IT’s OFFICIAL!! THE USA has turned to BAAL Child Sacrifice

Well, those of us who know GOD have known for a long time that Abortion is Child Sacrifice.  Recently, we saw Abortionists admit that they perform Satanic Rituals at Abortions, and call it a Religious Rite.  But, this my dear friends takes the cake. A leading MAINSTREAM magazine has printed an Article that lays it … Click Here to Read More

ABORTION TRUTH – IF you are not Pro-Life then you ARE PRO-DEATH

RESTORED: 09/07/2021 As a young woman, I was coerced by the father of my baby to seek an abortion.   The Planned Parenthood clinic that I visited for advice, gave me no information on the negative aspects of abortion, they only pressured me to proceed while I was just 6 weeks.  The way the contract I … Click Here to Read More