WE ARE ALL ONE, Brotherhood not only of man but of every thing on the planet.  They talk about LOVE and ACCEPTANCE.  They talk about PEACE, SAFETY and HARMONY.  UNITY – EQUITY – FREEDOM!  ALL ARE ONE! All that sounds so good.  Sadly, the general masses believe they are talking about us. No, no, no, … Click Here to Read More

JANUARY 6 WAS AN EVIL DAY – But what really happened?

UPDATES ADDED 10/3/22; Video Added 10/13/22 Ok, folks, this may be most politically incorrect post ever.  I apologize if anyone gets offended.  Just speaking from my heart, my personal opinions.  If you don’t like them…that is ok.  I probably wouldn’t like yours.  But WE ARE STILL FREE in the USA, at least a little bit. … Click Here to Read More

It Won’t Stop HERE!!

TAGS:  AntiVax, Censorship, Muzzles, FREEDOM, Slavery, COVID, VACCINES, TRUTH, DECPTION, TYRANNY, Salvation, Founding Fathers, History, Lies, Demonetized, Fake News, Alternate News Source, Internet, Bigotry, Christians, Sacred Rights, Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Movement, Choice, Change, Global Government, Dictatorship, Hatred, Love, Prejudice, Opinion, Opposition, Independent Media, Corporate Media, Politics, Media Bias, Book Burning, Bible, Witness, Proselytizing, … Click Here to Read More

HEADS UP!! Possible Purge October 2021!!

TAGS: World Government, Zionism, Israel, Surveillance, Dissidents, Freedom, Control, Military, Genocide, Satan, God, Truth, Deception, Black Outs, Darkness, Prison Camps, Flu, Virus, Winter, Project Zephyr, Project POGO, Project on Government Oversight, David Goldberg Oh, how I hate OCTOBER!!  Thank GOD that HIS appointed Feasts are coming this month.  I am truly expecting that He will … Click Here to Read More

Trucker Strike – Supply Chain Collapse

TAGS: Truckers, Medical Personnel, Military, Protests, Medical Tyranny, Vaccinations, Medical Fraud, Government, Police Brutality, FEAR, Manipulation, Mind Control, Media, Fake News, Freedom, Justice, Truth, Bank Freeze, Anti-Vax, Take a Stand UPDATE: 09/26/2021; 2:12:42 PM – Support Them/They Support US! The ruling elite are playing us from all sides.  There is no way to win in … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 7/24/23 Tags: Debt Forgiveness, Freedom, Our Union Restored, Climate Change, Depopulation, Private Property, Gold Standard, Digital Money, Universal Law, Enlightenment, End of War,  Technology, WEF The Great Reset has been a topic burning in the background for a while.  Set on hold a few times but back in the forefront along with Nesara Gesara, … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: TRUTH,  Medicine, FUTURE, HEALTH, FREEDOM, TERRORISM, FRAUD There is so much information provided to you in the following videos that can save your life.  Please watch and listen carefully, your future depends on it.  Nothing in here from me today… The videos speak for themselves!   Here is a great website for you to … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 3/27/22   TAGS:  Privacy, Right to Choose, Private Property, Public Safety, Freedom of Movement, Agenda 2030, Cars lost in FIRES, Mandatory Seatbelts, Mandatory Car seats and boosters, Self Driving Cars, No Private Autos by 2030, No Car Seat/No Baby, Cars destroyed in Floods, Cars destroyed by Rioters, Rioters drive Mercedes Life in the United States … Click Here to Read More


WOW… things are just happening so fast.  There is so much going on it is hard to stay on top of it. The RULING ELITE want everyone injected with their nanotechnology and they want it now.  This has nothing to do with any disease.  IT has nothing to do with caring for your health.  This … Click Here to Read More

God’s Commandments – So Much More Than Laws

“So Let it be Written, So let it be done!” Originally posted by Cynthia Pawl, April 9, 2017; Updated 8/2018 One of my favorite lines from arguably the best movie ever made, Cecil B DeMille’s Ten Commandments. When the Holy season arrives each year, watching this movie is one thing I love to do to celebrate … Click Here to Read More