Do You Believe In Magick? Part 29 – Satan/Lucifer in the Vatican

Satan/ Lucifer in the Vatican Updated: 3/7/19 Blatant Satan worship is now rampant within the Catholic Church. High-ranking churchmen are guilty of this heinous crime against God. According to one reliable source, the smoke of Satan has entered the very sanctuary of St. Peter’s Cathedral in the Vatican. Mind-boggling though it may be, priests and … Click Here to Read More

Updated 5/27/20 – Do You Believe In Magick? Part 21 – STRANGE STUFF HAPPENS AROUND CERN

Originally Posted 1/30/16; Updated 3/25/19; 2020-05-27 Strange Stuff Happens Around CERN EERIE Video Captures STRANGE Event In Skies Over Large Hadron Collider Posted on January 7, 2016 by Sean There’s been much debate over the actual effects the largest particle collider ever built has on our planet, and a recently captured video is only going to … Click Here to Read More

It’s in The Blood – Part 10 of 11 – ABORTION

ABORTION – how it relates Original Post: 7/10/16; Updated 4/4/19/ Update 3/3/20 THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT Its a sad day in America, when we can legally MURDER babies all the way up to the time of birth, and women are celebrating!! May GOD have mercy on us all, AND Cleanse us of our BLOODGUILT!  SHAME ON AMERICA!  … Click Here to Read More