Ron’s Findings are God’s Gift to US

Will you follow the voice of DECEIT?  Or, will you follow the Voice of TRUTH? For all of you who are familiar with the discoveries of Ron Wyatt, and for all those who are not, there is lots of new and exciting information and visuals in this post.  Ron was a true and honest SERVANT … Click Here to Read More

What’s the POOP?

HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS FOLKS CAUSE THIS IS GOING TO BE A WILD RIDE!  I recommend that only those over 18 read this post.  There are some things in here that I would not want my children exposed to.  You may not catch the connections made in this post the first time through.  Read … Click Here to Read More


Do people really listen to what comes out of Bill Gates?  Do they pay attention to him when he is speaking?  His mannerisms and his facial expressions?  To me, his behavior is beyond bizarre.  Seems like every new crazy trend that comes along, he’s already in it up to his eyeballs.  It is so hard … Click Here to Read More


The world has come to disdain the Word of God and to dismiss it as fantasy or worse.  This is not something new.  Pride has always been the downfall of humanity.  Satan knows this well.  He loves to puff humanity up and make them believe that they are so far above those who came before.  … Click Here to Read More

WEF – Open Your Eyes

Wow!  I am so excited to see so many people who are not only awake but joining the ranks of the TRUTHERS!!  So many people with the courage to stand up and speak the TRUTH BOLDLY!!  That is AMAZING! People, take courage, been inspired by these folks!  It does not matter what time it is, … Click Here to Read More


The Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham is probably the most important ritual so far  I was not able to view a full version of the event myself, but I posted what I was able to glean from the parts of it I could view.  There is so much that has been revealed … Click Here to Read More

Going Deep – Birmingham

UPDATE ADDED 8/15/22 Wow, turns out the opening Ceremony really was jam packed with symbolism hitting on just about every single aspect of the Elite’s plan.   Feminism, racism, Inclusivity, transgender, transexual, Kronos/Time, Fallen Angel Worship, Baal Worship, Industrial Revolution, transhumanism, labor, Tower of Babel, Shiva worship, Worship of the Beast, the Harlot riding the Beast… … Click Here to Read More

Apes and Elephants

Tags:  Tower of Babel, Sasquatch, Elephant Intelligence, Pagan Worship, Links to the Past, Land of Shinar, UN Agenda, Animal Rights Have I got a TALE for you!!   You will most likely find this post to fantastic to believe.   There is shocking evidence of the truth of these reports.  You will have to shake off the … Click Here to Read More


Well, I was looking to find the date in May when CERN would be back online.  To my surprise, the date was changed again.  A lot like the WEF Reset Announcement/Davos Summit.  The dates seem to be working along the same lines.  Surprise, surprise.   CERN is still expected to come back online this year.  At … Click Here to Read More

BABEL Then and NOW!

Update added 6/22/22  Symbolism and Sympathetic Magic are tools that most people do not comprehend but the elite use incessantly. You may have missed or already forgotten the tour of the GATE OF BAAL’s TEMPLE that made the rounds through the most strategic locations on Earth not too long ago.  I know that most people … Click Here to Read More


It is so important that we keep calm.  Don’t give the enemy any ground.  Pray that God will keep your hearts and minds in perfect peace.  The deception is so great it is almost impossible to determine right from wrong, truth from lies.  The enemy of your soul wants to keep you in confusion.  He … Click Here to Read More

Mt Hermon Part 1 -GOD’s CREATION or PAN’s EVOLUTION?

People today are being lead down the path that leads to eternal damnation and HELL FIRE.  I know no one believes in that anymore.  The reason you don’t believe is because you do not understand TRUTH.  You do not understand TRUTH because it has been kept from you.  You have not learned TRUE History.   Those … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit There is a lot of talk in today’s society about Oneness and Unity.  It seems the darker things get the more people are drawn together, and the more their need for connectedness is exploited by evil forces.  God created Man, because HE had a desire for connectedness, for fellowship, for family.  The world … Click Here to Read More

2028 – Part 1 – Their Projected Image – What is on your Horizon?

Wow, another adventure with the Lord today.  I never know where these rabbit holes are going to lead me.  When He begins to show me something, I just follow. I am not even sure what started me off on this adventure. I began to look up 2028 because I was reminded of a friend of … Click Here to Read More