This coming November 13, 2022 (1113222) Pope Francis will lead a delegation of “religious” leaders in an outrageous mockery of the Giving of the Law from the hand of GOD to Moses.  They have the unmitigated gall, and outrageous audacity to mimic that momentous event by bringing their New Humanity Doctrine and their own 10 … Click Here to Read More


TAGS: NEW YORK, PROTESTS, THOUSANDS, NO MEDIA COVERAGE, MEDICAL PERSONNEL, DOCTORS, NURSES, EMERGENCY SERVICES  Healthcare Workers, National Guard, Authority, Mandated Vax, Body Bags, Walmart, Flu Season, Death by Vax,  No Longer Human,  No Longer Redeemable Once again, the first responders and medical professionals are taking a stand against the illegal mandates.  Keep them in your … Click Here to Read More

Trucker Strike – Supply Chain Collapse

TAGS: Truckers, Medical Personnel, Military, Protests, Medical Tyranny, Vaccinations, Medical Fraud, Government, Police Brutality, FEAR, Manipulation, Mind Control, Media, Fake News, Freedom, Justice, Truth, Bank Freeze, Anti-Vax, Take a Stand UPDATE: 09/26/2021; 2:12:42 PM – Support Them/They Support US! The ruling elite are playing us from all sides.  There is no way to win in … Click Here to Read More


THERE IS A LOT OF INSANITY GOING ON RIGHT NOW.  Many of the people who were at the Capitol during the protests are being harassed.  They are keeping track of who shows up where.  They are refining there red, blue and green lists.  Nothing can be accomplished now by protesting.  It is too late.  Showing … Click Here to Read More

Golden Boy – Boris Johnson Possibly DEAD? – Heads up President Trump

Wow… I have been observing how the lives of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump have been mirroring each other in very significant ways.   I believe that there is a spiritual significance to their presence and their placement at this time.  Perhaps merely as place holders for Apollyon.   So here is what has been happening with … Click Here to Read More