing the traditional ankle-length shirt (dress) known as a thawb. On his head, he is sporting the ghutra, a large square of cotton, which is folded diagonally over a skullcap, called a kufiyyah, secured by a cord, referred to as an igaal.

The heir to the British throne also makes an attempt at the ‘Ardha,’ a folklore dance indigenous to Saudi Arabia performed at celebrations or cultural events. The performance, carried out by men carrying swords, is typically accompanied by drums and spoken poetry.   Source

charles 2
charles 2


There is not doubt that this dance and the costumes, poetry, songs and rhythms are all part of a Religious Ritual.  I tried to look up the names of the different aspects and articles of clothing, however I was not able to find etymology and meanings for any of them.  They obviously don’t want anyone in the West to know.

No doubt there will be those who will say that as the King Charles was just making an effort to connect with the Saudi leaders.  Not so.  First of all, he has an established relationship with them.  As a representative of his people, he should NOT put on the garb and participate in the rituals of a foreign nation.  


Al-Ardha – The National Sword Dance of Saudi Arabia

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saudi arabesque - traditional sword dance menWarrior dances are a nostalgic reminder of former heroic battles. A remembrance of the Kingdom’s ancient heritage, Saudi Arabian traditional men’s sword dance Al-Ardha brings to life timeless chanting of bedouin poets, expressing victory and pride of Saudi history.

One group of participants forms two facing rows, standing shoulder to shoulder. They wear traditional clothing specific to the Najd region of Saudi Arabia: long embroidered coats known as “daghla”, in tailored straight cut, with upright collar and six buttons. Daghla is worn over white cotton thawb called “murowdin”, with long triangular sleeves. Men hold swords in their right hands.

saudi arabesque - traditional sword dance men coat saudi arabesque - traditional sword dance man coat design

Basic cut of the Al-Ardha dancer’s outfit  Image source  The Art of Arabian Costume, a Saudi Arabian Profile book by Heather Colyer Ross

Long pointy sleeves of the murowdin extend beyond the slit sleeves of the coat. The coat is fastened by two sets of cords: cross-tied inside and outside the coat. The fabric is usually paisley brocade in earth colors.

Image source 

The Al-Ardha attire is completed with a leather ammunition belt, displaying an impressive arsenal of bullets and a dagger, which is worn diagonally across the chest and on the waist.


You might recognize some of the performers in the next few photos, taken on the special occasions of their honorary visits to Saudi Arabia.

You will notice that NONE of these political leaders/heads of state put on the Garb.  We don’t know if they participated in the ritual.  Looks like these were just photo ops.

saudi arabesque - traditional sword dance men outfit

US President George W. Bush performing Saudi Arabian sword dance  Image source

saudi arabesque - traditional sword dance 1

French President Francois Hollande performs sword dance during his visit to Saudi Arabia.  Image source

saudi arabesque - traditional sword dance 2

Chinese President Xi Jinping performing Saudi Arabian sword dance  Image source

saudi arabesque - traditional sword dance 3

French president Nicolas Sarkozy being introduced to Saudi Arabian sword dance   Image source

US President Obama and Russian President Putin have also visited the Kingdom, however no photographic evidence of their dancing skills were found.   

We all know that Obama is a Muslim.  I don’t know much about Putin. 


The following video is a recording of the entire speech.


The following video is a good break down of the major remarks made by Charles, from a Biblical perspective.