Ok, I have had several people mention this to me.  I never caught it during the actual ceremony, I was focused on other things that were going on.  However, many people saw it live, it was captured on video, shared on the internet and there have been multiple videos made about it.

All I can say is that they have yet to come up with a good explanation.  I don’t know if this was staged by the elite, or some other group but it would be very hard for someone to get that close to the main event area.  Even the royals have to wait for permission to enter.  Their cover story doesn’t add up.  What was the Verger’s task for the day?  Where were they supposed to be?  It is possible they were hooded due to the rain, But, I am skeptical.   What is that thing they are carrying?  Why do they have it?  Is it something that is supposed to be in the hands of someone in the procession?  Are they rushing to get it to them?   Is it a “Scythe”?  Whatever it is, why are they carrying it in that position?  Seems odd.

Whether this was intended to be seen or just it was caught quite by accident, the impact is the same.  Was this a warning or a prophetic message for the KING or for the WORLD?   I don’t believe in accidents.  Everything has a spiritual root or beginning.  Finding the root is what we are intended to do.  IT is the search for the root that brings us closer to GOD.  As we seek TRUTH and Revelation Knowledge He honors our efforts.

I would like to know exactly what part of the ceremony this occurred.  Obviously, it is during the entry procession.  We can see in the video, the group of people entering in vestments.

Here is the scoop.  See what you think.



A verger (or virger, so called after the staff of the office, or wandsman in British English, though archaic) [1] is a person, usually a layperson, who assists in the ordering of religious services, particularly in Anglican churches. Etymology A traditional virge; note the brass ball at the end with a small cross on top

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The Abbey representative sated that the Verger is no a member of the Clergy.  Also, this is an over cloak, that goes over their regular vestments.  As no one else was wearing overcoats or rain gear, it is highly unlikely that anyone in service to the ceremony would be either.  Rain or no rain.  It just isn’t done.

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Charles is not popular, though Camilla has made headway people still remember and align themselves with Diana.  The Monarchy itself has fallen into ill favor, finally.  Charles may not make it long.  The stress alone may kill him.

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