I caught a glimpse of this Fashion Show item when I was researching something else.  I decided to save it and see if there was something there worth posting.  Boy was I surprised today when I looed into it further. Of course there has been a lot of exposure of predictive programming and we have … Click Here to Read More


WOW, what time it is!!  On the one hand, so much evil, so many dangers, so much violence and destruction.  At the same time, so much TRUTH being revealed on a daily basis!!  Deception being exposed.  People waking up and standing up!! If you are paying attention at all, you have to recognize that all … Click Here to Read More

3 Dead Chief’s Fans – and a MAD SCIENTIST

UPDATE ADDED 1/29/24 My son mentioned this story to me a few weeks back.  It sounded ridiculous, but I did not think much about it.  Today, I am convinced there is something  very sinister going on and there is another cover up   It is my opinion that this mad scientist did not let anyone know … Click Here to Read More


What they show us, what they allow us to see, is such a miniscule portion of what they are doing behind the curtain and what they have already done. I knew when I first learned about Crispr that it was going to play a humungous role in our destruction.  Once the developed CRSPR CAS 9 … Click Here to Read More

Ron’s Findings are God’s Gift to US

Will you follow the voice of DECEIT?  Or, will you follow the Voice of TRUTH? For all of you who are familiar with the discoveries of Ron Wyatt, and for all those who are not, there is lots of new and exciting information and visuals in this post.  Ron was a true and honest SERVANT … Click Here to Read More


They have released some documents from the Epstein Files.  The following article came in my email this morning.  It includes a link to the PDF of the Full document.  You can pull it up and read through it.  Most of the testimony given is a joke and a sham.  There is no truth revealed.  The … Click Here to Read More


So much more is coming out about BLACK GOO/GRAPHENE OXIDE.  Many of the articles and videos I had included in earlier posts have been CENSORED/REMOVED.  SO, for the benefit of those who want to KNOW about Graphene Oxide/BLACK GOO  I have compiled the following videos.   Great Stuff.  Hope you are blessed by all the information.  … Click Here to Read More

Concord Earthquake – Connections

While I was researching the Etowah Quake, I cam across the story of an Earthquake that occurred in Concord, NH recently.  It  actually happened  while I was working on the Concord/Concordia posts. Naturally, my curiosity was peaked and I was compelled to take a look.  At first, it appeared there was not much to see…but … Click Here to Read More

Earthquake New Madrid

This past week there was an Earthquake near the NEW MADRID Faultline.  It was a very unusual earthquake according to witnesses.  It was a decent size, according to the geologissts.  Details confirmed by U.S. Geological Survey  and according to Arkansas Division of Emergency Management, no one was injured and no damage was reported. Most of us … Click Here to Read More

The Outlandish Story of Jonah and Nineveh – Fact or Fiction?

The story of Jonah and the Whale seems to bizarre to take seriously.  “SCIENTISTS” have pounded into our brains repeatedly that it is not humanly possible for a human to be swallowed by a Whale, let alone survive for three days and be rescued. The media scoffs at bible believers.  People are so fearful of … Click Here to Read More

Corrupt Food Industry / Population Control

I think that just about everyone will find  something in this post that will surprise them.  I know I did. More and more of the pieces are coming together.  The CONSPIRACY runs so deep and wide it makes it hard to detect and harder to believe. The elite have been poisoning us for quite a … Click Here to Read More


Archaeology is making great discoveries!  There may be many people who have no idea what they have uncovered.  If your busy life keeps you from noticing what is happening in the world, you are not alone.  All of us are finding our lives are so busy and the days pass so quickly.  However, somethings are … Click Here to Read More

50-in-5 and C40 Cities and MORE

They are ready to implement all the projects they have been percolating behind the scenes since WWII.  I know that the majority of the people do not recognize that there is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY.  For most people, I imagine, that is a pretty scary thought to entertain.  Sadly, it is the truth. This post contains … Click Here to Read More

Present day Dragons – End-time Sign

You may or may not be aware that Dragons are not relegated to the Ancient Past.  They are very much a part of our current society and often in the news. Today we are going to look at some of the different ways and places were Dragons are very relevant.  You may find yourself surprised … Click Here to Read More

Mother Nature Makes an Appearance – To END ALL LIFE

Completely Restored and Updated 1/9/24 If you are still in the dark about who the elite serve and where their allegiance lies, the new Apple Commercial should set you straight.  While the elite and those who serve them have been continually bombarding us with the “dangers of religion” and criticizing, condemning and demeaning anyone who … Click Here to Read More