It is so important that we keep calm.  Don’t give the enemy any ground.  Pray that God will keep your hearts and minds in perfect peace.  The deception is so great it is almost impossible to determine right from wrong, truth from lies.  The enemy of your soul wants to keep you in confusion.  He … Click Here to Read More


People we are living out the end days.  Not the end of the world…the END OF GRACE.  The end of the world as WE HAVE KNOWN IT.  We are moving into the time of tribulation.  The tribulation has already started for the millions of Bible believers around the world who are being tortured, raped, maimed … Click Here to Read More


Happy Independence Weekend to EVERYONE.  Independence/Freedom such a wonderful thing to celebrate.  I thank God that I was born in America during its prime years.  It was wonderful growing up in the land of the free, where everyone wanted to be. And the world keeps getting CRAZIER!! Updates 7/5/20 I am concerned that all the … Click Here to Read More

Temple of BAAL – Part 16 – WASHINGTON DC

RESTORED: 08/14/2021; RESTORED 10/7/22; RESTORED 7/20/23 BABYLON HAS FALLEN!  Understand that when they erected the TEMPLE OF BAAL ARCH in the heart of our Nation, in the center of our Capital, it was an ominous sign of the END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT!  Paganism has so overtaken the earth that our precious … Click Here to Read More