I am concerned that most of us over 50 have little or no understanding of how the younger generations have been impacted by the education system, media and political climate of our nation.  I look at them and can only feel sadness for them.  They have lost their center and exchanged it for New Age … Click Here to Read More

It Won’t Stop HERE!!

TAGS:  AntiVax, Censorship, Muzzles, FREEDOM, Slavery, COVID, VACCINES, TRUTH, DECPTION, TYRANNY, Salvation, Founding Fathers, History, Lies, Demonetized, Fake News, Alternate News Source, Internet, Bigotry, Christians, Sacred Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Movement, Choice, Change, Global Government, Dictatorship, Hatred, Love, Prejudice, Opinion, Opposition, Independent Media, Corporate Media, Politics, Media Bias, Book Burning, Bible, Witness, Proselytizing, … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 3/27/22   TAGS:  Privacy, Right to Choose, Private Property, Public Safety, Freedom of Movement, Agenda 2030, Cars lost in FIRES, Mandatory Seatbelts, Mandatory Car seats and boosters, Self Driving Cars, No Private Autos by 2030, No Car Seat/No Baby, Cars destroyed in Floods, Cars destroyed by Rioters, Rioters drive Mercedes Life in the United States … Click Here to Read More

Is there a Pandemic? IS Mandatory Vaccines the Answer?

10/22/2020 This subject will be a HUGE issue as we come closer to the end.  There will be many outbreaks.  There are several factors here: (1)  the JUDGMENT of GOD on a Godless society, (2) the Scientific community and their experiments with germs, (3)  CRISPR being made so easily available and amateurs playing with genetics, … Click Here to Read More

ABORTION TRUTH – IF you are not Pro-Life then you ARE PRO-DEATH

RESTORED: 09/07/2021 As a young woman, I was coerced by the father of my baby to seek an abortion.   The Planned Parenthood clinic that I visited for advice, gave me no information on the negative aspects of abortion, they only pressured me to proceed while I was just 6 weeks.  The way the contract I … Click Here to Read More

It’s in The Blood – Part 10 of 11 – ABORTION

ABORTION – how it relates Posted: 7/10/16; Update 4/4/19/ Update 3/3/20; Restore 8/28/21; Restored 2/19/22;  RESTORED 8/20/22; Fully Restored 1/14/24 THE FEMINIST MOVEMENT Its a sad day in America, when we can legally MURDER babies all the way up to the time of birth, and women are celebrating!! May GOD have mercy on us all, AND … Click Here to Read More