As I studied about endtimes and the signs by which we would recognize them, there are many things that upset me.  One such point I remember, which can no longer be found in the Bible, was the statement that in the last days men would be blood thirsty.  I thought, yuck, surely not Lord.  Surely … Click Here to Read More

Education in the USA

education (n.) 1530s, “child-rearing,” also “the training of animals,” from French education (14c.) and directly from Latin educationem (nominative educatio) “a rearing, training,” noun of action from past-participle stem of educare (see educate). Originally of instruction in social codes and manners; meaning “systematic schooling and training for work” is from 1610s. All education is despotism. [William Godwin, “Enquirer,” 1797] despotism – dĕs′pə-tĭz″əm – noun … Click Here to Read More

Is there a Pandemic? IS Mandatory Vaccines the Answer?

10/22/2020 This subject will be a HUGE issue as we come closer to the end.  There will be many outbreaks.  There are several factors here: (1)  the JUDGMENT of GOD on a Godless society, (2) the Scientific community and their experiments with germs, (3)  CRISPR being made so easily available and amateurs playing with genetics, … Click Here to Read More

Wow, I missed this Article in March, did you?

I am REVISITING this post as I found they had deleted the original video from most every site I checked.  This is an important story, because it gives parents hope that there is still something we can do about the brainwashing of our children as early as kindergarten.  Take a lesson from BIRMINGHAM parents and … Click Here to Read More

Will No One Stand to Save the Children?? Part 2 of 6

UPDATED: 8/14/22 This issue is far more serious than people realize.  I know that everyone is busy, and most people are not the list bit aware of what is happening.  This is a luxury YOU can no longer enjoy!  I am telling you that this IS COMING TO YOUR DOOR!  And it is not far … Click Here to Read More