Is This Plan B for the East Coast?

TAGS:  Hurricane, Category 5, Category 6, New York, Forecasts, New Jersey, Hurricane SAM, Computer Model, Hurricane Sandy, Predictions, Preparations UPDATE: 09/29/2021; 1:23:27 PM –  Round and Round and Round she goes, where she’ll stop, No ONE knows.  Sam Cat4, VICTOR is a One Eyed Demon! I will continue to monitor this storm and post updates. … Click Here to Read More


People we are living out the end days.  Not the end of the world…the END OF GRACE.  The end of the world as WE HAVE KNOWN IT.  We are moving into the time of tribulation.  The tribulation has already started for the millions of Bible believers around the world who are being tortured, raped, maimed … Click Here to Read More

LIGHTNING STRIKES some pretty significant buildings!

Ok, we know that the elite have developed weather manipulation devices that can cause lightning strikes and they can cause hail to fall.  Therefore, we don’t know if this is from God or from the other side.  Frankly,  I believe GOD is letting them know that HE is still in control and getting to burst … Click Here to Read More