I’ve been watching social media for a couple of days and noticed today the term “LOLITA EXPRESS” was trending on Twitter. I found that somewhat interesting since there’s been a lot of talk about sex scandals recently even in the main stream news.

About a year ago, I did a story on Pizzagate and some wanted to just push it to the side and say it’s ridiculous, however, since this is once again the topic of discussion, we’ve uncovered some more evidence pointing to the reality of child sex trafficking, abuse and murder which might put some of this in perspective if that term can even be used in this twisted depravity plaguing our government and the world.

Much of this story started out with the publishing of John Podesta’s emails by Wikileaks. The reason these are important is because Podesta was Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Chairman during her failed attempt at taking over our government.

Wikileaks has a track record of 100 percent accuracy in it’s documents which makes it even more important to study what’s going on between Hillary, her friends, her associates and her campaign.

Within those emails, there are hundreds of pedophile references including something called Spirit Cooking which many of us didn’t even know existed until this document dump.

Once this was uncovered, we were led to a highly unusual involvement with the Democrats and a place called Comet Ping Pong and it’s owner James Alefantis. Some speculate this guy is part of the Rothschild’s – and there’s even a Pastebin dump from a hacker pointing to Alefantis’s relationship with the Rothschild’s.

However, on the bottom of the Pastebin dump, there is a reference that Alefantis has a connection to biochemistry. Online postings say Alefantis dropped out of college. Maybe he did. He seems like an ordinary Street Thug, dealer who is hooked up in deviant activity but just slick enough to make sure he doesn’t get pinned with any more connection to pedophilia than is necessary to maintain his business which I believe involves child sex trafficking and the sale of something called Adrenochrome.

Adrenochrome is mentioned in the movie “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” starring Johnny Depp and if you watch this quick clip to the end, it talks about this drug. Take a look.

In this clip, it’s interesting to note the discussion between Depp and the Dealer he’s talking to. If you didn’t realize it, they’re talking about how it’s harvested in around about way.

Yes, I’m well aware this is supposed to be fiction, however most fiction is based on real life events. Authors do a lot of research on their subjects and this movie isn’t about Depp going down the rabbit hole or making chocolate in a make believe factory.

This is much closer to real life than people would like to admit.

Adrenochrome is a chemical produced by the human body when adrenaline (or epinephrine) oxidizes or “hits the air.” It’s produced when the body is traumatized in some way such as through torture or extreme terror.

When a stimulus which should produce extreme fear is introduced to a human, especially when someone is very young, the adrenaline produced is more potent than the average adult. Because of it’s psychoactive properties Adrenochrome has been linked to mind control drug. Think MK Ultra.

The extraction process is done by killing the person and harvesting the adrenochrome from the base of the neck and spinal column with a needle.

In it’s pure form, black market dealers can make extreme amounts of money when they sell it. This connection between the child sex trafficking, torture and murder of children around the world and the links between MS-13, high profile pedopushers like Podesta and Alefantis and all the ties between these non-profit organizations pretending to provide assistance to victims of various disasters around the world makes sense when you think about this type of drug trafficking.

What better way to collect children than from war torn or natural disaster ripped areas? Parents are gone, families are separated. It’s too easy to get these kid in and out of the country. They slap a few faces of children on their posters and then no one ever really tracks the kids after a certain point.

And there’s also a site online from Canada called Androchrome Labs dot com which says it manufactures it’s own product and sells it in vape form. Seems pretty interesting they’re using vaporizers now to cover their drug pushing. This isn’t regulated and isn’t in a “food form” so it doesn’t have to go through the FDA for approval.

Look at this company in Germany. It’s called Gute Chemie which does say it sells Adrenochrome in their catalog – pricing on request.

OK so here’s some of the side effects related to the use of Adrenochrome directly from the “addiction library dot org”

An Adrenochrome user may experience euphoria, confusion, a change in train of thought, lack of judgment, poor insight and inability to concentrate. It also says on this site, those who use it may become dependent on it and feel as if they can’t function without it.

Since it’s unregulated in the United States and isn’t approved for human consumption, distribution isn’t tough and getting caught with it, isn’t a crime.

The very existence of this drug has been debated however, it seems odd, if it didn’t exist, why is it on the Addiction Library site with it’s definition, how it’s used, what the signs and symptoms of it’s use are and how to treat those addicted, if it wasn’t real?

If you connect what we know about the pedophile rings in PizzaGate, Alefantis, the connection between Wikileaks, John Podesta, Tony Podesta, their relationship with Alefantis, the artwork in Tony’s house, the trails from the Lolita Express, the round up of MS-13 and the connects between this and the so-called Blue Bloods and all of these sealed indictments, the sex scandals and pedophilia in politics and on and on and on, it looks as if,

Alefantis is neck deep into this particular aspect of criminal activity by supplying a trafficking hub for the exchange of kidnapped children and pushing the drug Adrenochrome.

We know he’s involved – it’s too obvious – there’s just too much evidence supporting his involvement but now we know why. It makes too much sense.

So when Alefantis lawyers and Podesta’s lawyers and anyone else who wants to send a “cease and desist” letter to me decides they don’t like us talking about the connections to this deviant and evil behavior, I’ll post it as I normally do when I get letters like this.

Note to lawyers – you might just want to save the paper. It makes pretty pictures for my walls.

In the next few days, we’ve got some pretty big stories coming your way including the connection between Uranium One and Canada which I see the main stream media is starting to cover,

as well as some recent raids by the FBI on several banking facilities including one really small bank which has a portfolio of about 1.4 Billion dollars in the middle of nowhere and employs about 40 people. There assets seem to be frozen…

Then one of our big stories which is about Mandalay Bay, the FBI connection and how ISIS gun running is connected to this story.

All this and more next week. Keep watching and sending me information. We’re weeding through it as fast as we can but it’s just me and a couple of people here.

Thanks to all the people donating to our site and endeavors and I’ll try to get another video out for you who are waiting for more information on the financial side of the deception perpetrated on us by the government.

As always, keep vigilant!


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